I’m Back! (Sorta)

Just wanted to stop by and let y’all know that I’ve won NaNoWriMo.   It was a grueling month impeded by a full-time job, a weekend road trip, approximately 3-4 days of cold and fever-like symptoms, and an annoyingly addicting game that I picked up on steam for 5 dollars called Recettear.  But despite all of that, I checked out at 50,000 on the dot at about 8:30 yesterday, and celebrated with a nice long skype session with a bunch of anime bloggers.  It was a fantastic victory lap.

That said, I return with more pressing matters than when I left.  Firstly, my anime blog, Bakalaureate, is definitely here to stay.  After a fine session with those crazy otaku over skype, I’ve definitely been given a warm welcome despite the blog only a month old, and bogged down rather early by NaNoWriMo.  So expect a lot of my writing to go into that.

Secondly, I’ve decided to give my writing/steampunk blog, Steampanku, another shot as well.  I have left it to wither away since the end of May, and it definitely deserves my attention, considering the fantastic amount of progress that I’ve made on not one, but two novels in the genre of Japanese aesthetic steampunk.  I’ll be definitely blogging more about writing as well on that particular site.

Thirdly, this blog is NOT going to die.  I am a WoW player through and through, and I will focus on posting on all three of those blogs once a week.  I haven’t decided on a particular schedule yet, though I can imagine that Tuesdays would be beneficial for Frost, since people who suffering from maintenance withdrawal can get their frosty fix instead.  I’ll let you know when the time comes.

Lastly, I have acquired my own credit card.  After a lifetime of debit card usage, I have finally decided to start building credit history and apply for one.  The coolest thing is that the expiry date on the card that was issued to me is printed as 3/14.  You could say that the process was…

…easy as pie?

Joking aside, I am going to look into transferring my main to another serverin attempts to find a guild more suitable to my skills, experience, and schedule availability, and quite possibly, on an RP server as well.  If you have any leads, please let me know!

Cataclysm arrives in stores on the 7th of December.  Is your body ready?

AFK, NaNoWriMo

Yeah, I temporarily re-opened the blog, but for sure I’m done with Wrath until Cataclysm comes out.  NaNo will take up my entire month, and I’ve recently opened up another blog for my adventures in anime.  It’s called Baka Laureate; I highly reccomend checking it out if you’re into anime and manga.  But until December, I’m pretty much outta here!  Have a good rest-of-the-expansion, guys! And don’t forget to wish me luck on NaNo as well 😉


No, I am Not Going to Read Your Blog

(Early Frost’s beta coverage resumes next week.)

What drives me absolutely nuts about blogging and social networking is the expectation that one must be continuously in the know about everything that goes on within that social circle.  “Follow me, and I’ll follow you back.”  “Add me to your blogroll, and I’ll add you to mine.”  “Subscribe to my RSS and blah blah”

I find that sort of thing a complete load of baloney.  You add blogs to your blogroll and feed because you have genuine interest in reading that blog.  You link back to posts because you genuinely were interested enough in that post to merit an actual response on your own blog.  If you’re invested in any of this because you care more about being on someone’s blogroll or feed, or you care more about your sitemeter, then you’re either missing the point completely, or you’re going to be very disappointed to find out that a lot of people that could be following you aren’t.

I don’t read blogs or keep up with them with any sort of degree of loyalty or regularity.  If you own a blog, chances are I’m not reading yours either, nor am I expecting you to read mine “in exchange for reading yours.”  It does not work that way.  I’ll read what I like, write what I like, and do what I like.  I would probably get more hits, followers, etc., if I did that whole social networking thing, but I don’t.  I do this only because I love writing, and I love being a frost mage, and that’s it.

If you’re reading this blog because you have an expectation that I’ll read yours in return, then you’re going to be quite disappointed.

If you’re reading this blog because you like it, then that’s okay too.  It is appreciated, but I won’t show it by adding you to some arbitrary list because I have to keep up appearances.  I will show you my appreciation by continuing to write the way I do, and that’s all I can do with my own ability.

The Following Post Occurs Between 7am and 8am

Well crap, I’m 24.  And I’m trying to scrounge up some stupid post that relates to the number 24.  I had some modicum of success last year with 23 skidoo.  Looking back at that, I would have wretched at myself for even considering posting something similar again.

24 is a bit easier, I admit, and finding important 24’s in the world is a lot easier than 23.  24 hours in a day.   Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant’s Jersey number.  The number of tonal notes in a western music scale.  The atomic number of Chromium!

Happy Chromium Birthday to me!

Ahem, yes.  I suppose it’s no cooler than 23.  Might as well call it a day.  But alas, I have made extra steps in ensuring that my day is excellent, I have some nice plans, one of them involving the hijack of gnomeaggedon’s blog and ninja-posting my self-glory, since it fits that my birthday would fall on the same day as his.

Oh yeah, it’s his birthday too.  *snerk snerk*

Using him as a comparison, I feel better about my age.  Somehow last year, I was under the impression he was 42, which is correct, but I had a dream last night that he was actually in his 50’s.  Scary no?  Someone that old could kick so much ass?  I’m not one to mince words.  A 20-year difference is a lot.  But for someone to make awesome posts, have a kid who’s adorable as hell, and somehow manages to get by as Fire, he’s alright in my books.  Well deserving of the mantle of May 6.

Speaking of which, my obsession with anime and budding excitement for Anime North has led me to oblige to mention birthdays of characters born on the 6th.  Look no further than Bleach Hero Ichigo Kurosaki’s sisters, Karin and Yuzu!

Sigh, it disappoints me that I have no further interest in Bleach beyond the first story arc.  But alas, they are the most relevant examples of May 6 birthdays.  There are a shitload of May 5’s and 7’s, but they stand out as sixes.

That being said, let’s cap off this pointless post by rolling out the cake and making a birthday wish.

Here’s to a year of excitement, allure, romance, comedy, and several dead Warlocks.  Oh heck, why not, here’s wishing to get rid of them as a class altogether.  *blows out candles*