How to Give Your Tank Fits, 4.0.1 style

When the tank pulls the boss:

Cast Mirror Image for 4pt10 bonus
Icy Veins
Pet Freeze targetting the boss
Deep Freeze
Cold Snap
Deep Freeze
Spam your rotation until Icy Veins runs out
Cast Icy Veins again
Boss comes at you because you have 150% of tank’s threat when the Mirror Images are dead.

Laugh to yourself when the tank lets you die from purposely being an aggro whore, because at one point, you probably could have gone to 200% threat or so if it weren’t for Blizzard’s nerfs to the class.

Yep.  Feels good being a Frost mage man.

6 thoughts on “How to Give Your Tank Fits, 4.0.1 style

    • Any ICC 5-man boss, if you’re the only well-geared one in the group, which is rather common, since hardly any ridiculously geared-out people do randoms anymore, from my experience.

  1. Well, at least Ice Block gives a tank a few seconds to wrestle with his conscience about whether or not letting you splat is a good idea…

    • It’s only a temporary thing. When it wears off, you’re still boned if the boss comes back at you. Your only true threat dump is invisibility, but you have to wait until you completely turn invisible to go back to 0 threat.

      Anyways, the point of this post was that Frost can be really front-heavy with damage, and it feels really good. I guess I’m too busy having fun with the spec to try and convey that message well. Oh well.

    • A tank can taunt off you during Ice Block, to my memory…

      Of course, the burst of frost also gives me wonderful devilish glee.

  2. YYYEEEEEAAAHHHHH! BOI!!!! The crazy new dynamic graphics jumping all over my hotkeys make my ADD go wild. So that helps!
    Here’s hoping the new system keeps our burst hot. If the tank knows how bad we can front load, in longer fights that might allow is to throw a second heavy burst to beat enrage timers.

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