Haters Gonna Hate

There are times (pretty much all the time) where I find myself having to defend my actions as a Frost Mage against random people I meet in pugs and raids.  I show them through performance.  I’ll turn a few heads, I’ll make some people think differently, all in a day’s work.

There are other times (this pretty much being the first one) where I find myself having to defend myself as a Frost Mage blogger, or in general, a member of the Frost Mage community.

To quote several things which were said in a recent episode of the Hunting Party podcast:

“And we have 45 different hunter blogs, compared to 2 mages, one shaman, and one undead orc who doesn’t post for 3 weeks.”

"Wait. What?"

“It’s not just that we have so many resources and so many blogs out there, but we have so many of them that are actually good, as opposed to the 2 mage blogs.  There’s the 1 mage blog that’s filled with misinformation, and the 1 that maybe has the right info.”

“And [Hunter Blogs are] all different!  You’ve got Mania for pets.  You’ve got Elitistjerks for the jerks…  And you go to the mage blog and you go ‘oh, you’re frost.  nice.  you’re cold.  you’re short.  and you’re wearing a dress. NEXT.’

No seriously.  Why would you do that?  I am not an expert on huntering, but from what I last remembered, Lies and Slander are not spells that could be found in their spellbook.  So why?  Was it a joke?  Am I being trolled?  I take my blog very seriously.  I love what I do, and I know there are other people who love being frost as well.  I am taking steps towards trying to share that love for my class and spec with other people, to open their eyes to how different, satisfying, and even potent, frost magery can be.

I honest to god feel that I AM a resource.  I’m trying my goddamn best to share the knowledge that I have with other people.  I respond to EVERY single one of my comments and emails, even if it’s in regards to things that I’m not too skilled at (I would defer the question to more qualified individuals).

I may not have the best technology or the largest audience, but I am not afraid to take new directions in trying to teach others how to play a Frost Mage.  I may not be useful for all mages, but whatever it is that I know, I know it like the back of my goddamn hand.  And if anyone dares say or think that I know jack shit about Frost, you bet your ass I will do my best to prove them otherwise.

Whatever.  I’ve fallen for the troll bait, and I’ll just leave it at that.  To anyone who says otherwise about this Canadian Frost Mage Blogger:


68 thoughts on “Haters Gonna Hate

  1. Love you Krizzlybear. You are an awesome blogger and a huge asset to the mage community. If anyone is misleading it’s definitely not you.

    And I’ve SO got to try to play frost before Cata. It’s going to be a long wait, so there’s no excuse not to try it at least for soloing low lvl instances (so being new to it won’t hurt anyone else but me). When I do it I know exactly where to turn for good information. I’m glad you’re around.

    Stay proud of your work. You have every reason to.

    • I am terribly sorry for not being able to attribute posts towards the leveling Frost Mage. As I’ve learned from this episode of the podcast (supposed jests aside, there was some pearls of wisdom from BRK himself), everything from 1-80 is important when it comes to the class experience, not just endgame and PvP.

    • Leveling frost? The thought never crossed my mind. I just figured I’d have a go at a frost offspec in my solitude. But yeah, maybe I need a baby mage. Food for thought. If I’d go ahead I assure you it would be a frost one and that I’d bug you every now and then for advice.

      Hm… about taking BRK on the lighthearted side: yeah, I think it’s easier for myself since I don’t write that much mage material. 35 posts out of +500 are tagged as magestuff. Actually it seems to have come as a surprise to many readers that I even played a mage. Someone had always thought I was a pala. I can’t figure how I gave that impression. OK, we both have shields sort of but… well.

      And of course it’s also easier to forgive if you’ve followed his writing over a longer time. I really took him to my heart reading his non-wow blog, following his heartbreaking rl issues, fighting for his kid, being a good father etc. I feel more as if I know him – which I of course don’t – but well… you know what I mean. That kind of “knowing” you get from reading a lot by a certain blogger.

      But I say as I think I’ve said before. If you’re very strong you also need to be very kind. It was careless and unnecessary to boast about the hunter community by trashing the mage one, which I figure the participators in this convo knew very little about. The more established you are as a blogger, the more important do I think it is that you keep a humble perspective and remember your roots and how much work the not-so-wellknown bloggers put into their blogs without getting much appreciation for it.

      More hugs! Just because I want to.

  2. That said, it was a mere blip on what would otherwise be a great episode. BRK is a prolific blogger, and everything he said about hunters, and his approach to the game, it’s something we all ought to take into consideration as well.

    “If you have a crappy foundation, it doesn’t matter how gold the faucets are, it’s going to be a crappy house. I’m starting everything at level 1 and working my way up.” – BRK

    This is the quote I will be taking from the podcast. I will definitely try to incorporate this sort of thinking into my blog.

  3. I read about that podcast elsewhere, and thought about listening first-hand. Then I decided no, my source is reliable.

    I used to blog about Huntering a bit, back in my wow-blogging days. I always thought the WoW Hunter community was pretty cool. But then a couple of the bigger hunter blogs started getting more than a little bit full of themselves, especially after BRK left the game. Pretty sure there are no hunter blogs in my feed-reader anymore.

    Kinda sad the community’s come down to this.

  4. Kriz,

    To me it is really obvious that you know your class well and you play it very well. I dunno about anyone else, but I’d fear for my recount if I was playing against you in a PuG. Your blog is also extremely informative, as well as being fun to read.

    One of the weird things about the WoWosphere is that druids & hunters are ridiculously well-represented, and honestly I’m not sure why. I sort of want to lay blame on folks like BRK or Phaelia for starting it all. Who knows? But quantity and quality are not the same thing. You can only do so many hunter blogs before you are re-treading the same content as others. I don’t see it as any sort of real advantage.

    Anyways I think the comments were a bit out of line, I understand that stuff happens on podcasts that are frequently supposed to be made as jests but I think this was a bit much. Really, you are doing an awesome job, so don’t listen to the haters. ❤ ❤

    • I try not to, but alas, my morbid curiosity has gotten the best of me.

      Alas, I do miss your blog pike. More than you could ever know.

  5. It’s on the Hunting Party Podcast. You know, the one with “I get paid to post false information and insult Night Elves all day” Frostheim and “I do whatever Frostheim says because I owe way too much of my success to him” Euripedes (not the mage Euripedes at CriticalQQ, he was a baller).

    Quite honestly, this SURPRISES you? 😛

    Keep up the good fight, Kriz. They’re more concerned with image than facts, and it’ll come out in the wash one day. You’re more valuable to the community both as a resource AND as a good person than Frostheim or Euripedes the Hunter ever will be.

    • Euri at CQQ was totally baller indeed. I’m going to miss him way too much. If anything, him moving on from his blog has strengthen my own resolve to try to fill whatever gap he has left, even if it is as limited to a oft-neglected spec such as mine.

  6. I’ve heard the podcast in question. I didn’t think it was a serious poke then, and I still don’t. Granted, I’m used to BRK et al’s brand of humor, but it WAS meant in humor.

    • I don’t play a hunter, so I naturally didn’t read BRK’s blog when it was active, and thus, I’m not too familiar with his brand of humor. Hence, it probably hit home for me a little harder than it did for Gnomer and Larísa, the “other two” mage bloggers, who are most likely huge fans of BRK’s and are used to the humor.

      Even if I didn’t know much about him, I still respect him as a blogger because of what he’s done. This was still a bit of a low blow, tbh.

  7. Wow that’s a bit harsh, makes me feel a tiny bit glad I don’t listen to podcasts (listening to people talk like that sends me to sleep). Also, looking through my blogroll, there are more GOOD Mage blogs than Hunter blogs. The kind of blog that doesn’t just post class info but vary their posts a bit. Will take variety and a lack of epeen any day!

    • I don’t listen to podcasts either; I simply don’t have the time. But since gnomer and Lar were talking about it, I had no choice but to check it out for myself.

  8. If they only read two mage blogs, they’re not doing enough blog reading. Off the top of my head I read Krizzly, Larisa, The Gnome, I did read Critical QQ, and I Sheep Things. And I’m probably forgetting a few. Sorry to hear about this sour note, though I now understand what the Gnome was ranting about yesterday, haha.

    • Larísa herself has stated that she’s not so much a mage blogger but a blogger who plays a mage. Gnomer is just out there, but always a fun read. I think what they meant was that there weren’t enough mage resources, but I can think of a few, scattered across several multi-class blogs and multi-author blogs.

  9. Haters are indeed, always gonna hate.

    Too many people in general (and WoW players in particular) feel a particular need to make themselves feel superior by making others feel inferior. This comes in several different flavors, but it’s most prevalent in faction/race/class/spec hatred. Sure, some rivalry in that vein is meant in jest, but the mean-spirited stuff has its roots in the need to build oneself up by tearing others down.

    And it’s just sad.

    • For mages, that would be the warlock hate. Now that’s something worth mentioning. Saresa bashes me all the time. I’m okay with that. She’s just a jealous lock.

  10. It’s so sad to me that there are so many prominent figures in the WoW blogging community who would rather tear down their fellow bloggers, insulting them in the name of “humor,” than support each other and build any kind of unity in the community. That’s part of why I don’t read many of the “big name” blogs.

    I know I don’t comment or even read as regularly as I’d like, but your writing about how to be great using the spec you love even if it isn’t the current favored spec is part of what, in my opinion, separates your blog from the WoW class blog pack and makes it special and enjoyable.

    Keep doing what you do! I don’t play a mage myself, but I think I can safely say that the people who come to you as a resource for frost magery do appreciate what you do.

    ~Shizukéra, defiant Beast Mastery hunter

    • Thanks. There’s still so much I need to do with the blog, but so little time to do it. I have another blog that I want to pursue more, but have little to talk about sometimes. I just hope that I can have it all out before Cataclysm comes.

    • I like the pic you linked, haha! I just happened to choose mine because I’m Canadian, and the cigar was a hilarious touch.

    • about that pic, kriz… something seriously wrong with that. i mean, canadian gold medal winner. with an american beer. and not even a good american beer. if it was a good beer, i’d be cool with that (and i firmly believe that america is the best beermaking country in the world, but that coors and other such macrobrews are not part of that success).

      i guess i’m a hater, and i’m gonna hate. but only for that.

      let’s just say that this blog ain’t no coors. you’re in dogfishhead waters, my friend.

  11. I’d not worry too much. Low blows? The official WoW forums are so low that for someone to kick your ass, they’d need a ladder just to get back to ground level. BRK’s comment, while not welcome, was much tamer than it could have been 🙂

    My frost mage is semi-retired at the moment – our server (Arathor) is SO short on tanks, as is our battlegroup, that DPS for randoms now face 30 minute queues. So my mage is following instead in the footsteps of Markco and Gevlon and enjoying retirement piling up gold instead. She’ll likely buy the 264 crafted gear, have a snooze, and have the cabana boy warlock bring her drinks that she conjures in unlikely places just to make him earn his gold.

    • I sometimes browse the forums, but I am 100% sure that it’s mostly trolls anyway, so it’s easy to not take it seriously.

  12. Oh, and if you want begrudging hatred, roll an Unholy tank. The puggers have to take you because you’re the first tank they’ve seen in half an hour, but they have no idea why you’re in an unpopular spec until you demonstrate that their chances of stealing aggro are virtually nil 🙂

    • Haha. Yeah, our guild has an unholy tank .. I think he’s probaby the only one on the server. He’s a little squishier than most when his bone shield is down but otherwise, hey, stuff hits him and not me and that’s what counts.

    • While they have the issue of splitting their threat generation between themselves and their pet, as long as they keep aggro, nobody should complain 🙂

  13. Yeah, me and my (hunter) gf were listening to that Podcast. I’m sure the look on my face must have said it all. “OMGWTFBBQ??”

    That said, I’m pretty sure it was in jest.

    There was Crit QQ and SpicyTuna for loads of info, yourself and how to be all that Frost can be (it’s because of your blog I even had a viable Frost spec. 0/0/71… wtf?), and the ladies over at Empowered Fire are also hella informative and bright. Their “you just hit 80” guide was phenomenal!

    So yes, it was a jab at mages and our magical community. Probably because on the ICC analysis you mentioned a little while back, mages were always (barring one example) out-performing hunters.

    And remember, it’s HUNTard, not MAGEtard for a reason. 🙂

  14. Wanted to post a comment that I do enjoy your blog, it’s one of only a dozen I have on my blogroll.

    Plus, I’ve been leveling a Gnome Frost Mage, so appreciate the info and insight, thanks for blogging! 🙂

  15. Let’s see … my first toon was a hunter and then I stumbled upon the awesomeness that is Critical QQ and I’ve never looked back. They don’t know what they’re talking about, there are plenty of awesome mage blogs. Sounds like they’re just trying to stir things up.

  16. Krizzly, as a fellow mage who loves the frost spec, who leveled as a frost mage, and goes frost any chance he gets. I have Nothing but mage love for ya.

    I don’t read BRK, think he is a self righteous asshat myself.

  17. While it may be easy to disdain BRK for this, there’s a number of factors that lead to the conclusion that he was joking or… drunk…?
    “From our rambling and mildly inebriated appearance on the Warcraft Union Hunter’s Podcast[…]” -Bigredkitty.net. He is an advocate for rolling what spec you love but does have humor that sometimes carries a bite, but remember, in all likeliness considering the other factors, it’s just humor. Take his words with a grain of salt. I also think it’s very unlikely for him to bash a high performing dpser who posts the most useful guides I have ever seen and gives confidence to frost mages getting crap.

  18. I think Hunters are broken.

    Why else would you need 45 theorycrafting hunter blogs at the end of an expansion?

    Mages are in a good, nay great place right now. Probably the best best of any 3 expansion.

    3.5 valid PvE trees (FrostFire being 0.5)
    3 valid PvP trees an you could even argue
    3 valid Arena trees

    the resouces exist, but Mages down build forums attached to their blogs. We don’t blog for money or big hits

    we blog for love

    interesting I was asked for advice on leveling a Mage the other day. The answer was simple… Go fire! 😉

    but it ocurred to me, that as well as I know the Mage community, as much as I know the guides are there (I’ve seen then, I’ve read them) I couldn’t easily point to theorycrafting blogs that would have “all the answers”.

    We tend to be very strong at this when there is ab expansion or a major patch, but with 100’s of posts under our belts, these gems do start to become like EJ threads… Needles in the haystack.

    If I’m not the “Mage Blog of Misinformation”, then I should be… I’m claiming the title!

    I have some very serious softcore theorycrafting and strategy posts, but they are comforted by hundreds of /silly Mage love posts.

    Even my softcore posts are smattered with enough humor to make the content questionable. This was intended though, at 3 foot I’m big enough to understand hardcore theorycrafting posts, but also admit that dry math scares me.

    I don’t want to express thata fireball has X coefficient… I was to express that it goes BOOM!

    TBH, I think the comments were heat of a fun and otherwise good conversation throwaways. They hold some merit. Neither new Magelings nor experienced ArchMages have one-stop shops for pure, accurate theorycrafting/game play guides, however…

    They do (unintentionally I believe) discredit the good work that you and others do produce.

    If I was to take the “2 Mage bloggers” as an absolute statement, I would guess I am the Misleading Mage and probably ArchMage Pants is being held up as the one good one.

    I’m only misleading if you beleive the bullshit I write…
    ArchMage Pants… He is loved, but not so much for his theorycrafting excellence (there are many that have disputed that since day one), rather for his style for making Maging fun in words.

    If making Maging fun in words is what is required to be an excellent Mage blogger, then I have 70 excellent Mage blogs in my blog list and there are another dozen known (but not yet listed) and probably another 50 yet discovered by me in what I believe is an excellent, supportive Mage blogging community

    You Krizz are an excellent blogger.. For the fun… FOR TEH FROST!

    • Awww.. I’m stupid. For some reason I can’t really see WoW.com as a blog. I know I’m probably unfair and there are a lot of people who have a background as free bloggers who are into it. But… it’s not got the same feeling as stand-alone-blogs. It’s more like a news-site with columns. If you get what I mean.

      And basically WoW’s mage blogger is OK. But then I’m not a huge theorycrafter myself, it’s more based on his writing skills. Maybe I’d object more if I wasn’t a mediocre mage.

    • I know it’s a stretch. Wow.com is definitely not a news site and it’s too big for the classic blog category.

      At the end of the day though, it is just a big blog, where sometimes the misinformation is deeper and spread more widely than our humble blogs.

      In truth I only mention it in refernce to the podcasters and their affiliation with wow.com thus suspect that Arcane Brilliance may be the only “Mage blog” they read.

    • I’d love to know who Archmage Pants is as well!

      As a (somewhat failed) mage blogger myself, I’m surprised by the comment as well.There are tons of mage resources and blogs out three. Are we just an easy target, or do we get the theorycrafting out of the way so we can focus on the fun stuff instead?

    • Big and very terrible blog. 😛

      Anyways, in regards to the 45 blogs quip… I don’t think it’s so much as a “need” as it is varying opinions. And while yes, math isn’t something that’s very opinion-based, people do have their own takes.

      And it’s not just all theorycraft (at least SES isn’t) – there’s also editorial opinion (such as why I think Focus will absolutely blow, backed up by numbers), encounter strategies from a Hunter-centric focus with tips and tricks, and stuff like that.

      I think we can all agree, though, that we should gang up against Rogues. Right? 😛

    • @Rilgon. Agreed. I know there is much more depth to the “45” hunter blogs, and no question they do a good job at exposing different styles/specs etc

      it is just my flippant labeling.

      I’m sure the comments were said in jest, but they hold a grain of truth, unfortunately they carry the weight of their well known voices and the grain runs the risk of being the whole truth.

      Shaman blogs are an issue and have been for a while. Most shaman bloggers provide excellent information but are short lived.

      I think the hunter community, through necessity has a large foundation so blogs are less likely to fall through the cracks, thus get the patronage to continue blogging.

      One thing I am certain of. The hbter community is the one with the most internal drama. Generally when heated words are exchanged, it is between hunter bloggers. This is great for discussion, but I think some innocents get hurt along the way.

  19. Two after thoughts..

    1) why ArchMage Pants? Purely because he is the most accessible Mage blogger by virtue of his wow.com position. Best, no. Most prominent – definitely.

    2) the 1-80 thing of why BRK speaks.

    We Mage bloggers don’t do this well, but taking it back to the Hunter podcast for my example…

    Someone wrote in an asked how to handle their pet so it wouldn’t pull an instance when skipping sections (ie. Jumping down to avoid a ramp).

    BRK gave the answer. It’s a Hunter 101 problem and answer. One of the answers had one of the hosts saying “oh nice, I’ll try that” (paraphrased).

    It struck me that I was doing these things on my 1st main, a hunter early in Vanilla. I wrote hunter guides for my guild and that stuff was in the hunter 101 guides.

    It was things like that which enabled the other classes to use Huntard.

    My initial reaction (ok ongoing reaction) was /snerk… Silly huntards!

    However, the question is where in our Maging community is the Maging 101 guide that gives new Mages the skills they need to get to level 10,20,30 etc…

    Which of out blogs feels safe enough to asks these questions (that you know you would get fried for on any forum)?

    I know every Mage blogger out there would happy, without scorn, answer these questions. However maybe we as a community have (unintentionally) failed to provide (or sustain Magecraft.org was to be this safehaven) this environment for our readers (where at least wow.com does have posts of this kind)

    • That’s true, although there is a ton of Mage levelling stuff by Psynister. It’s why I wrote the Arcane raiding guide – I saw that there were good Frost and Fire ones, so I refered to them and filled the gap.

      Is it worth compiling a list of resources? I’m happy to put a Magesclusive list together if you think it’s worthwhile.

    • Psyn is a great case in point. His guides are excellent, but how many know of their existence.

      I fear the problem is having a group of dedicated and available (time wise) people.

      Magecraft was an excellent platform for this, but whether it was paying the rent, lack of time on the moderators part or disinterest from the larger Mage community, it has gone.

      Who has the time and energy to do such a thing again, when at the high levels (let’s face it, it’s the experienced level 80’s that write & coordinate the stuff) there is no urgency because for once, we aren’t broken.

      I think if we were broken. If it was TBC and even Locks could pwn us, then there would be an urgency.

    • “I know every Mage blogger out there would happy, without scorn, answer these questions. ” is true; the mage bloggers are helpful and great writers.

      However for my rogue I can go to shadowpanther.net and find a lot of questions answered *before* I ask them. There is also nice site navigation. It does not have great prose or interesting blog entries. It does have more resources.

      A class can have a great collection of interesting bloggers; they can even write interesting things about their class. That is valuable and interesting. But is is quite different that when I am looking for a spec or rotation or power Auras or pawn values or whatever.

      Being a great source of class information, being a good writer, being a good blogger are different things. Let’s just say the mage bloggers are better bloggers than sites.

  20. The ignorance! I refuse to believe there are only 2 mage blogs out there, and I absolutely refuse to believe that all of them are crap. I kinda understand now why I tend to hate hunters, no matter what. There are only a handful that I tolerate, let alone like.

    Anyhow, I’m currently leveling a mage as frost, since the spec seems really appealing to me. I’m not about highest dps really, just acceptable dps is good enough for me. I already raid on my main, and I don’t feel much for having loads of toons to raid with. But playing! That’s what I like to do! I just want to have fun and not suck completely. I do believe that blogs like yours can really help me believe in my little blue wonder 🙂

    Have faith! And may the Light be with you! (aye, I’m a dwarf Holy paladin, so sue me)

    • Eh, don’t let a small handful of people represent the whole. In fact, I actually love hunters. Pike’s is pretty much my favourite blog out there, and the hunter is the only class I’ve ever managed to level to 50+, TWICE. They’re too fun to play, I swear! At the moment, there’s a matter of trying something other than Beast Mastery…

  21. Frostheim is an asshole that wishes he could lrn2huntar as well as you rock a “sub-optimal” spec.

    Haters may hate, but at the end of the day it’s people like YOU, the ones that are passionate about what they’re writing, that keep me interested and playing. Not jerks that can only make themselves look good by trashing others or stealing content.


    • Maybe I was a little too passionate. I normally don’t get myself riled up like that, but it’s difficult sometimes, you know? After a whole day of thinking it over, perhaps I may have overreacted with this post, but I still stand by how I felt about what happened. If it was in jest, it could have been executed differently, or more effectively. Sarcasm is extremely difficult to convey over the internet.

  22. Keep it up Krizz… you taught me to frostmage and I believe you’re already an excellent resource.

    It doesn’t matter if the comments on the podcast were in jest or not, all you Mage bloggers should make sure to stand up and be counted. 2 mage blogs indeed 😛

    • Thank you! Only a matter of time before you get your Nibelung and you can start your Valkyr orgies, lol.

  23. Well, speaking only for myself, I love you, I love Gnomeageddon, and I love Larisa. I have a single Mage alt that has leveled Frost the entire way, and is at 40, and I love her. As you know, I’ve pesterred you for advice before. 🙂

    You three are awesome, and are among the inredibly tiny list of blogs I still keep on my feedreader and read avidly. I love everything you do, and I don’t have anything remotely close to a mage main.

    So… just saying. Don’t sweat it.

    • I try not to. I’m just not used to getting attention from what would otherwise be a popular blogger/writer/podcaster/etc. I’m just trying to keep to myself and doing my thing. Thanks for keeping up, B. Hope you’re doing well with your new WoW situation!

  24. I’m totally calling you Trollbait from now on. And then I’m hacking your Twitter account and changing your name to that as well. Hell, I could even do a T-Shirt! A little gnome, hanging off a hook, with a bunch of rabid Trolls jumping up and snapping at it like crocodiles.

    Oh yeah, that’s fricking awesome. I have a T-Shirt idea for Blizzcon now!

    ❤ Sar.

    P.S. – notice how the Hunters were way too scared to take on the Warlocks. Just sayin' (or, if they did, clearly the Warlocks just don't care to listen to the Hunters! BAHAHAHA)

  25. Krizz, I didn’t hear the podcast but I read about it on Larisa’s blog.

    My response is: WTF?!!?!!!!

    I seriously have no idea if he was getting at you specifically or just hasnt’ read a fucking blog in a year or so but there are plenty of excellent mage blogs out there, of which yours is at the forefront. Your dedication and your passion for your class – especially in the face of widespread hostility to frost – shines through everything you write.

    Anybody with any sense at all has nothing but respect for you.

    • “I didn’t hear the podcast but I read about it on Larisa’s blog.

      My response is: WTF?”

      That was my response reading your statement, Tam. Jebus, Tam, are you kidding? Go listen to the podcast, fercryinoutloud.

  26. Personally as a hunter who now plays his Mage as his main instead I found the comment funny. I do not believe for 1 second that BRK was making a personal attack against anyone or even really against mages. He could just as easily have used any other class that is not as well represented in the blogosphere as hunters to make this point.
    I am not a fan of Euripides (the hunter) particularly and I have pretty major issues with Frostheim the weak, but BRK is just plain awesome. He pokes fun at people, he did make comments about marksman hunters in BC and
    early wrath, I remember the episode of his podcast with nassira and the beck song at the start and it still makes me laugh today like it did over a year ago (my hunter was MM all through BC and Wrath though I do love my BM spec and spirit beasts as well)

    At the end of the day, this was a comment made in jest that was not meant to offend and I personally think it has been blown out of all proportion.

    My $0.02

  27. I love my frosty, and even though I just started reading your blog (stumbled upon while wandering lost and heartbroken after CQQ announced his resignation) I enjoy it very much 🙂 I’ve had people ask me routinely if I’m going to re-spec when I hit 80 (78 right now!) and I was so glad to find that it is possible to raid really well as a frost.

    Probably doesn’t mean much but just thought I’d share my love ❤

  28. I have this blog, gnomer’s blog, critical qq in my feed reader. My main, is a hunter. Big fan of BRK.

    That said, sometimes it is hard to find good “class” blogs out there. Or “class” websites with tons of info in them. What I mean by that is, answers to questions, before you have to ask them, in one place. Leveling guides are nice, and to be honest I tried to follow Critical QQ’s leveling guide as I am leveling. BUT more importantly is the Talent guide.

    I leveled as a bear tank, where did I go? BBB… but until he started updating his guides, a lot of the info had to be gleaned out of every post.

    Frosty, I read you to learn things about magery, for when I am bigger and such. I read gnomer for the LOL times. If I need a question answered, I chat with Gnomer, because he’s in my google chat group. I’ve emailed critical qq several times with questions.

    I think one area that does an awesome job, perhaps even better than hunters, is Prot Pallies. Ret pallies to some extent have great resources too.

    I think sometimes people get overwhelmed by the amount of blogs out there. To be honest, I tried to start a hunter leveling guide and then found like 6 of them on the net. Kinda dumb to reinvent the wheel.

    Long story short, stay..Frosty! Yeah, stay frosty Frosty.

    By the way, Frost > Fire

  29. Kriz,

    First off, let me start by saying that currently (though I’m sad to say this will change, not out of fun, but because I need to see Fire for myself) I am a Arcane/Frost specced mage. I specced the Frost after seeing your 3.3 Frost Cheat Sheet, and felt that I could work that and go places on my mage. In fact, I actually think it’s more fun than Arcane, and I do less stupid things in Frost, since it’s not stack dependent like Arcane is. (How many times have I gone splat ’cause I tried to get off another Arcane Blast or Missile Barrage when I should have just moved?)

    I don’t believe I will enjoy Fire as much as I enjoy Frost – but my guild is trying to progress through ICC and I feel that I should try whatever I can to improve my play in order to get that Kingslayer title. I can’t get myself to give up Arcane – it puts up far too much damage in normal circumstances to let it go just yet. Frost was my way of trying to be a little more unique, and thumbing my nose at all the people who said “Arcane is the best.” Ironic that Fire is outpacing Arcane right now.

    But let it be known that your guide inspired me to deviate from the norm, and it’s been the biggest blast I have had on my mage. I’ll probably go back to it at some point in the future – especially if Fire proves to be as un-fun as I’ve been reading it is. But right now, output is my priority, and Fire has that over both Arcane and Frost.

    Don’t let them get ya down. Put up your Ice Block, weather it out a little, and take them down in the end. That’s what Frost Mages do best.

    Keep up the good work!

    My 2 yen to Krizzlybear,


  30. I play a bit of everything and I was really disopointed at the lack of information out there for mages.

    Especially after playing my hunter alt. Who had sites dedicated to pets and to everything under the sun. Then on mages I did have alot of trouble finding something. And was really disopinted to find the one I DID find was a fire spec which I’m not so much interested in. And so spent way to much going fire then back to frost a few times. I’m just frost and thats how it is 🙂

    I never heard the podcast you heard or whatever it was these hunters were saying however rather then be upset hunters have more resources I’m just stoked to have found one that caters to my needs as a frost mage ❤ I dont need 50 websites for every class I play. I just need the ones I'm into to be from people like you who are passionate about the spec and class.

    I just heard about your site on the mage forums and I am so excited to start reading. Sorry someone got you down but you know screw um you do you and thanks for providing info where I do beleive its needed and appriciated. ❤


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