Happy Mother’s Day!

In North America and other parts of the world, today is Mother’s Day, where people celebrate their mothers by showering them with praise, affection, and gifts.  As I did last year, this post serves to update the list of noteworthy mothers in Warcraft Lore.


Aegwyn is a former Guardian of Tirisfal, before she passed down her position to her son, the great sorcerer Medivh.  The position of Guardian of Tirsifal within the Order of Tirisfal was only given to those with great power, but whoever acted as Guardian was at the whim of the rest of the Order.  Aegwyn stood up against the Order to further her more focused agenda, to protect the world against demonic forces.

She was the only female apprentice of five to the Guardian Magna Scavell.  Her abilities to master incantations from ancient Highborne scrolls gave her recognition exceeding her peers.  As the Guardian of Tirisfal, and bearer of the power of the Tirisfalen, her most notable act of Guardianship was in Northrend, where she defeated a group of dragonstalker demons.  Among them, an avatar of the Dark Titan Sargeras appeared, but was defeated by Aegwyn and her dragon allies.  The physical form of the avatar was buried in the Tomb of Sargeras.

In realization of her strength, she had full authority over the rest of the Order.  She had decided that she would pass on her powers to her firstborn child.  In a relationship of convenience, she bore Medivh with Nielas Aran as the father.  Locking the knowledge and power of Tirisfal in his mind, Medivh’s abilities would manifest upon adulthood.  When his powers awakened, his body was unable to hold back the magical energy, resulting in the death of Nielas Aran, and Medivh was sent into a 20-year coma.

When he woke again, he secretly made pacts with the Burning Legion, and opened the Dark portal bringing the orcs to Azeroth.  Aegwyn confronted him in battle, but was defeated.  In her defeat, Medivh revealed that Sargeras spirited his essence into Aegwyn’s body during his defeat at Northrend, and it was passed on to Medivh.  When Medivh’s powers manifested, so did Sargeras’ essence.  Awegwyn was defeated, but was not killed.  In her defeat, she exiled herself to Ratchet, and eventually affiliated herself with Jaina Proudmoore in Theramore, serving as a chamberlain and advisor.

The Earth Mother

The Earth mother is the idealistic embodiment of the spirits of nature and life itself, and is the creator of the tauren.  Revered by not only the tauren but also the shamans of the Wildhammer dwarves.  According to her mythos, she was the creater of the tauren, as well as the land in which they live.  Her face is described to have the sun and moon as her eyes.

To the tauren, the Earth Mother represents a collective being of nature, such that their actions that affect the balance of the natural world must be done in moderation, to preserve that balance.  To the Wildhammers, she is a deity of great mythological importance, and is the topic of numerous stories told to other dwarves in storytelling circles.

Therazane the Stonemother

Therazane the Stonemother is to the elemental earth as Ragnaros is to the elemental fire.  Serving the Old Gods, she is the general of all the earth, rocks, soil, mountains, and sand.  She is depicted as a humanoid with a large stone body, hulking arms and legs, and the meanest pair of sagging breasts this side of azeroth.  Some theories suggest she is the very Earthmother refered to in Tauren lore, but nothing in warcraft lore further supports this claim.  She is the most gentile of the four elemental lords, but has a warrior’s spirit when called to defend her earthen children.

Her most notable child is Princess Theradras, the final boss of Maraudon.


Draka is the famed mother of Thrall, and the wife of Durotan, the leader of the Frostwolf clan.  She first met Durotan in Draenor, the former homeworld of the orcs.  The Frostwolf leader-to-be (still a develloping orc at the time) immediately noticed her attractive attributes, and was befallen instantly.  Unfamiliar with her face, it was Durotan’s best friend, Ogrim Doomhammer who had told him that growing up, Draka was a sickly orc, and due to constant illness, was unable to join the clan on hunts and other activities involving the orc children.

Draka would overcome her ailments and become one of the stronger, if not strongest, woman in her clan.  Once she had become of age, she accepted Durotan’s invitation to courtship (represented by a hunting ritual).  They fell in love instantly, and when Durotan became the chieftan of his clan, Draka also became a strong matriarch as well.

During the corruption of the orcs by the burning legion, Durotan protested against Gul’dan’s numerous requests to accept the new power provided by Kil’jaeden, as well as the war declared agains the Draenei.  Throughout all this, Draka provided steadfast support for her mate, solidifying Durotan’s beliefs.  In return, Durotan spared her the responsibility of bearing children to become corrupted and join the Horde, once again going against Gul’dan’s wishes.

It was not until the Frostwolves were exiled in Azeroth that Drakar bore her first and only son, Thrall.  Drakar and Durotan were killed by Gul’dan’s assassins after warning Ogrim Doomhammer, the new leader of the Horde, of the corruption of Gul’dan and the Shadow Council.  Draka’s Legacy would live on in Thrall, who would become (and now is) the warchief of the New Horde that exists today in the World of Warcraft.

Thrall’s grandmother is still very much alive as well.  Her name is Geyah, and is commonly known as the boss NPC of the Mag’har faction in Nagrand.

Vereesa Windrunner

She is the youngest sister of the Windrunner family, and the sister of Alleria and Sylvanas.  A high elven ranger under the leadership of her sister Sylvanas (who was later killed and resurrected as a banshee by soon-to-be Lich king Arthas), she helped defend her home city of Quel’thalas from the alliance of Orcs and Trolls during the Second War.

After the war, she was assigned to escort the rebellious mage Rhonin to the port town of Hasic, and much to her dismay, their relationship was rocky and awkward in the beginning.  However, due to the harrowing threat of the Dragonmaw Clan, the two were forced to travel to Grim Batol via gryphon.  What was initially a simple escort quest escalated into an adventure to free the Dragon Queen Alextrasza from the Orcs, who had used her and her offspring as weapons against the humans.  They destroyed the Dragon Soul in the process.

She and Rhonin were tasked by King Terenas II to travel around the Alliance kingdoms and warning the leaders of internal threats such as that of Grim Batol.  They fought valliantly in the Third War together, and fell in love, bearing twin children, the first instance of half-elven, half-human offspring in Warcraft Lore.  She later travelled again to Grim Batol (this time, without Rhonin), to avenge her Blood-elven cousin, Zendarin Windrunner.

She now resides in Dalaran, and is the leader of the Silver Covenant.

Mother Shahraz

She serves as the leader of the Shivarra concubines in the Black Temple in Outland.  She is the third to last boss before Illidan Stormrage.

Her abilities include a 7k melee attack, a frontal conal attack that deals approximately 30k damage spread out over 3 targets, an array of different beam attacks, and the infamous Fatal Attraction debuff, which causes the affected player to deal periodic aoe shadow damage to members of the raid.

Other than having 3 tanks facing Mother Shahraz away from the raid, positioning strategies vary.  Some setups include ranged groups standing in variable number of stacks spread out across the room.  Generally, the less stacks used, the more room is available for Fatal Attraction targets to run away to, but are prone to take heavy AoE damage should the targets be teleported into the group.  The more stacks used, less AoE damage is taken during teleports, but debuffed players have less room to escape to.  Another strategy involves the raid stacking up underneath her skirt to avoid beam damage, but is prone to mass silence should one person be hit by it.

Generally, during the BC era, this fight required massive amounts of shadow resistance, normally provided by epic-crafted shadow resist gear found in the Black Temple.  With the advent of the nerf patch in 3.0.2, as well as the level cap changed to 80, the requirement is not so demanding.

It is unknown whether or not Mother Shahraz is actually a mother, but due to her name, as well as being a concubine, one could possibly assume that she has children.  If she does, Light help us all.

Alexstrasza, the Life-Binder

Perhaps the biggest mother of them all, Alexstrasza is the Aspect of Life, the leader of the Red Dragonflight, and Queen of all dragons, as appointed by the titans.  Her earliest appearance in the Warcraft timeline is during the War of the Ancients (as reshaped by Rhonin, Krasus, and Broxigar during their trip through time).  Assisting the Night Elves in their fight against the Burning Legion, She alongside the other leaders of the colored dragonflights (Ysera, Malygos, and a consort of Nozdormu) was tricked by Neltharion (aka Deathwing) into surrendering some of her power to create the Dragon Soul, modernly known as the Demon Soul.

At the end of the war, she created Nordrassil the World Tree at Mount Hyjal after Illidan attempted to remake the Well of Eternity using stolen samples from the old well.  The Demon Soul was hidden by the red and her fellow dragons.  The disk was rediscovered during the Second War by the Dragonmaw clan, who successfully enslaved Alexstrasza and her dragonflight with the use of the disk’s power.  Forced to breed in captivity, Alexstrasza’s offspring were used as flying mounts during the Second War.  Most notably, these dragons were used in their seige against Kael’thalas, but were mostly ineffective against the High Elven City’s magical barrier.

During the events of Day of the Dragon, Vereesa Windrunner, Rhonin, and several others freed Alexstrasza from captivity by shattering the Demon Soul into many pieces.  The dragonqueen now currently resides in Wyrmrest Temple alongside her most loved consort, Korialstrasz.

Lesser-Known Human Mothers

For some reason, the human race’s leaders are mostly represented by men in warcraft lore, and not much information is given regarding the queens that rule(d) alongside them.  Two that come to mind initially are Queen Varia Wrynn, grandmother of Varian Wrynn (for some strange reason, no details exist regarding Varian’s mother), and Lianne Menethil, Wife of Terenas and mother of Arthas.  Given that Arthas has his own novel now, one would think that there would be SOME sort of information regarding her, but even Calia gets more screen time than Lianne.


Urukal is the mate of Blackhand, and mother of the brutish twins Rend and Maim, as well as the lesser known Blackhand daughter Griselda.  At the Black Temple, Griselda was forbidden to drink the blood of Mannoroth, and in defiance of that decision, she had an affair with Turok, a leader of a group of Ogres.  They escaped to the Deadmines where they were eventually sought out and executed.


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  1. I so envy your ability to come up with complete backstories to your toons. I ha a friend over to the house the other day that asked a question about one of mine and I came up with, “Uh, I don’t know, he woke up, couldn’t remember anything except he liked chucking fireballs. I /fail at that whole aspect.

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