Busy week is busy!

Nothing much to report here this week.  I wanted to put up a guide for another ICC boss (rotface or putri), but real life got in the way, unfortunately*.  However, to make up for it, I was interviewed on the Twisted Nether Blogcast this week!  The great Fimlys and Nibuca put up with my incoherent mumbling for a good few hours as I shared my thoughts and insights about blogging and about world of warcraft.  Hopefully this will make up for a week of not much happening on the Frosty front.  You can listen to the episode here!

Also, the TNB is having a haiku contest, and the winner will get a chance to purchase a blizzcon ticket!  For anyone who had trouble queuing up last week, here’s a good chance to make up for your terrible computer/connection, just visit this link for details.  I know I’ll definitely be working on a few verses myself, since I desperately wanted to go, but was unable to grab a ticket for myself.

See you next week, when hopefully the rest of the plagueworks strats go up!

*And when I mean real life, I mean birthday parties and preparing the house for them.

2 thoughts on “Busy week is busy!

  1. Gonna have to give that a listen when it isn’t 7am.
    Wait. Who’s birthday? Yours?

    And how do you prepare a house for a birthday anyway? Make sure the bathroom is overstocked on TP or something?

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