Greetings From Paris!

That’s the view from my hotel room.  Ain’t it great?  Notre Dame is but a few minutes walk from the lobby, and there are stores.  Stores Everywhere.

There’s internet at this hotel for once (wi-fi in London was ridiculously priced; had to go to a bloody train station to get a free network), but I am only able to leave a quick post before I hit up the couch for a nap then going out to watch the Japan game.  Maybe sometime before I leave, I’ll schedule something more WoW-related.  But for now, I’m still alive!  Au revoir!


4 thoughts on “Greetings From Paris!

  1. Ahh Krizzly, I’m so jealous of your world travels. 🙂 Make sure you post more pictures for those of us stuck at home in Hot Hot Missouri.

    Enjoy Paris!

  2. Awesome Pic. Avoid the Louvre. Go to smaller museums (the Musee d’Orsay is awesome).

    And go to the CATACOMBS! Ask around if you don’t know about it. Cheap, out of the way (but near where you are), and miles of neatly stacked bones and skulls in the cool limestone catacombs under the city.

    No place reminds me more of WoW.

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