Krizzly In Action

Well, it was only a matter of time before I’d have a video of me frost maging it up.  And what better way to premiere myself than with a really awesome Rotface kill?  I am totally the hero here, and you’ll see why at 2:47.

I’ll be at Anime North this weekend, so I wish y’all Americans a very awesome memorial day weekend.  And to my foreign followers, have a great weekend anyway 🙂


14 thoughts on “Krizzly In Action

  1. Raid Leader: Alright, the slime kiter died, let’s wipe it up and give it another sh-
    *Festergut dies*

    • We had a shaman, and the boss was reasonably in execute range. Hero probably would have saved it, but tank died shortly before slime explosion, so everything was a bit hectic.

    • It’s called TellMeWhen. I’ll put up a post about how to configure it for a mage (and by extension, all other classes).

  2. Just one question: why did not you were the slime kiter at the first place? If you replace glyph of frostbolt with glyph of blink, you can slow the damn thing and kite with blink. In the meantime the elemental keep on damaging the boss.

    • The slime kiter was our pally offtank. It was his first time kiting the slimes, as our DK would normally kite them while the pally tanked the boss. Since DK was out of town this week, we had a warrior tank the boss because they don’t have the tanking-from-range prowress that Pallies and DK’s have.

      Being the slime kiter means losing dps on the boss. If we have a perfectly capable offtank, my kiting is not needed. It would be something to consider using for the weekly quest on deathwhisper, assuming that Donovan is indeed slowable by frostbolts.

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