Obligatory Blah Blah Blah

Yeah, yeah, I’m still alive, whatever.  If you follow me on twitter, you already know that I’m still around, though I’m a bit more focused on anime at the moment, trying to focus on the blog that I recently started for it.  I don’t believe that it’s getting in the way of my blogging schedule for this site, but I am finding myself with a few things to talk about with regards to Frost Magery, but I have no idea where to start.  Consider it laziness on my end, or simply being busy with other things that I feel are important.

This blog has been around for a while, and I truly wish to maintain it, but I feel confident enough that due to its age, I’ve come to acknowledge its humble following.  Baka Laureate is a new monster altogether, and is like a rebirth of some sorts in my mind when it comes to the lifestyle of being a blogger.  I’m starting from scratch again, discovering a new community of people, establishing my niche in the social network, and doing things for the sake of promoting the blog that I no longer do for this blog, such as reading and commenting on other blogs.  It feels very hypocritical of me to do so, considering that I normally don’t read other blogs.  If I had my way, I wouldn’t, but it seems like I’m doing this more out of necessity than for enjoyment.

That said, I feel justified in my actions, since I’m doing something that I feel is right for growing  the blog to the level that I feel is acceptable.  I feel that this blog is also in an acceptable position, so I don’t feel the necessity to further promote it.  I simply keep writing the way I do, and be content with both writing it in the first place, and having a number of people read it and enjoy it.

However, I am not going to just devolve this post into some sort of stream of consciousness.  I am asking for your help.  Cataclysm is a new world, and I’m doing a bunch of things in it, on other characters as well as the mage.  I am interested to hear what you think of the expansion so far, and would like to see what people want me to write about.  There is a wealth of content for the burgeoning Frost Mage or WoW player in general, so if there’s anything that you’d like to see me talk about to some sort of degree, then by all means feel free to mention it.  Leave a comment here, or simply toss me an email at the address mentioned in my about page.

4 thoughts on “Obligatory Blah Blah Blah

  1. I am seeing more frost mages than ever. We are competitive in DPS in dungeons and raids, maybe not top DPS (I don’t aspire to that), but very respectable. It’s been great! The rotation is fun. I love the Frostfire Orb, though the Ring spell has been of very limited PvE use. I am getting to sheep again (penguin in my case) which is also a big positive. I did notice though that my Blizzard spell is not nearly as powerful as it used to be, and that makes me a little sad.

    In terms of general WoWness, I am loving the faction tabard concept, the guild perks, and the beautiful new lands, particularly Vashj’ir. A free, fast seahorse mount! What can be better than that?!

    As for what would I want to see discussed? Hmmm… I don’t know. I guess I would like to hear about your experience so far as a frostbolt-slinger in Cataclysm. Heck, I really enjoy all your posts, so just write whatever! 🙂

  2. It awesome… especially as a Fire Mage, but the Frosties seem to be having fun too, like real fun, without feeling like they are the ones left behind.

    I think it’s great that Frost in now competitive enough in PvE and Fire is competitive enough in PvP and Arcane… is there still an Arcane tree?

    • I’ve actually seen less Fire than Arcane or Frost in my ventures into non-heroic cataclysm dungeons on my DK/Druid/Priest. It’s a bit strange. You can tell who’s the Fire Mage though, because he’s the one who loves to run around spamming scorch on trash mobs. It’s kinda cute!

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