You Better Believe I’m Calling You Out.

Dear Weepinwillow of <The Knights of Legend> from US Blackwater Raiders,

You couldn’t have been any more rude and ignorant.  And I’m totally calling you out for it.

Surely, I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the rest of your guild, but when you get a group of 4 together and collectively agree to boot me from your group at Scourgelord Tyranus after 3 tries, you are all guilty of association.  However, I’m only calling out the asshole who kicks me for accusing me of being a liar and a terrible healer.

Yes I do happen to be a nice person, but only to people who are not complete fuckwit assholes like you.  Yes you, Weepinwillow.  How dare you tell me that I’m not gearing properly as a Tree.  I stack haste.  I gem spellpower.  I have a snowflake.  I HAVE ZERO MANA ISSUES.  The only reason why I run out of mana is that not only your dps is insufficient to kill the boss, but you have the audacity to take unnecessary damage.  You want me to do my job?  OKAY.

4k healing per second, and only 10% overheal to boot.  But I apologize.  I can only heal so much before I go OoM.  forgive me for not stacking mp5 when I have an Ephemeral Snowflake, which provides an equivalent of approximately 140-ish mp5, as well as the Spirit to make up for it.  But you should have known that, knowing how resto druids work.  In the meantime, Go ahead and make me waste my mana on the main tank as you dps while you’re under overlord’s brand.

Go ahead and NOT kite the boss during unholy power.  Go ahead and DO kite the boss away from my healing range and killing yourself.  Go ahead and stand in the ice.  Go ahead and collectively fail to achieve any higher than 2.1k DPS.

I suppose you called me out on my gear because you’re clearly knowledgeable about gearing your own toon by say, gemming and enchanting spellpower and haste/crit over other less useful stats like spirit.  Oh wait, you’re not?  You enchanted +10 spirit/reduced threat on your cloak, gemmed +20 spirit to your shoulders, ignored your chest enchant and belt socket, and forgone the penultimate chaotic skyflare diamond for a lackluster +25 spellpower/reduced threat?  Oh bummer.  I’d forgive you if you glyphed correctly with Stafire, Moonfire and Insect Swarm.  Oh wait, you went with Hurricane and Innervate instead?  Such a shame, for a moment, I thought you had credibility.  I’d be happy to accept that you need threat reduction, what with all the dps you’re doing, all 2.1k of it.  In ilvl 219+ gear.

And you know what the worst part of it all is?  You and your buddies started out fine, acting welcoming and polite throughout the run.  But when you hit a road block where you cannot beat the boss, you blame the healer and insta-boot him with sudden accusations without even giving me a chance to get a word in edgewise.  And not only do you accuse me of being a bad healer, but accuse me of LYING about healing HoR?  Go grasp at some more straws, boy.  Druids are arguably the strongest healers in HoR due to being able to decurse arrows as well as cleanse rogue and hunter poisons.  How else could I fucking get an Ephemeral Snowflake?

You are two-faced, rude, and you are not the hot shit that you think you are.  I surely hope your next healer will put up with your bullshit and have the heart to carry you through the rest of the instance the same why I did for the first part.  Perhaps he will anyway, because you’ll treat him or her with the same false politeness as you did me, then treat him like trash as well as soon as your lack of DPS on boss fights takes a toll on his mana.

And thank you for not giving me a chance to explain myself to you guys, or even explain your own ignorance of tactics for this fight.  It just gives me the chance to call you out elsewhere for being the first group of idiots to kick a healer for carrying you guys through the whole fucking instance.

Go die in a fire.  Oh wait, nevermind; you were standing in it the entire time.  /facepalm.

Yours truly,

Leyola Swiftwillow, US Winterhoof

P.S. I can so heal HoR.

127 thoughts on “You Better Believe I’m Calling You Out.

    • Only shows that gearscore is not the be-all end-all. What’s the point in having SUPPOSEDLY good gear, when you’re stacking the wrong stats, and not knowing how to play your class or do the boss fights? The first time I healed HoR, my druid was STILL IN T7. Her gear hasn’t gotten significantly better since then, but I can still heal the top-end instances no problem, assuming the group knows what the hell they are doing. In this case, they were not.

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    • Luckily, with the way they quickly booted me, I didn’t have to. Had I stayed, I would have left on my own volition eventually.

    • At least the hunter kept his mouth shut the entire time. Likewise the rogue. Gearscore isn’t everything people! These guys were higher than Leyola, both according to wow-heroes and the Gearscore addon.

  2. It’s always easier to blame the odd man out when things go badly. This hold especailly true when it’s the healer or the tank that is the stranger.

    I think i’ll be joining Rilgon in scanning armories instead of reading the sunday comics, they will likely be good for more laughs.

    • The tank was fine. I was going to talk to him about kiting the boss during the buff, but I didn’t get a chance to, for I was booted for no justifiable reason.

    • errr, gear-wise. It was his tactics that was faulty. Tactics are easier to adjust in the short run than gear.

    • I need the emblems, and I’m willing to take the chance on failgroups. But I draw the line at assholes. “the Patient,” indeed!

    • I’m only responsible for what I say here on this blog. Feel free to form your own opinions and share them with your friends, both here and elsewhere 🙂

  3. I think part of the problem is that pre-level-cap content has been repeatedly nerfed in the name of getting people to endgame as quickly as possible, yet that’s where people are supposed to LEARN key skills and concepts.

    That in itself isn’t so bad since we can still research things on various websites to learn to play our classes – unless we don’t bother to do that research.

    Blizz is handing us our levels.
    And handing us decent (not the best but decent) gear.
    So now we get to see who is bad not because they’re in greens but because they’re standing in the fire and blaming you for not healing them more than the tank.

    • I frankly do not care about the ease of which gear is attained. My only gripe is that there are people who feel holier-than-thou when they suddenly get all these epics, and feel the need to put down others who probably have better gear or skill than they do.

    • I don’t mind either – in fact it helps me gear my alts so I appreciate it.

      But the fact remains that gear USED to be a sign that you might be good at the game, so the ignorant think that having been handed gear that must mean they’re good.

    • I’m simply the messenger. I’m sure everyone’s gone through something similar, but have had no chance to voice out their frustrations. I’m glad I have this blog, otherwise I’d have no idea how to deal with this situation other than stop playing on my druid.

      Writing the post itself was cathartic, and I’m once again brought back down to earth about the prevalence of the greater internet fuckwad theory. In this case, the guy is not so anonymous anymore.

    • You are correct, Krizzmaster 3000. We’ve all had to deal with some sort of incomprehensible douchebaggery out there. But it’s not always that often when someone’s been SO WRONG with their conclusions.

      Today, group of 70’s. That is, everyone is 70 or 71. Doing Utgarde. Tank drops on the last boss because he thinks healing is the problem. He clearly forgot that standing in front of Dark Smash is very bad. So very bad. So our dps DK switches his presence, we pick up another dps instead, and finish UK off.

      Fucktards are in amazing abundance out there.

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  5. Wow. That is some serious wankery right there. Sorry you had such a bad experience, and sorry it’s not less common.

    All the same, long live blogging – hope you feel better.

  6. Go get em!

    Here’s to healers everywhere who are too often blamed for when things go bad.

    Sucks that you had to deal with that. 😦

    • Here’s to the age old adage of, “tank dies? it’s the healer’s fault. healer dies? it’s the tank’s fault. dps dies? it’s their own damn fault.”

      hear hear!

  7. What I find surprising is that you gave this person so much of yourself in your anger. You were (wrongfully) acused of being a bad healer and kicked from a random group. You could have just shrugged and said “F them” and moved on.

    You instead wrote a blog post which, I agree, is very theraputic. But you didn’t just stop there.

    You went to the Armory and looked up gear scores. You analzied their builds. You reviewed the rest of the party. You figured the optimums, you wrote out long defenses.

    In short you invested a LOT of time into telling this person off. You didn’t just get mad, you set out to get even, and in doing so gave them even MORE of your self. At first it was just an hour (I’m guessing) of your time wasted in a random group. Now you’ve made it that much more. Was the time worth it?

    While I’m the last to be overly critical of internet bitching (I had a near regular column called the “Old Man Posts” on EQ) I do have to wonder if you realized how much more you gave this person than you had to.

    • “At first it was just an hour (I’m guessing) of your time wasted in a random group. Now you’ve made it that much more. Was the time worth it?”

      Considering the catharsis I’ve felt while writing it, yes, I have.

      And when you write stuff as much as myself and the other bloggers do, rageposts like these take a surprisingly short amount of time, so I don’t feel as if I’ve spent too much time on it.

    • If you’re going to do something, don’t half-ass it. Do it well. Even if it’s just telling someone off. A+ in my book! This thread was a pleasure to read and makes me feel better for all the times I didn’t speak up when I was getting ripped up for something that wasn’t my fault.

  8. My paladin’s been on the receiving end of a “blame the healer” vote-kick a few times, and every time I’ve been thankful they rescued me from my stubbornness. And every time I’ve instantly gotten a better group when I re-queued.

    The most recent one still has me baffled. I don’t understand how the tank could have so much ICC25 gear and still play so badly. I have to think it was some elaborate joke he and his guildmate were running. “Hurr hurr, let’s go abuse some randoms for lulz.”

    • Funny story. This one person on my realm decided to host a naxx-10 pug for the sake of fail. He took in as many failboat people imaginable, and somehow I got sucked into it since he assumed I was terrible by nature due to being a frost mage. We hit up Gluth. It was terrible. The RL actually stayed up on the pipe and watched the others fail below before he swooped in and rescue everyone.

      I failed at kiting chow because my squirtle no longer has a nova. Everything was fail. Thankfully, I was able to invisihearth out of there before things got out of hand.

  9. Hate to say it but NEWS FLASH – You’ll run into stupid/rude people in pugs. What a waste of your energy to post something like this. I’m sure you have far better things to contribute to the community than this given your other articles. Yes, they were in the wrong but you’ve taken it to a whole new level now. Grats?

    • tyvm I guess? This is a blog. I am free to express my own opinions about matters that are relevant to me. I run the risk of alienating readers based on the consistency of content that I provide here, but it’s a risk that I happily take for the sake of my own personal creative and emotional freedom.

      This is not a paid position, I do not owe anyone anything.

    • I don’t think its a waste of energy if it eased some of the anger that krizzlybear felt. This is a blog – its not just a resource site. Sometimes bloggers post things that are personal. If you don’t like those type of posts then you don’t have to read them. If you’re looking for only guides or factual information perhaps you should stick to Elitest Jerks or other true resources sites. I would argue that this type of post actually helps people who have had similar experiences, as it makes them feel that they aren’t alone. They are also good for a laugh.

    • I have to say I enjoyed the post 😀 I have been in the same situation on my resto drood – I was kicked from group after a wipe in H toc 5 man (back when it was a new instance and we weren’t overgeared for it) after putting out a monumental amount of heals on a group that just did not get the concept of moving out of those rogue posions. I did derive a certain sense of satisfaction from knowing that without me, there was absolutely NO chance of that group getting through the remainder of that encounter – their chances of getting a heals that could pump out as much heals as I can were little to none. 😀

      I happened to armory the tank from that group (the group leader who kicked me) because he was in a guild with a friend whose armory I was checking 2 days later and was gratified to see that he had given up on the idea of tanking & was specced for heals & boomkin – I just hope that H toc had something to do with his decision to give up tanking 😀 Given the time frame I suspect so.

      Thanks for the post Krizz, I most definitely identify with it – coz it happened to me too.
      On the upside, though I’m sure like me you regularly get “Nice heals” comments from PuG members which make experiences like this one insignificant. :p

    • I’m sure “Someone from BWR” had stumbled upon this post from the realm forums. I personally don’t mind it. Forums are forums. I’ll leave my opinions and discussions to my own blog.

    • Also worthy of note is that we have a new blog to follow/ ignore, depending on our take. Me? I’m torn between following it now or just walking off, and Krizzly’s relative polite answer to me has me leaning towards following. I still think it’s a little OCD to do all that work just to feel confident that you were in the right, but then again, I’ve done far worse over far less in other avenues. 🙂

  10. Oh wow. I apologize for the douchbaggery that came from my server. Thank you for the warning though, they officially made my “do not invite to guild” list.

  11. Yeah.

    As much as I love how easy it is to gear new 80s and alts, I hate that clash of the old “gear = good player” mentality with the new “gear just means you run a lot of heroics” reality.

    You have all these people in badge gear thinking they’re rocking the game because they have a good GS.

    Or maybe they’d just be jerks anyway, who knows.

    I’m seeing a lot of great players getting kicked by moronic groups, so don’t take it personally.

    Actually! Maybe it’s not what we think. Maybe those moronic groups feel threatened by having someone in the group who knows what’s going on. By understanding how 5 mans work, you’re breaking group cohesiveness and must be removed.

    Or something like that.

    • When you’re operating as a 4-man plus one, the strength in numbers will always win out, regardless of who is right or wrong.

  12. Unlike some, I find posts like this useful.

    How? Anecdotal stories like this give you warning signs to look out for and a pre-expectation of the possibility that something like this might happen to you, so you’re less impacted when it does happen.

    • The weird thing is that there was no warning of this ever happening. All I can say is that you should always have a heads up, since you never know when you run into a brick wall. When things start going bad, people can start pointing fingers quite hastily.

  13. It’s really too bad that you got stuck with such a terribad group. Most of the people from BWR aren’t that bad.

    When I was leveling my paladin main for the first time, I was a holydin. I was still learning how to heal stuff properly and knew that, while I was bad, I could keep people alive 90% of the time. However, after one fateful Heroic Halls of Stone run, after the Maiden fight, the fail Death Knight in the group was pissed at being left to die when things got tough for me. The thing was, I armoried him later, and he was in full on pvp gear.. running a Heroic instance. He pulled a whopping 1200 dps.

    When he started blaming me for his own death (standing in the black circles) I let him get to me. I dropped group almost immediately and pretty much quit healing stuff after that point. I dropped my holy spec for a protection one as soon as I had enough gear for a proper set.

    My point is, don’t let people get to you. It’s usually not a good thing.

    (apologies if my post is rather random)

    • thats so wrong, never let a dk get you down. i usually quit the group for my lvl 7x shaman healer often ends up with dk loltanks (“i dont think i need any tank gear for this instance”). I think its sound advice to quit the group if your tank is either a dk or has no more hp then any other dps for besides they cant tank they often come along with a big mouth too when they die in 3 hits. Experience tells me to spare myself dk tanks at least before lvl 80, i never have any issues with bears, warriors, paladins.. only dks.

    • Tunnel vision, methinks. Sometimes people are so concerned on what’s around them that they don’t stop to see themselves.

      I suppose that’s what Snobolds are for!

  14. I have a blog myself, but I don’t write about WoW there… sometimes I am tempted to start a second blog for my WoW related rants. This one was inspirational. 🙂

    I have 5 level 80s, three of them druids (alliance boomkin main, resto/feral tank alt, and a horde boomkin on a different server)… I have three healers (druid, shaman and priest) with whom I run heroics regularly. I have had mostly good experiences in pugs, but when it’s a bad one, it’s nearly always a “blame the healer” failfest.

    My most recent one was on my shaman, in Heroic HoS, where the warrior tank body pulled a patrol on the 3rd trash pull, neglected to either pick them up or even notice them running toward me, and when I died, began to insult both me and my entire server, as well as insisting that I’d pulled the patrol from the other side, despite the rest of the party having seen them run to me THROUGH the DPS. He ragequit the party, much to our relief, and we picked up a good pally tank a few minutes later who had no complaints whatsoever.

    Telling the story is cathartic. There’s also a certain amount of relief in seeing how many people are on your side. 🙂

    • It’s also relieving to hear that many people have gone through those types of similar things! It’s that type of solidarity and support that keeps healers healing, and tanks tanking!

  15. The ultimate telling-down of that team makes my day. You cover all your bases, thoroughly, and I love it when the good guy is right 🙂

    I hope they run across this post in the near future; and I know karma will catch up to them.

    Like Darthregis said, I’d be glad to have your 4k hps in my random, any day. ❤

    Shilar, Khadgar (US)

  16. To be fair, though, boomkin isn’t doing so great these days as far as DPS goes, and you really shouldn’t expect one to get much higher than 4.1k in that level of gear. They don’t-


    You said 2.1k.

    Hahaha. Man. I’m so sorry you had to go through that, but… man. That’s just too funny.

  17. Oh wow. As a member of Blackwater Raiders, please accept my whole-hearted apology for getting douche-nozzled by one of our own (well, one of the Alliance side; I play Horde). Rest assured that these folks are getting justice done to them on the forum … and it’s getting rather ugly.

    Nice blog, though. Who gems for reduced threat … I mean, really?!?

  18. A rather bizarre story, and somewhat my fault, when my priest first reached level 80 back in the naxx days, I switched from shadow to disc and started healing instances, it was a struggle, though I did a few heroics, sometimes even getting a “good healing” until an Azjol-Nerub where I just couldn’t keep the party up, and I was called out for being a bad healer, and the group dropped me. I was so angry.

    I found out about a week later in a friendly heroic with guildmates that all my healing spells besides penance were still at the rank I put them on my disc bar before changing to shadow at around level 25. I managed to carry heroics using only penance and downranked spells.

    Both incredibly sad, and incredibly amazing for myself.

    • this one’s part facepalm, part woot. shame on you for not noticing sooner, but hilariously pro that you could heal with the arsenal of spells that you had.

      so they both even out to a humourous story. /wootpalm?

  19. Leyola, Though I’m usually against the term “I know how you feel” , but, I know exactly how you feel. I’m a resto druid too, stacking spell power and haste, and have no problems healing and of the heroics and most of the raids. However, once i got teamed with these 3 + 1 people from proudmoore server. Can’t remember their nick’s, but , they were beyond terrible. The sheer fact that I died 15 times, because for some strange reason, the tank could not hold agrro of the rogue, and when the rogue died in 2 hits, the aggro went to me, and then i died. And here goes the tank blaming all of us, and usch. So i think, ok, Its a warrior tank, maybe during the boss fight, he might be better. So in the Same boss fight you did, the tank was tanking, and yes, He was still losing aggro, while doing everything that you caould possibly do wrong. Tank in the ice, dps on overlords brand, lose aggro to a HEALER, run to teammates when he uses the ice spell, yeah . After wiping a total of 15 times, They told me I should go do normal instaces and that I was a failure as a healer, then booted me out. So… yeah.

    • Everyone’s been there, and I’m glad to acknowledge that having noticed the reception of this particular post. Hear hear!

  20. While I did find this post entertaining and a joy to read, I think that you may have mis-identified the problem with the group. They were mostly carried through the instance by you, and in their eyes, the healer is just the support, they were the driving force. When they hit a snag, simple minds will look at the immediate problem, which was the tank dying I assume, and blame you, the healer. So they sit there and talk in their guild chat and come to the most obvious conclusion. It couldn’t be them, because they just wrecked the rest of the instance in their minds.

    They were oblivious to the fact that they need to stop DPS during the marks. They were oblivious to their extremely low DPS overall. They were just oblivious. In a game that is as available as WoW, there will always be these children playing the game.

    However, it would be hard for me to point at the data presented here and make the same conclusion you did. While 125k damage to the tank may seem like alot, if the fight was long enough to run the healer OOM, i assume that some of that may have been dot damage, some may have been flight time wraths, and some may have been tunnel vision oversight. All of which are valid excuses for causing damage during the mark. It’s hard to make a comparison without the overall damage from each of them. While after looking over the data available, I might come to the conclusion that the dps was simply too low. However, I have also finished that fight with similar DPS numbers in groups. I can’t see how much of 4k HPS was to the boss, since while healing with the mark, your heals also heal the boss. A healer that does not pay attention to this can extend the fight out very long with low DPS numbers.

    Of course, the fight would have been possible with some tactic changes, you were cut off from those suggestions by the children running the group. However, I don’t think I can really see this group as cut and dry as most people posting here have.

    • I can see where you’re coming from, and I admit that I was using shots of data from the last pull before I was kicked. I assure you, the pull before that, there was enough damage going around that I would have to innervate TWICE before the tank finally kicked the bucket.

      As for overlord’s brand, I choose only to heal the tank if I get branded. I will admit that this has happened a few times, but when it did happen, it was only when two dpsers have already died, so there was really no other choice in the matter. It’s either the tank dies, or the fight is prolonged by my healing. It’s a lose-lose when that happens.

  21. 4k healing with 10% overhealing is damn impressive. I’ve healed through all kinds of fail in heroic PoS. It’s a magnet for bad play for some reason. I’ve actually come to appreciate that Ick and Krick’s poison nova kills DPS in one hit and leaves no question that it can just be healed through. Even so, I’ve had DPS yell at me for not healing them through it. >.<

    If I had been kicked after a showing like yours on Tyrannus, I'd probably still be smiling to myself at how many more tries it took them before they gave up because "all the healers suck so much."

  22. Oh man, Thanks to BBB for linking to this blog. Excellent post, sorry you had to go through it though. I came up with my own catch phase for those horrible pugs,

    “Sorry guys, I can remove curses, diseases, and poisons, but I cannot heal stupid.”

    What I don’t get about people these days who are raiding/face-rolling instances, they have no concept of personal responsibility. If I am tanking and you are pulling agro I will admit that it is possible that my tanking skills “suck”. At that point if you want to continue the instance it is your job to watch your aggro since it has been established that I cannot handle you leet deeps. Same thing goes for healing, if you are dying…why are you taking damage? If you are then it becomes your job as well to try and reduce the damage taken.

    I am by no means perfect, but people who cannot accept the fact that others are not just blows my mind.

  23. The main reason why there were so many ignorant (i preferred not calling them such as suxers, D-bags since we might be one of them before) was their alts/toons. I was not blaming their over geared main and their style of playing. What I truly blaming was their attitude. I had good and bad Pugs every day. Knowing your roles in instances/raids was the key to succeed. Like hunter, they were requiring to MD if Tanks needed threat (Protadin/BigBear didn’t need too much LOL). Hunters were requiring trapping mobs if they are loose. I didn’t see any of those to make in Heroic now-a-days (I leveled my hunter from pre-BC). Back to HoR, it is the most challenging Heroic, IMO. As I said before, knowing your role were like not staying on Ice Blast area, staying away if you had debuff from Hoarfrost, moving boss away from the ice area, and not dpsing if you had marked(if you were dps). If no one was on the ice patch and knowing what they should do, you should get your job done. Period. So, it is THEIR SHAME to kick you. We know you are a good healer (sometime, I could reach 4k hps but at least 30% overhealing on my druid. hehe). Let go those unhappy episodes and moving on. Please keep your good healing suites and I see you around in heroics(fyi, I am druid with a hunter and I am healer/tank spec in druid :D).

  24. Actually I think people like this should be called out. Maybe it would reduce the number of fuckwads in LFG and let them know 2 things: A) Gearscore does not = skill and B) We have screenshot and are not afraid to use it. And I’m totally with you on the low dps = bad for healer mana. I mentioned recently that this is my only complaint in the ‘need 2K dps to run heroics’ debate. If it wasn’t for mana issues I really wouldn’t care. Thanks for the entertainment…LFG will never run short on that.


  25. Kriz, this was a brilliant post. Love it. ❤

    I both look forward to, and dread, the day I get a pug bad enough to merit this kind of post. But hey, I’m DPS, the odds are pretty low.

  26. It took you until scourgelord to figure out this was a shitty group? This is why I like the few semi-difficult pulls prior to the cave. They can weed out the shitty dps…usually. I’m sorry you had to deal with this : ( Oh well, that’s the beauty of the new heroic system, just say screw them and requeue.

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  28. LOL It sure sounds good looking at it. Yes, my druid is not geared well at all. I gave up on her to level and gear another toon and am just getting back into the swing of a druid. I am not one to point fingers randomly at people and have grouped with lots of guild +1 pugs and we were fine. We’ve carried ppl from other servers and we’re all good with that too. Leyola is obviously super well geared and should have been able to handle this dungeon. Nope, the overall DPS of the group was low (mine was much lower than usual for me, tho still dps avg for me on druid is 3.1, little higher in that dungeon). My DPS was super low because I was backup healing the ENTIRE dungeon including the boss fight. We wiped on trash, we wiped on bosses, we just wiped a lot. Why? Because DPS was so low? Maybe… maybe. But our heals continuously was going OOM on us too and then I’d have to heal. After a while I stopped DPSing to save mana for the times I’d have to help heal. Maybe Leyola is smashing in a 25 man setting and is set up and geared perfectly for that. Maybe. But def not great in our group in a 5 man dungeon. And no, she didn’t carry us thru… we muddled thru just fine and even tho she kept going OOM on us, we were nice and polite. Until the 4th or 5th wipe on last boss. And yeah, we kicked her. We would’ve kicked her whether we had been a guild group or a random group I am sure. And our replacement heals from a pug? Worked out great. No OOM and we didn’t wipe. We went on to run H HoR with that heals and same group and did that too with the not retreating achievement. So yeah… I was an ass. I was an ass because seriously going OOM in the first 30 seconds of a fight after having 2 innervates seems a bit ridiculous to me… not to mention needing to be backup heals as a very badly geared healer. Perhaps you rock in a 25 man situation…. perhaps you were having a bad night… but you definitely were totally incapable of healing a 5 man dungeon that particular night and yeah, your screen shots of the very last fight are so impressive, but don’t tell the story of your constant OOM thru the entire dungeon. However, I am glad you feel better, glad you have garnered the support of ppl who weren’t there and didn’t run with you… and, on the flip side, now you will do your very best to work harder in a 5 man and prove me wrong. Which is great. They will need a better healer than what you showed us.

    • “We went on to run H HoR with that heals and same group and did that too with the not retreating achievement.”

      Eh, you don’t have that achievement, you dim-witted oaf. If you have to lie then at least do it about something we can’t just find out is an outright lie with a couple of clicks. In any case you need around 11k DPS for that achievement (I actually have done it a couple of time – unlike you), so unless you guys magically improved your DPS by 250% that fact in itself would make your claim laughable.

      So my dear WotLK-hero, in your fancy 5-man gear, admit that you are a baddy and acted poorly or keep up the show. I for one thank you for the lulz, and I’ll be looking forward to meeting more of your ilk on my alts.

    • DPS making a poor showing or taking unnecessary damage can easily oom a healer. 1.3k single target on a boss fight blowing all CDs is something i would expect out of a toon still sporting quest greens.

    • From my experience the only reason a healer goes OOM on trash is because of incompetent DPS or (rarely) tank… otherwise the healer is looking after about 1.5 people in the party the whole time.

      There are times in the new instances where a healer has no choice but to burn mana. There is a choice to be made.. fast heals or nice mana regen, personally I prefer to expend my mana on heals rather than rez’s… I can always drink after, assuming the halfwitted party aren’t rushing off to their deaths.

      But at the end of the day, it really comes down to the people taking the damage… smart DPS take a lot less, those less smart complain about healers letting them die.

    • “However, I am glad you feel better, glad you have garnered the support of ppl who weren’t there and didn’t run with you…”

      You got that right…and he did it by knowing what he was talking about, not lying to us, and bringing screenshots. All three of which you and your buddy have failed to do…

    • How exactly does a RESTO druid burn through 40k mana in less than 30 seconds? Spamming LB (our least effective heal in terms of mana/cast time) while haste capped and never letting it bloom still only burns up 600 mana/sec, who if he has any regen at all would last say 42000/600, or 70 seconds.

  29. Ohhh Krizzlybear… You are so fail… Bet you have a Frost Mage main… Hell we all know they are /failmages…

    I say, to all my blogging brothers and sisters

    “Call the mongrels out!”

    a) it is therapeutic
    b) it’s a great read
    c) maybe it will be a lesson to:
    – those of us in a bad situation
    – douchebags to reevaluate their reason for existence.

    I think I told you about the fail Uld10 raid with no DPS above 2.5k, that got a 4th healer after the 3rd wipe on XT…

    Obviously the healers fault.

    Still there is good news. Your readers are NOT the only good people playing WoW. I had a great FoS/PoS/HoR group the other day. We took our knocks and pushed on. Around 20 deaths over the 3 instances, but every death was a learning opportunity and in the end we got the <6 min achievement at the end as an extra reward.

    /cheer Krizz

    /golfclap Willowdouche

  30. Entertaining read, read through this, skimmed the comments, skimmed the WoW forums post as a result.

    Nice and cathartic for everyone whose ever been on the receiving end of other people’s poor play and blamed for it. At least Weepnwillow eventually admitted that calling Ley out way unnecessary in the end, hat tip to them.

    Now go about your knitting.

  31. Wow, man…

    Leyola you have got to be the biggest crybaby pug healer I have ever seen in the entire time I have played wow, and that is quite and an accomplishment since I have been playing wow for a long time.

    You are not a bad healer. You are a mediocre healer. Yes I’ve seen worse that you.

    Yes, Weep may have been a little harsh with you, however you deserved to be kicked by the whole team after all those wipes throughout the dungeon. You should accept it, learn from it, better yourself, and move on, but you don’t seem to take correction well. You just whine and complain about it across servers and on internet blogs. I think that might have something to do with your apparent lack of humility.

    You say, “I HAVE ZERO MANA ISSUES.” I ask, why are you constantly out of mana? Do you not see any possible fault in your own toon or is it always your team’s fault for your failures to handle healing a heroic?

    After we kicked you and pugged another healer we one-shotted the boss. Yes, partly because the boomkin didn’t have to back-up heal for that healers’ incompetency’s and could focus on proper DPS and the other two DPS stayed alive during the entire fight adding even more DPS that you obviously saw while you allowed them to die every single attempt, but partly because of the new healers ability to handle healing in stressful fights.

    Yes, we had guildie hunter who had low dps who we are trying to help gear up. Yes, I realize low DPS will extend the time of the fights, but what is so wrong with attempting to gear up other guildies?

    I have been through H POS many times with many groups and I have seen awesome teams and horrible teams. In the end, it is just another dungeon with just another pug who was incompetent and got his panties all up in a bunch.

    Get over it.

    • I believe the point that has come up several times is that Krizz/Leyola has zero mana issues when not having to heal over an extended amount of time because the DPS can’t bring the pew pew necessary to down the mobs in a reasonable amount of time.

      If the DPS is bad and the party is taking an excessive amount of damage (as evidenced in the screenshots), that leads me to believe that there is a bad tank, bad dps, or both. I can’t say anything about the tanking, but the numbers here speak for themselves A bad or even mediocre healer would find it very hard to hit 4k heals per second without a massive amount of overhealing, if they ever reached that mark at all.

      If you believe that the boomkin backup healing was necessary WHEN the main heals were at that level, you need to ask yourself why the party was taking so much damage in the first place.

      But wait – oh, I’m wrong. You’re obviously not a fail group blaming your ineptness on the odd man out. You’ve said so yourself, so it must be true. Meanwhile your hunter got ripped to shreds by Rilgon himself (linked above in the comments no less), so we have more evidence that it wasn’t the healer doing things wrong.

      Defending your guild is admirable, but defending your guild when it’s obvious who is wrong is … kind of sad.

    • Immanent, we understand that you are here to defend your buddy and your own honor, but you’re just digging the hole deeper.

      As someone else pointed out already, your healer was pushing 4k hps with 10% overheal. Those numbers are only possible in a heroic if your entire group is taking unnecessary damage. Those numbers are also very impressive any way you slice it.

      Just admit what happened and save face. You were all in vent, you were frustrated with failing AGAIN at a heroic, so you booted the one guy not responsible. We all know how tough it is to come down on a guildie in a PUG heroic; it’s much easier to retain the pack mentality and pounce on the outsider. You wouldn’t want to upset your feng shui. This is the same reason you’re here defending your horrible teammate right now.

      Bottom line, weepnwillow has been shown to be a liar now and so we don’t even know you completed the instance that night. Perhaps after you booted the one guy not responsible you had a strat talk and began realizing the things you could change to succeed. Who knows, we certainly can’t trust your word on it though.

      I personally will go with the guy who has screenshots and from all angles appears to be on the level.

      Oh, and BEE TEE Double-you…if someone is doing 3k dps and they die early, they will still show ~3k dps. You’re new healer isn’t going to increase your dps magically by keeping you alive while standing in the ice (lol). Debuffs left on the boss after you die are the only reason dps goes down after a death, and it’s very slight. You’re 1.3k dps hunter isn’t going to be pushing 3k with MAGICAL heals that are somehow more effecient that 4k hps and 10% overheal. I’m not even sure you understand the difference between dps and damage done now…

  32. Too funny. Cathartic for me as well. Ran heroic PoS on my spriest. Group made it to tyrannus with some difficulty, a few deaths, no wipes. After wiping 2x on tyrannus, tank decided that my low gearscore (rather than me being second in overall damage and dps) was reason for failure. Me=kicked. Keep on keepin on!

  33. Please just be mindful that these two are not reflective of our server as a whole and they are getting the same treatment here on our forums. As they say, the proof is in the pudding and Leyola has provided more than enough pudding.

    /passes spoons around

  34. Am I the only one to find it funny that the person bringing the most ‘QQ’ to this thread is ‘WEEPIN’willow? *cough*cough*


  35. Wow. Unbelievable that you endured that group and even more unbelievable (or perhaps not) is the lame defense that failinwillow attempted.

    You have my Dungeon Finder Weekly post because there really is no topping this one.

    PS You rock.

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  37. Heh. Krizz you have the best fails.

    Also, I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned this already, but if your healer’s mana is low, the way to help out is by DPSing MORE, not backup healing. Ending the fight sooner so your healer can drink is helpful. Stopping DPS just makes the fight longer and makes the healer more likely to go OOM. “Helper heals” are a giant pet peeve of mine as a healer, and I consider them almost universally to be a waster of my mana. The only time I want help healing is if I’m already dead.

  38. I’m not defending anyone’s actions in that dungeon because I wasn’t in there and frankly, a couple of screenshots do not tell the whole story. The fact of that matter is, you were the single pug in what was otherwise a guild dungeon run. They could have been completely condescending a-holes the entire time, but you weren’t insulted in front of anyone you know since you were the lone person from your server. It’s also very unlikely you will ever see Weepnwillow or the others in a dungeon again nor will anyone else who is reading this blog, even before Weepnwillow was ever added to a single ignore list. So turn the other cheek! No one would’ve known you were insulted in the first place if you hadn’t written about it in this blog. It’s just as uncool, if not more, to call players out by character name in a blog or on the forums as it is to kick someone from a dungeon before they have a chance at rebuttal (which I think is very rude, by the way). There are better uses of time than name-calling and creating alts on another server for the sole purpose of harassment and spamming trade chat. Think of all the emblems that you passed up so that you could do all this spiteful activity.
    As a pug using the new random dungeon tool, I’ve had people be very rude to me (elitists who don’t like my sub-5000 GearScore. Sorry). What do I do? I play through the insults, grab my loot and move on. Chances are, I will never see these jerks again. No harm, no foul. My ego is intact.
    As DPS, if I get kicked (it has yet to happen to me) I’m waiting 15-20 minutes to pug a random dungeon. Be thankful that as a healer, your queue time in the new Dungeon Finder is short and that being kicked is really just a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things.

    • I disagree.

      Yes, the creator of this blog comes off as quite the turbo nerd, and I would personally never go to such lengths to diss some random tard from the LFG system – particularly not one from another server.

      With that said I think it is good that people like Weepinwillow is shown that you can’t get away with treating people poorly. From what we see here Weepinwillow is just a dumb kid, and he/she/it obviously represents a large part of the player demographic (sad as that is). These immature players are the cancer that is killing WoW, and if just a couple of them is shown that you can’t simply do what you please then I for one will laud the person that tries to make them realize this.

      MMOs have a social aspect to them, and far too many players don’t give a hoot about the ones outside their own little circle. That is partially Blizzard’s fault due to server/faction changes, cross-realm BGs and now the LFG system, but more than anything that is the factor that is making me want to quit playing. I don’t log into the game to find friends, but I sure as hell get tired of being forced to socialize with the faceless kiddies, that think they can do as they please since there is nothing that can harm them – until someone makes a post like this.

  39. In the newer instances, it’s much easier to run out of mana considering the amount of damage that is going out. It doesn’t help any if the DPS is shooting different things than the tank is, and therefore helping the healer go OOM even faster.

    It’s great that you’re trying to gear up lowbie hunter there, but maybe get a full guild group so that you don’t have the luxury of vote kicking someone just because your terrible dps is straining the healer.

  40. This is on a “last thought”: Reading Weep’s response on the forums (lol), she says:

    “Maybe she really does heal in other groups… just not ours”.

    And in that, she’s right. Krizzly, you have proven that stupidity and unneeded damage cannot be healed through.

    Sheesh. Mess with one blogger, mess with them all much, eh?



  41. I was an ass because seriously going OOM in the first 30 seconds of a fight after having 2 innervates seems a bit ridiculous to me…

    Didn`t think much before posting that coment I guess. Obviously not possible at all to go oom after 30 seconds with that gear even withoug innervates. Healer oom in a pug is tank+dps failing. Healer with lots of mana when people are dying is another mather. Cant remember being in a pug with healer going oom in a 5 man ever. Seems obviously here that tank + dps is failing with tactics and blaming healer cuz hes not their friend.

  42. LOL. Wow. I’m a couple days behind on my reading, obviously, but I’m still going to comment anyway …

    I ❤ you, Krizz

    We need to hook up for a random one of these days. It'll be fun!

  43. awww was just reading the epic tale on the wowforums, got to the end of page 4 and clicked for more win and it’s been bahleted.

    *sad panda*

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  45. Being DPS doesn’t help avoid this kind of crap.

    In a 5 man H ToC run, I ended up with 3 guildies from another server. Tank, Heals, & DPS.

    After the first wipe, (the healer aggroed) the tank (a DK, of course) pipes up “I guess I should taunt”.

    The tank has a GS of 4,900. I don’t know DK gear well enough to say if he was proper or not.

    But the guy couldn’t keep agggro ON HIS MARKED TARGETS, with me (a retpal) doing a whopping 2.5k DPS. They even said “How do you keep getting aggro with only 2.5k DPS?”

    Good question and the answer is: Tank can’t hold aggro.

    Even with me using Hand of salvation and pausing in my attacks.

    So I got the boot.

    @ Kriz – great post and well done 🙂

  46. This just made my friday! I had a similar experience the other day on heroic PoS after Ick, firstly the grp ploughed over and immediately pulled the first group on the hill, and then ignored my urgent chatter of, I had no mana, can someone stop her shadowbolting me, mage can you sheep her plz, low on mana, oom, oh were dead. Innervate is on cooldown as no one avoided the exploding purple bubbles on Ick, or managed to avoid him when being chased causing me to unload everything to keep them up.

    Dear tanks, please ask the healer if he / she is ready? come on it’s not that hard.

  47. I am somewhat amused that since I subscribed to comments here I’m STILL getting emails about new horror stories.

    I’ll … refrain from sharing mine here, but I’ll admit I do keep coming back to read these comments.

  48. I’m impressed. I’ve never managed to get past 3.6k hps in an heroic (fire-standing melee in ToC+ champions fight). But even if you do manage that level of heroism you don’t get applause for it. Bottom line; almost noone notices the healer unless you wipe. Or, occasionally, if there’s a vast overpull tank and healer will get priase, but, generally, people only talk to the healer to complain. :-(.

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  50. Haha that post reminds me of my glorious time as resto druid… although that really is a long time, but old habbits die hard.

    You can basically insert any name – there are more than enough guys out there that know your class better than you do – although they probably never played it 😉 Weepinwillow you just make me sad…

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