See Ya in Cata

Life sucks.  I have no guild in-game, I’m stuck in my realm at the moment, and do not have the means to transfer.  Real life has taken a toll on my outlook on life, and I’ve reached a “straw on the camel’s back” point that it’s not worth staying in the game.  I am totally not digging the community’s response to cataclysm, despite my positive feelings about how things are going so far in the beta.  But you can only hear about so much.  I’ve completely walled myself off from everything WoW-related, and will set up shop again when the expansion comes around.  If it comes in November, I might not even play right away due to NaNoWriMo, which takes priority over the game during the month of November.  If anything, I will see you guys in December, if at all.  Have fun with the rest of Wrath, and I await your refreshed (hopefully) mindsets when the expansion comes.  But for now, I’m done.  I can’t handle this, so see you soon.


10 thoughts on “See Ya in Cata

  1. Hugs, hugs and big hugs. Whether you blog or not, I’m just sad that you’re going through a tough time. I hope that things get better for you in your personal life soon. take care of yourself.

  2. i understand – but jeez, im sure glad you got a beta key only to mail it in with approx, 1.5mo left on beta…

    heres a tip for not being jaded – stop reading forums, they are only occupied by those who complain (generally speaking). people instinctivly resist change, if you took what they said as fact, every class would fail their given task, which is simply not true.

    good luck finding your next timesink! hope it comes quickly.

  3. Nooooooooo, where am I going to find all my Frost knowledge from now dammit.

    TBH I understand the burn-out as people tire of old content and become ‘disillusioned’ with changes in the new – but as Meta notes don’t pay attention to anyone in the forums (unless it’s me ofc) cos the most vocal disparagers of any planned changes are usually the minority. The difference is they try to make up for the lack supporters for their view with sheer volume.

    Enjoy the break from WoW, everyone needs one but come back to Cata – I’m sure you will witness the silent majority having a fantastic time with all the new content and the vocal dissenters will have had the mute button applied.

  4. Good luck and enjoy your break. Just when we were considering transfering to winterhoof too. Too bad.

    Analogue and I are also sort of hoping Cata does not drop until Dec so we can finish NANO. Not totally sure what I am going to write yet though.

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