State of the Frost, 2010

Things have certainly changed since I started blogging back in the summer of 2008.  Not just with regards to my writing, but also my gaming habits in the world of warcraft.  And in the time that I have spent blogging about my experiences as a Frost Mage, I’ve come to realize that I am a unique individual writing for a niche audience.

While many have come and gone with boss strats, gaming philosophy, loot lists, personal rants, raid parses, and even fanfiction, I feel that I have provided just a little bit of everything to cater individuals who simply want something to read.  Fanfiction?  I’ve written about some of my characters and their backstories.  Damage meters?  I’ve posted some to help show my success with my spec.  Philosophy?  I’ve made some posts on how the game ought to be viewed, particularly with regards to the use of the terms “hardcore” and “casual,” to the point where I simply refuse to read posts that attempt to use those terms.  Frost Magery tips and tricks?  They’re my primary source of traffic.   Silly songs and parodies?  I’ve got those in spades.

I feel I’ve done it all, and in return, I’ve gotten a fair bit of attention and developed a nice little readership.  Sure, I may not have the iconic status of a BRK or Phaelia, or even a cult-favourite status of a Pink Pigtail Inn (somehow, The Pink Mohawk Motel doesn’t have the same ring), but my blog is a nice little thing that, should I simply pack up and leave, will be missed by a nice few.

Which is why I shall continue to write, even if it means not posting for a week at a time, perhaps whenever I feel like it.  I believe I’ve taken a stranglehold over this unappreciated little spec and become a flagbearer of sorts for the frost mage community (if it does indeed exist).  While Lhivera’s crusade for the rights of Frost  has earned the respect of other mages on the official forums, I feel I’ve done the same here in the WoW blogosphere.

There’s really no point in stopping now.  Even though I’ve personally proved to myself, my guild, and many people who I’ve met through realm pugs, that Frost is indeed raid viable (at least in a 10-man normal mode setting), Frost only continues to improve over the course of this expansion through the numerous buffs it has received so far, and will receive in the future.  It is up to me to continue turning heads.  By posting Frost-friendly guides and strats, I can remain at the top of my own game, as well as try to help others reach theirs.

I’m quite aware that the majority of my readers don’t even raid as frost, let alone play a mage.  To some, I am probably a rare snowflake that simply refuses to play a certain way because I come off as being above switching specs just for the sake of increased DPS, a wow-version of a hipster douchebag of sorts.  That’s fine by me.  Frost is simply not just an offbeat spec.  It’s a way of life, an expression; I choose to play the game my way, and I play it damned well.

I’m in your plaguewerkz, exalteding your verdictz.

And with this blog, I feel I’ve accomplished my goals of expressing my gaming choices, as well as expressing other things as well, showing off my amateur artistry in other forms such as fiction, song, and perhaps one day even dance.  Okay, maybe not dance, but you know what I mean.

With my one-year blog-iversary coming up in a few months, and 100,000 hits on the blog since my switch over to wordpress, Frost is the New Black is still coming up strong, and just like the spec it represents, will only become stronger.


20 thoughts on “State of the Frost, 2010

  1. Isn’t there a Snowflake cult? In that case I’ll start one here and now. Admittedly I have only specced frost, inspired by your example, but not used it yet. But I will, I will!

    I just wanted to say grats to the 100 000 mark and express how much I appreciate your writings and your presence in the Blogosphere.


    (PS but Arcane still is better! ;))

    • Thanks a bunch, Larísa! I don’t think I’ll ever reach your kind of success, but I appreciate your initiative to try and start a cult for cryomancers.

      (PS no way, Frost is better! :))

  2. Not too long ago, I dusted off my frost mage (right after squirtie became permanent, or close to it) and was amazed at the difference in the spec. Even in Naxx25 gear, stuff just worked better, and Deep Freeze’s big FU strike was very nice.

    Then I started the heroics treadmill, gearing up to mostly 245/264 gear, and holy cats. I can say that I outDPS -most- of the DPS I PuG with in heroics and 10 mans. I’m not sure whether frost has secretly scaled other buffs behind the scenes or whether folks have gotten lazy with their toons, but frost mages cranking out 5K DPS in 5-man heroics was unheard of, and the arcane mages in the group are doing 5.5K, so it’s not a HUGE difference any more.

    Welcome back, Ashyni. No need to dust off, my dear, all that Triumph badge gear is brand new 🙂

    • It’s only gonna get better from here! Keep at it! We could use more representation and good examples on how to play frost well!

  3. I only recently found your blog when I started playing my Mage more (my main has always been my hunter till recently)
    I enjoy your writing and I can officially join the snowflake cult a. I am currently raiding as a frost Mage with my squirtie by my side. I was arcane but I have never been one for using “cookie cutter” specs or speccing the way everyone else is.
    I am actually doing some dps comparisons on my blog to show that frost isn’t as far behind as people think!

  4. It’s only an alt, but he’s Frost!
    And that for all his past and all of his forseeable future.

    Although I’m only doing dailies, weeklies and maybe some pickups to not-top end instances, still having fun with Frost.

    Although I’m not even sure how I stumbled upon your blog, I actually doubt it was when researching Frost stuff, it’s just a nice coincidence that I found useful information here 🙂

    • I really should put a page up listing a bunch of my relevant Frost Mage info posts. I’ll figure it out somehow, when I’m not busy.

  5. Just dinged 80 on my first toon this week! He’s a human frost mage since he started strolling through goldshire about 6 months ago. You have been a great resource throughout my journey with everything from the squirtle macro to glyph choices. Keep up the good work!

    Stay frosty my friends!

  6. My husband and I both have frost mages and enjoy your blog. Now we just have the sell the rest of the world on the greatness that is frost. My husband, who’s decked out in ilevel 232 gear, was actually told yesterday that he needed to switch out of his frost spec in a heroic. Ridiculous.

    • lol, that’s ridiculous indeed. whoever insists that frost is not even good enough for HEROICS is simply idiotic. glad to hear ya guys are enjoying your frost! FROST PRIDE!

  7. It’s your second blogiversary coming up…OR you didn’t start blogging in 2008. ;P

    I enjoy the frost, but hot damn, am I ever terrible at it. Always forgetting Deep Freeze or only managing to get one off for an FoF proc. Le sigh!

    • Oh right. Second blogiversary. Thanks for picking that up, haha.

      Deep Freeze is not a good spell for people who want to use their cooldown spells right away. One tends to be either really unlucky and hardly ever have FoF up with DF available, or has horseshoes up their asses by having FoF proc every time DF comes off cooldown.

      Bloody horseshoes.

    • I’ve always liked to think that Frost has been tied to BM this expansion as the red-headed spec stepchild. I then realize that unlike Frost, BM was actually GOOD in a previous expansion and has fallen from grace since. Either way, BM has a ridiculously cult-like following that Frost just doesn’t seem to mirror.
      We Frost Mages may not be as numerous as you pet-o-philes (had to hyphenate just in case people read that incorrectly, ha!), but there’s no reason why we can’t be as vocal and passionate.

      Peace, my non-optimized spec brother!

    • ❤ Tuna. He's been behind on his Frost Mage PvE strats though, hehehe. Maybe his guild isn't progressed that far (unlikely!) or that he's not going frost for his progression fights (blasphemy!). Either way, I might have to pick up the slack for him. I have a good amount of experience in all the fights leading up to Putricide, which should suffice for now, I suppose.

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