My Name is Krizzlybear…

And I’m Frost.  Nice.

I’m cold.  I’m short.  I wear a dress.

Let’s move on.  See you monday!


13 thoughts on “My Name is Krizzlybear…

  1. Bubbles and I approve.

    And we look good in our Bloodmage Rainment…well, we’re not wearing it at the same time or anything. Bubbles has his bracers, after all, and any robes that I tried to put on him would get soaked in short order.

    So we look good together, elemental and cryomancer, side by side against all the raging idiots in the world!

    …I’m going to stop now.

    • You totally weren’t talking to me, but I don’t care XD

      I’m addicted to taking screenshots of whenever I get particularly high DPS, or when I’m at the top of meters. Especially when I’m beating Arcane or Fire mages.

  2. Hey just want to say thanks for the blog. I’ve been leveling as frost and LOVE it. I’m at 72 now and the general assumption has been once I hit 80 I’ll switch to arcane. And I keep saying “No, I don’t WANT to do that!!” and now I have someone on my side 😀

  3. Hey you, in the dress. No, not you paladin, the short cold one. No not you Bud Light, the spiky haired one.

    Question: I have 2 each of the heirloom trinkets. Is it best to level with 2 of the spellpower or 2 of the haste or 1 each or C)Trinkets are for sissies, level sans trinkets! What are you a lock?

    (psst, I have a lock too)

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