Frosty Foes: Ahune

Seriously, this guy sucks.  Go respec frostfire or something.


27 thoughts on “Frosty Foes: Ahune

  1. I PvP as Frost and was in the middle of tagging horde flags when my queue popped. I had no idea this guy was immune to frost, so I just spammed Fireball in my Frost spec. No deaths, topped DPS, and I was the only one hitting the boss.

    I’m fairly confident this guy can be soloed as anything other than a Frost Mage or Frost DK.

    • nah, you’ll still need to handle adds. His damage reduction buff during the adds phase would take too long otherwise.

  2. This pissed me off royally. Spent the entire fight running around spamming Arcane Explosion… Also had melee dps chasing my Squirtle around trying to kill him…

    Very irritating. I thought we were over mechanics like this?

    • I laid down a flamestrike and spammed arcane explosion, only to watch the tank do more damage than me. He laughed and simply said to spam FFB on the boss. Feels bad, man.

  3. Spammed fire AoE (forget the name…huuurrrrr) for the adds and threw out some frostfire bolts. It sucked. I did horrid dps.

    Next time around, played as Arcane… that was a much more tollerable experience.

  4. as a frostfire mage, i certainly had the ability to hit him, but the increased amount of mobs kept me to busy to do anything to him. on my second run on him of the night, our group wiped twice. : (

    • As Fire-based Frostfire, Tab-Living Bomb tends to be ineffective, since adds die before the blast goes off. I’d probably just stay on the boss, and keep flamestrike up or something like that.

  5. I was amused when I called out my Mirror Images. Like my husband’s squishy, they just stood around, but they did cast Fireblast when it was off cooldown!

    Yeah, I went arcane on my mage for that fight.

    • I’m not looking forward to respec my secondary spec into Arcane or Fire. In fact, I’ll probably not do it at all. I’d very much just do it on a different character altogether; it’s not like my mage needs anything from this guy anyway.

  6. Now that I think about it:

    Although it very well may be an “outdated” mechanic, it seems to make sense that someone named “The Lord of Frost” would actually be immune to such attacks.

    Just sayin’…

  7. I would have no problem with this if the mechanic was universal. But no! Any bosses who might be arcane/nature/fire based have no immunities, “arcane go lawlblast” and yes, once more the frosties are left holding the lonely, cold, shaft.
    P.S. First time posting, Lotsa love Krizzly, on Steampanku, as well.

    • Vault bosses set the standard here. Holy damn.

      And yeah, I should probably post more on steampanku =/

  8. Rune of Razorice: Fail
    Icy Touch: Fail
    Frost Strike: Fail
    Howling Blast: Fail
    Tank as Frost DK: Fail.

    Only having to fight this guy once per day instead of 5 times: EPIC

    • Yes. The new dungeon finder system for holiday bosses make this so much better. Not only do you only have to queue once to get your daily chance, but you can queue MORE THAN 5 times if you want a particular drop from him but can’t seem to get to drop.

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