If you wish to contact me about anything, I can be contacted via email using the address below:

krizzlybear AT gmail DOT com

replacing AT and DOT with their respective symbols.  If you want to ask me a question, make a personal comment, submit content, shower me with praise, become my servant, rotate my tires, balance my checkbook, or powerlevel my alts though deadmines, you can use the email above.

Just kidding about the tires and checkbook, though.  But seriously, my lowbie hunter has been sitting at 16 FOREVER.

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. hi i just posted a nice comment for ya on your pve frost blog

    i was looking for info on frost mages on google and i found your site… and only the 2nd of all websites biased towards frostmages… being the 1st…but not that good however..

    I read some of our stuff and we have much in common… the Frost Forever attitude and 3.5 years as a frost mage 😉
    well i just made that one hat ur wearing
    and i finnaly got my hit cap since raiding as 70 (got 80 like a week ago) …wow about 2 years ago!! that was like kara with the ghost hit and the FSW and all.. lol
    anyways some good guys have been pugging me in 25 man nax… when i 1st went i had never been to lvl 80 nax(10 or 25m) and had done no!
    But i knew Nax very well since 2.6 a guy on our server led full clear Nax runs every week.. im kinda glad i did them too since the fights are like exactly the same..
    And for changes they really need to do soemthign with shatter as u posted before, and possibly with ice lance or deep freeze. Scaling needs to be seriously considered as frost lacks in this sadly…
    And i think they need to give the “Perma-Squirtle” oh oh oh
    and the ability to name it !!! HAX

  2. Just wanted to thank you for putting up this blog. Ive always LOVED frost spec, and it irks me to no end that I have to use arcane in my guild’s icc raids.

    Ive always wanted to see just how far i could take my frost spec, and im reading your guides with interest. Not that i think my big blue elemental will ever get to see Arthas, but it would be awesome to show him around icc sometimes, and not get pummeled by my raid for doing so.

    So thanks in advance and stay frosty!

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