So Much For the Slippery Slope

Note: if you don’t understand the last panel, I suggest you play this flash game.  Like, right now.

I’m not against blizzard’s current RMT model or anything.  As long as the items they sell do not directly affect player performance in any way, whether it be through PvP or PvE, I will keep playing.  My only beef is that the steed sold as much as it did, and so quickly.  Especially after what I believe to be a lukewarm reception to purchasable vanity pets.  Apparently, mounts are the way to go if you want to make some money.  Kudos Blizzard, you magnificent bastards.

If only I had that sort of money to throw around.  sigh.  Have a good weekend folks.


12 thoughts on “So Much For the Slippery Slope

  1. But a mount you can buy with real cash money does affect how much in-game money all of your alts will have. If I buy this, I’ll never again have to shell out for in-game mounts for my alts, just the riding skills.

    • epic ground mounts are only 10 gold, and epic flyers are only 100g. at the point where you can afford riding skills for alts, the price of extra mounts are not unreasonable, and provide not that big of an economic advantage, imo.

    • Exactly Krizzlybear, it is only a total of about 161g to get the mounts you need at level. I personally am going to enjoy having mah sparklepony…. good lord that sounds gay. But I digress, it isn’t affecting the playstyle or power of characters, only having them look all fancy on what I find to be a nice looking mount. (The fact that it uses Invincible’s in game model and saddle, but with constelation transparency, is pretty cool to me).

  2. I will admit, it’s a pretty awesome design and a sweet looking mount.

    That said, I’d rather a 12 pack of imported beer for $25. Because if you finish off one of those, -everything- looks pretty awesome. At least for a couple of hours. 🙂

    I might eventually get one of these, maybe…? But at this point, no thanks, Bliz.

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