Worst. Launch. Ever.

Bad news we already know: I am still without a functioning computer suitable for Cataclysm.  However, I’ve always been able to play WoW on a P4 on lowest settings and 600 resolution.  However…

Crappy News: I am without internet.  The morning after the midnight launch, my house was devoid of not only internet services, but cable services AND phone services.  A big middle finger to Rogers/Shaw, easily the worst communications company in Canada, and possibly the world.  When the majority

Hell, I can’t even make posts without having to drive all the way to my local starbucks, which is about 7 minutes away.

Fuck My Life: Car’s in the shop.  I have to wait for my parents to come home in the evening so I can borrow their car so I can go out.  This is getting kinda ridiculous.  I can’t even work at home, nor can I even drive out to the location where I’m supposed to work if I am unable to work at home!

So I’m pretty much not working, not playing wow, lying in my bed, trying to read the Cataclysm novel to pass my time.

Curse my speedreading ability: Finished the Shattering in about 3 hours.  It was fine.  Go read it if you like.  The mention of gnomes here and there is cool, but we had an ENTIRE BOOK dedicated to taurens.  That leaves gnomes as the final race to not get any sort of significant screentime.  I hate you blizz, seriously ;_;

WORST LAUNCH EXPERIENCE EVER: At least, personally.  The next time you guys complain about griefing, bugs not letting you finish quests, or that jackass that pulled the entire hallway in Throne of the Tides, think of me, and kindly try to enjoy yourselves.  Okay?

4 thoughts on “Worst. Launch. Ever.

  1. I will dedicate the time I will not be playing this weekend and next week due to work and my final exam to you. I am patching my laptop in a feeble attempt to be able to *possibly* play this weekend but I will be too tired from work to do much except shower, eat, and sleep. Plus my laptop has to run on direct power and if someone accidentally knocks my power cord out…ZOOP. Stupid dead battery.

    I have found that making lists of things you want to do first in game helps pass the time. What zone do you want to start in, which professions do you want to do first? You may not have all the information at hand with you, but you can still make a priority list and possibly make up for lost time asap when you get to log in. Plus, it keeps you distracted.

    *hugs* It won’t be like this for long. I hope your internet comes, your computer is fixed and your car is running like a pro again soon.

    • Funny that you mentioned making a list, as I’m currently in the middle of making a “packing list” of things I want to bring with one of the toons that I wish to transfer to Feathermoon.

  2. D: Hope they get it sorted for you soon!
    The good news (I suppose) is that you’ll miss the crush of players in the 80-81 zones.. but I know that’s not much consolation :-/

    • Well, it’s back, so no problem there. Computer is still an issue, I’ll probably be half a week behind, which is actually isn’t bad at all.

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