I’m Back! (Sorta)

Just wanted to stop by and let y’all know that I’ve won NaNoWriMo.   It was a grueling month impeded by a full-time job, a weekend road trip, approximately 3-4 days of cold and fever-like symptoms, and an annoyingly addicting game that I picked up on steam for 5 dollars called Recettear.  But despite all of that, I checked out at 50,000 on the dot at about 8:30 yesterday, and celebrated with a nice long skype session with a bunch of anime bloggers.  It was a fantastic victory lap.

That said, I return with more pressing matters than when I left.  Firstly, my anime blog, Bakalaureate, is definitely here to stay.  After a fine session with those crazy otaku over skype, I’ve definitely been given a warm welcome despite the blog only a month old, and bogged down rather early by NaNoWriMo.  So expect a lot of my writing to go into that.

Secondly, I’ve decided to give my writing/steampunk blog, Steampanku, another shot as well.  I have left it to wither away since the end of May, and it definitely deserves my attention, considering the fantastic amount of progress that I’ve made on not one, but two novels in the genre of Japanese aesthetic steampunk.  I’ll be definitely blogging more about writing as well on that particular site.

Thirdly, this blog is NOT going to die.  I am a WoW player through and through, and I will focus on posting on all three of those blogs once a week.  I haven’t decided on a particular schedule yet, though I can imagine that Tuesdays would be beneficial for Frost, since people who suffering from maintenance withdrawal can get their frosty fix instead.  I’ll let you know when the time comes.

Lastly, I have acquired my own credit card.  After a lifetime of debit card usage, I have finally decided to start building credit history and apply for one.  The coolest thing is that the expiry date on the card that was issued to me is printed as 3/14.  You could say that the process was…

…easy as pie?

Joking aside, I am going to look into transferring my main to another serverin attempts to find a guild more suitable to my skills, experience, and schedule availability, and quite possibly, on an RP server as well.  If you have any leads, please let me know!

Cataclysm arrives in stores on the 7th of December.  Is your body ready?


12 thoughts on “I’m Back! (Sorta)

    • It’s changed a few times ever since I stopped playing the beta. I’ll have to jump semi-blindly into it once I hit 83 on the live servers.

  1. Grats to a successful writer month! I’m very impressed by all of you who go into this every year.

    I’m a little jelous of all those other communities that I have to share you with, but on the other side you haven’t deserted us altogether. One update a week is a lot more than nothing after all.


    • I’ll admit it’s a bit tough to write about stuff when I’m not playing as often, or even guilded at the moment. I think that joining an RP server or a PVP server will spice things up in that regard, but I’m too chicken to join a PvP server!

  2. Why are you deciding a RP server instead of a PVP?

    I am rather new to your blog, just came back from 2 years abscence from wow.
    Just got my old frost mage up and flying again, so now i am on my way to owning the dps and killing some alliance FROST style.

    • Either would be a nice change of pace from the plainness of a normal PvE server. If I had to choose from the two, I’d decide on RP, simply because I’ve always had an interest in both lore as well as the characters that I play. The writer in me sees a lot of creative opportunities. PvP, on the other hand, is very exciting, but I don’t think I’m skilled enough to do it.

  3. Congrats on winning NaNoWriMo and the progress on the Japanese steampunk novels! 🙂 My level 80 Frost mage is ready for Cata, and she now has a little gnome priest sister enjoying the new quests and leveling process in post-Shattering Azeroth. Have you read Christie Golden’s “The Shattering” lead-up novel to Cata yet? If not, I highly recommend it for the lore and introductions to characters becoming more important now like Prince Anduin, Moira Bronzebeard, and Baine Bloodhoof. It also nicely ties in the event quests in the pre-Shattering weeks. Anyhow, welcome back!

    • You know, the book is lying around in my shelf unread. I hear its one of the better ones. I’ll probably get around to reading it, but will most likely wait until the midnight release. I’ll likely be camping out outside my Future Shop to get my hands on their promotional stuff like a Jinx T-Shirt.

  4. Awww, we already miss you on the old ‘hoof!

    Though I don’t run around with you, I did enjoy seeing your naughty gnomes on rare occasion. Though I’m a big fan of the /wave and run away.

    • I’m definitely gonna miss your random appearances, but alas, RP and perhaps PvP calls D:

      All I need now is a freaking internet connection and a working computer. FFS!

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