Casual Does Not Mean Less Skilled

While I hate the obtuse usage of the terms casual and hardcore, whenever a shitstorm comes over the WoW community, such as the one yesterday, these terms tend to be thrown around with reckless abandon.  And I rage.  Like a mofo.  As such, I’m going to avoid trying to read about this sort of news, because I’m very sure I’m going to happen upon careless usage of these words.  Meanwhile, I’m going back to my desktop to watch some anime, because anime is hardcore >.>


7 thoughts on “Casual Does Not Mean Less Skilled

  1. I personally go out of my way to avoid using the c-word. The purpose of a word is to convey meaning from writer to reader, and the c-word fails this criterion because people on both sides of the supposed divide abuse the word so badly that you cannot be confident that your reader will be using the same definition you intended.

  2. I so agree.

    And love the Image lol.

    I say, read the news – but do what I do – don’t read the damned comments. Some bloggers are as guilty of Knee Jerk QQ as forum trolls at times. Much of my blog list is taken up with people who have something approaching a balanced mindset when it comes to analysing blizzards decisions for the game. The moment i think bloggers are starting to consistently be whiny QQ mongers I remove them from my feed reader lol.

    Have no fear 😉 you’re doing fine so far 😛 this post has earned you a couple of QQ posts worth of grace lol.

    Nice to see v little QQ about the emblem changes – i had to go to the end of page 2 of the comments on MMO-C to find a QQ

  3. I sometimes use the terms casual and hardcore, not because they’re accurate but because I can’t think of any better words to use.

    But I don’t think casual means less skilled. I think casual refers to guild/raid atmosphere and time spent in game.

  4. I use casual all the time, mostly referring to simply the amount of time spent doing whatever. Casual raider, casual PVPer, even casual player in general. I think the fuzzy area comes the both negative & positive connotations of hardcore. It’s funny how a single word can be both a badge of pride and an insult in the same breath.

  5. It is problematic, because both sides see the other term as an insult.

    But mostly it assumes there is one scale.

    I am very hardcore in terms of time played and AH and professions, pretty hardcore about reading EJ and blogs, not quite hardcore on raiding, and extremely casual in the sense i have the reaction time and movement skills of a keyturning druken ogre. I also don’t know whether having 9 80s with epic flying is hardcore or casual, since Serious Raiders would stay more focused on their main.

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