The All-Purpose Pre-Heroic Cloth Caster Gear List

In Cataclysm, entry into heroics requires an average ilvl greater than 328.  Instead of linking to individual items, I will simply link to the wowhead search page pertaining to that item slot, so you can compare them with each other.  I’ve also pre-emptively excluded spirit gear, as the stat is pretty much useless for mages.  If you’re a Shadow Priest looking for a good list, click on the desired link anyway, and change the settings so that Spirit is removed from the filter, and is added to the stat weight.  Enjoy!





Trinkets, and a pre-raiding loot list to come.

4.0 Frost Mage Pre-Cataclysm Raiding Guide

(Even though I’m not playing WoW at the moment, I still have enough experience from the Beta to be able to write this at all.  I know I said I’d stop blogging until Cataclysm, but I don’t want to leave you guys in the dust.  I’m also greedy for hits, so yeah.)

Talent Build

There is quite a bit of room for wiggle when going down the Frost tree, namely 2 points before entering the 3rd tier, 2 points before entering the 6th tier, and a whopping 5 points before hitting Deep Freeze.  This will change with the new expansion, but this guide is solely for pre-Cataclysm raiding.  Talents with x/2 or x/3 mean that they are optional, and you can put any number of your filler points in them.

Frost Tree

Early Frost x/2
The reason why this talent is optional is that a) it doesn’t happen often enough to be a noticeable DPS boost and b) at high levels of haste, the 0.7s cast-time reduction will lower the cast below the global cooldown during icy veins/heroism.

Piercing Ice 3/3
More crit is self-explanatory.  Synergous with Shatter.

Shatter 2/2
Fingers of Frost makes this talent a significant booster of your crit rating.  However, do take note that at 33.3 percent (repeating, of course) crit rating, shatter will bring it over 100 percent, making any excess points in crit less useful.  This applies to Ice Lance and Deep Freeze mostly, since Frostbolt and Brain Freeze’d Frostfire Bolts are usually cast when Fingers of Frost is not active.

Ice Floes 3/3
Cooldown-reducing talent that theoretically allows you to cast Icy Veins more often in longer fights.  DPS gain.

Improved Cone of Cold x/2
It has limited utility on fights where add management is necessary (i.e., Dreamwalker).  Awesome when soloing and AoE grinding.

Piercing Chill x/2
Utility is limited to fights where multiple targets are tanked at once (Anub’arak, Lady Deathwhisper), but is customizable to suit either 2 targets or 3 targets (main + 2adds)

Permafrost 2+x/3
I list this as 2+x, since you need 2 points to get to the next tier of talents, and so far, Permafrost provides the best utility of the talents shown so far.  Healing your Water Elemental is crucial for it to survive, since it provides a significant amount of DPS on its own, as well as giving you Improved Freeze, which allows for better Fingers of Frost uptime.  I suggest going 3/3, but you don’t necessarily have to.  The Mortal Strike debuff is also useful as well.

Ice Shards x/2
Limited to AoE fights where add control is necessary (Freya, Supressors on Dreamwalker).  Godly awesome for AoE grinding.  The Ice Lance range is somewhat useless and tacked-on, since the primary spell that activates a FoF’d Ice Lance is limited to 35 yards anyway.  There are better options.

Icy Veins 1/1
Mandatory for obvious reasons.  Thank god Arcane doesn’t have this spell anymore.  No offense, arcanists, but this is OUR spell.  Hands off.

Fingers of Frost 3/3
This talent is the backbone of our entire spec, and pretty much enables us to do the damage that we want.  It synergizes with our mastery, which now increases damage against frozen targets instead of that Frostbolt buff nonsense.  The main change here is that it grants only 1 charge per proc instead of 2, allowing you to do Shatter combos without accidentally granting a new stack of charges on the first Frostbolt cast.  Synergizes with pretty much everything else.  It also lets you access Improved Freeze.

Improved Freeze 3/3
Allows you to get FoF charges on demand when you need it at JUST the right time. Deep Freeze just came off of cooldown?  Fire off a Freeze, and cast it right away.  On the run for a particular amount of time?  Fire off a Freeze while moving, and spam Ice Lance while you run to your desired spot.  It has many uses, and you will come to love this spell.

Enduring winter 1+x/3
2 talent points allow you to keep 100% replenishment uptime, but the third point is alright for having cheaper spells.  Might be worth considering at 80 if you don’t want to spend points in Master of Elements or Arcane Concentration.

Cold Snap 1/1
Gives you an extra Deep Freeze/Ice Block/Icy Veins/Ice Barrier all at once.  You’d be unwise not to take this.

Brain Freeze 3/3
Free, insta-cast Frostfire Bolts are not only good for mana management, but also DPS as well as mobility.  This was the other cornerstone of the Frost build back in Wrath, and will still remain the same now.

Ice Barrier 1/1
Required, since it is a pre-requisite for Deep freeze.  It also enables you to choose between some neat Ice Barrier-centric talents.

Shattered Barrier x/2
AMAZING for soloing, but not useful at all in boss fights.  You shouldn’t have aggro on mobs anyway, so there really is no point in trying to use it.  However, since you have a bit of wiggle room in the new expansion, it’s always nice to have while levelling.

Reactive Barrier x/2
It doesn’t provide any DPS boost, but the utility of survivability talents such as this are always great in raid environments.  It doesn’t feel like it procs as often as it should, since it only happens at 50%, but the way healing is designed nowadays, it seems like it is worth looking at.

Frostfire Orb x/2
At level 85, this will become mandatory.  But in pre-expansion 4.0, it is only useful for the Frostfire Bolt snare.  This is because we don’t get Frostfire Orb until level 81 anyway.  Completely useless if you’re glyphed for Frostfire bolt, which removes the snare entirely.

Deep Freeze 1/1
Do not take this talent if you don’t like seeing 40k+ crits on ICC raid bosses.  Do not take this talent if you don’t like to purposely pull the boss from the tank 5 seconds into the fight by casting Freeze->Deep Freeze, thereby getting you kicked from your pug and possibly guild.  Do not take this talent if you don’t like having ridiculous amounts of control over PvP targets or in solo.  I swear, this talent just sucks monkey balls.

Off-Tree talents

You only get 5 extra points at level 80 to spend outside of the Frost tree, and I will tell you now that the only DPS-boosting talent available to you at the Wrath cap is Netherwind Presence, so put max points in that.  Take 2/2 Master of Elements if you wish for mana efficiency, since you’re critting a helluva lot.  2/3 Burning soul if you want some form of spell pushback protection, but from what I recall, there aren’t a lot of fights that have spell pushback mechanics.  I would probably put these extra 2 points back into the Frost tree.

Overall, you’ll be fine with a 3/0/33 build or a 3/2/31 build.  If you want to squeeze every last ounce of DPS on ANY fight, put your optional points in Early Frost and Piercing Chill.  If you want excellent control on fights with adds, put your optional points in Ice Shards and Improved Cone of Cold.  If you want excellent survivability, put points in Reactive and Shattered Barrier.  If you want mana efficiency, put points in Enduring Winter and Master of Elements.

Spell Priority List

When Stationary:
1.  Deep Freeze when Fingers of Frost is active
2.  Frostfire Bolt when Brain Freeze and Fingers of Frost are active.
3.  Ice Lance when Finger of Frost is active.
4.  Freeze when Deep Freeze is not on cooldown and Finger of Frost is not active.
5.  Frostbolt.

When Moving, replace #5 with ice Lance.  Notice that the priority remains generally the same, except that you have plenty of opportunities to have FoF uptime using Water Elemental’s Freeze.  Don’t forget to put up Ice Barrier as well while on the move if you’re out of range of the boss.

Using Freeze Effectively

Frost is unique as it is perhaps the only DPS spec (other than maybe beastmaster hunter) that relies on using pet abilities to further enable their spell rotation.  In order to make Freeze an effective part of your arsenal, you should minimize the use of mouseclicks to cast Freeze.  You can do this by changing your key definitions so that a single key is used to cast the spell instead of a ctrl+key combination.  My preferred method, however, is to create a macro shown below:

/use Freeze

This way, you can put the macro on your hotbar and move it around as you see fit.  Minimizing the amount of mouse clicking means you can pre-position your cursor at the feet of the boss, so you can immediately left-click to get the spell off.  Take note that Freeze has to hit an enemy NPC for Improved Freeze to take effect.  If you whiff completely, you will miss out on free Fingers of Frost charges.


Thanks to Frost Specialization, you no longer need to glyph for a permanent water elemental.  And thanks to Frost mastery, Ice Lance is once again useful.  Your new glyph setup should look like this:

1.  Glyph of Frostbolt – Increases Frostbolt crit chance
2. Glyph of Ice Lance – Increases Ice Lance damage
3a. Glyph of Molten Armor – Increases overall crit chance
3b. Glyph of Frostfire – replaces Molten Armor if you have greater than 33% crit, as excess crit rating make Ice Lance less effective.

Stats, ratings, etc.

I wouldn’t worry too much about what to stack, since I’m not exactly sure about what gear has what stats now.  Just take note of your crit rating, as it is affected by shatter.  Also, take note that the removal of the Precision talent, you will need to stack more Hit in order to be capped for the rest of the expansion.

(That’s pretty much it with the guide, it didn’t take too long to write, so I really don’t mind writing it despite not blogging anymore until Cata.  The release date is in December, so I will see you then!)

3.3 Proposed Frost Changes!

Build 10571 has proposed the following changes to Frost Mages for patch 3.3:

Frozen Core now also causes your Ice Lance criticals to reduce the cast time of your next Frostbolt or Frostfire Bolt by 0.4/0.7/1 sec.

Glyph of Eternal Water – Your Summon Water Elemental now lasts indefinitely, but your Water Elemental can no longer cast Freeze.

Seemed like a silly time for me to QQ last week, these appear at first glance to be attempts at improving PvE DPS performance.

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