I hate Faction Champions.  I had the absolute worst of luck with that fight when ToC was considered the highest tiered dungeon.  And after this weekend, I can attest that even with the addition of 251-264 gear through Icecrown Citadel and Frost Badges, I still get shafted by fate.

I was in a pug on the weekend on my Shadow Priest, and we had just oneshotted everything up until champs.  I was still skeptic about the chances of my group’s success given how much ToC hates me, but I figured that everyone overgeared the instance, and I was good to go.  Besides, on the priest, I had mass dispel-spam available should the need arise.  It was going great.  I feared, I faded, I dispelled half the enemy bloodlusts, I conquered.  Two of the healers were down, and our entire group was on our way to sure victory.

Well, the entire group except me.

I disconnected, and was unable to get back in.  I wasn’t sure what had happened, since my lag had no indication of instability tonight, but as soon as I carefully re-read the error message, I realized my folly.

I had run out of game time.

Somehow, I had panicked.  I wasn’t going to let a bad d/c get in the way of me finally conquering that Faction Champion stigma, so I had a few choices.  I could quickly run out to EB games (the Canadian equivalent of Gamestop) and grab a card real fast, while explaining to the pug vent what had happened.  Or I could simply take my time by explaining what had happened, and asked them to reserve the spot for me until I could go back with the subscription.

Instead, I realized that I had taken the game way too seriously, and I needed to scale back on my attitude towards it.  No amount of hatred for PvP-related PvE encounters (other than the priestess in Magister’s Terrace, oh boy I loved that one!) could overshadow the fact that I could simply take the high ground and not let it bother me.  I decided not to be affected by it, and let them fill my spot, and get my card on my own time.

So I went out and took my sweet time to grab my card.  On the way, thoughts entered my mind about going to the local bookstores in my area and just lounge about and do some reading.  I looked into various nonfiction books, centered around writing, in hopes I could find something to help me edit my NaNoWriMo novel.  I also looked into random “blogging for dummies” books just to tickle my fancy and to get some information on making the transition to self-hosting.

After a while, I had noticed that I had spent way too much time at the bookstore reading about writing, and I got into my car to make my dash to EB so I could pick up my card.  Instead, I had distracted myself with thoughts about writing, and wanting to write, and excited myself about the prospect of finally getting around to writing.

I got home.  I had completely forgotten about picking up my card.  I was so into my own personal stuff that WoW just suddenly took a backseat to real-life stuff.  It was crazy.

So I decided that, upon realizing I had no income at the moment, and an hefty incoming expense (more on that later), I decided to lay off the subscription until my financial situation got better.

That is, I pulled a pike, and put my wow-playing on hiatus for the time being.  How long?  Not sure, but for the most part, I want to take a little break, and maximize the free time I have available.  I have numerous summer vacations coming up, and for sure, I don’t want to waste subscription time on it.  So at the very least, I’ll be inactive for the rest of Spring and Summer.


Whew.  Let’s get that out of the way.  I won’t be able to play, but that doesn’t mean I’m no longer interested in World of Warcraft.  In fact, not having my subscription means that I can’t get my hands on my squirtle pet for the time being, and that just drives me absolutely crazy!

I’ll still be talking frost.  I’ll still answer questions that people ask about Frost.  I’ll still be writing on this blog, because it’s the writing that I love most.


11 thoughts on “BROKE

    • I can still be. Feel free to keep asking away. Just because I’m not playing atm doesn’t mean I no longer know how to spam frostbolt 😀

      If anything, such questions help me stay sharp, and keeps my head in the game, without having to play the game 🙂

  1. First question: What’s good for testing Frost DPS? Dummies in the Capitals don’t work, of course. So should I go visit Dr. Boom? Or is there something else (or better)?

    Second question: With Brain Freeze now allowing FFB casts, should I respec and pick up that talent again? What should the spec look like? (Because I don’t feel like thinking for myself, tyvm!) 🙂


      Copy the primary spec, and you’ll have the most of the tools you need to be useful in raids. Minor Glyphs are negotiable, you could probably fit in the Frost/Fire Wards in their for specific situations.

      Brain Freez is no longer DPS-neutral now that you can use Frostfire Bolt. Regardless of the T10 haste bonus, the spell itself scales so much better with your talents, so you should definitely pick it up regardless of your gear. Dr. Boom is your best bet in testing DPS, as he is the only mob that I know of that can be damaged by Deep Freeze.

  2. As long as you keep blogging I’m fine! I suspect that there’s more than one WoW blogger out there that currently isn’t playing the game.

    If you find something readworthy in those blogging guru books please share it. I’m totally self learned myself, but it would be nice to see what the experts say. Maybe you’ll find out that we’re doing it all wrong?

  3. A good decision – stepping away will probably makes things more fresh when you ultimately return.

    Makes want to visit our new Half-Price Books again… :0

  4. Steven King’s On writing – and John Marsdens “Everything I know about writing” have been been the best books I read on writing. Also safer to read on the train then the Writers Guide to Poisons.. to crime scenes and what not.

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