The All-Purpose Pre-Heroic Cloth Caster Gear List

In Cataclysm, entry into heroics requires an average ilvl greater than 328.  Instead of linking to individual items, I will simply link to the wowhead search page pertaining to that item slot, so you can compare them with each other.  I’ve also pre-emptively excluded spirit gear, as the stat is pretty much useless for mages.  If you’re a Shadow Priest looking for a good list, click on the desired link anyway, and change the settings so that Spirit is removed from the filter, and is added to the stat weight.  Enjoy!





Trinkets, and a pre-raiding loot list to come.

6 thoughts on “The All-Purpose Pre-Heroic Cloth Caster Gear List

  1. This is a great list, thanks for putting it together!

    One thing I have noticed is that cloth gear seems to be almost free-flowing from heroics. It’s got to the stage very early on where there’s nothing I want to buy from the JP vendor any more because heroic loot has it covered. The only bits I’m missing at 346 is a cloak, bracers and trinket, but I can’t buy these for points anyway. Most annoying.

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