I’ve only been home for about two days now (not counting Sunday, since I practically slept off my jet lag that whole day), and I made up for lost WoW time by doing some serious WoW’ing.  With the new badge gear in 3.2, I’ve taken the opportunity to run chain heroics up the wazoo, with both my guild, and through pugs.  As of this morning, Bashertin already has one piece of gear, and Leyola has a ridiculous 3 pieces, one of which is the tier helm.

Once my fix wears off, I could imagine myself slowing down and only doing 2-3 heroics a day instead of the ridiculous 7-8 that I’ve done each of the last two.  Unemployment is good, but it is doing quite a number on my self-esteem.  I think I need to go out more.

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There’s a member in my guild that is ridiculously hardcore into tanking.  He just loves to get up close and smash face and take lots of damage.  He says that he has a bunch of tanking alts across all available classes and is aiming to have one of each class at 80.  Right now he has a DK and a Warrior at the cap, and his Pally is at 51, and his Druid is still a lowly 20.

I asked him which class is his favourite, and he says that the DK is his favourite, but tanking with a paladin is the most fun.  He wished that his DK had the paladin’s concecrate, which got me into a neat line of thinking.  If I could mix and match abilities from different classes, what kind of character would I want to make?

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Meanwhile, in Acherus…

Wimzig still hasn’t hit level 80 yet.  He’s happily chugging along 78 (about 75% towards 79), and is making quite a bit of money.  After paying for dual specs for all three of my mains (and epic flight for Leyola) and paying for his own cold weather flying, he’s sitting pretty at around 3k gold.  Not sure how I’m going to spend that money, but I can imagine more dual specs for up and coming alts (more on those in a future post!).

Luckily, Wimzig has been the benefactor of the “slow and steady” approach to levelling.  JC dailies has given him almost an entire level worth of experience, meaning that more money can be made questing at the level cap.  I can imagine that he’s on pace to hit 80 around the time 3.2 comes out.  And guess what?  Heroics! Conquest Badges!

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