On Random Topics

Oof, been a while since I last posted.  Lots of things happening in WoW that I would like to talk about, albeit in short and sweet points.

On Viability Versus Optimization

Play what you want, but don’t be surprised that there are people who don’t think the same as you, and are likely not going to want to play with you.  Stick with like-minded people, and you will run into little drama.  It might take a while to find them, but it’s worth it once you do.

On the Icecrown Buff

It doesn’t affect pets.  My water elemental does approximately 1400 unbuffed damage per waterbolt both on Ironforge dummies as well as ICC trash when soloing the first two mobs for rep.  We’re missing out on potential damage, but thank your lucky stars you’re not a Beastmaster Hunter.

On Imminent Frost Buffs

I am quite excited about them, and also excited about being able to finally compete with skilled Arcane Mages.  However, don’t use these buffs as an excuse to slack off as a Cryomancer.  Contrary to popular belief, we do more than just spam frostbolt.  At this point in time, a skilled frost mage WILL beat a poor arcane mage, and since most mages out there are arcane, will beat a good number of them.  However, a poor frost mage will NOT beat a poor arcane mage.  So do your best to represent, and help shed off the negative lolret-like reputation that’s sure to linger even after the buffs are put into place.

On Nibelung

Best.  Weapon.  Ever.  See below.

Makes me want to download PowerAuras and use the “NIBELUNG VALESTI!” sound effect from Valkyrie Profile to signify a proc.  LOVE LOVE LOVE THE VALKYR.

On the Mage/Warlock Rivalry

It’s fun and healthy, and has roots stretching back before the insignificant Hunter/Lock rivalry that Brigwyn tried to start.  I sided with the Locks during their little bout because Hunters are not as worthy enemies as mages.  I enjoy competing with locks as I do with the other mage specs.

And they’re not too bad.  They’re quite fun to level.  Even got a Destro Lock up to level 24.  Having a blast, literally.  Warlocks in general are genuinely good people, but I take pleasure in beating them up on the damage meters.

On Blogging About One’s Own Guild

You have the right to say whatever you want on your blog.  Just be aware that your audience stretches out farther than you often lead yourself to believe.  There’s a fine line between privacy and expression, and it’s up to you to determine where you draw it before you inform your guild of the blog’s existence.  Personally, if I had to choose between my blog and my guild, I would choose my blog.

On Single Abstract Nouns

Speaking of blogging and guilds, Miss Medicina runs an awesome guild over at US Argent Dawn called <Single Abstract Noun>.  It’s a social guild specifically for bloggers and readers of blogs, which allows everyone to interact with each other on a more personal level beyond comments left on blog posts.  Readers and writers are open to join, but remember to be kind, be considerate, be tactful.  You can find me there rolling a *gasp* warlock named Krizzly.

Come for the banter, stay for the delicious Goldshire ERP.


20 thoughts on “On Random Topics

  1. SAN is definitely the most fun I have had in the game lately. Hitting level 12 on my Dwarf hunter and taming a rare white bear was almost as much fun as being in the the guild first kills in ICC 25. And definitely more fun than the wipes 🙂

    I hope SAN stays around. It is a neat vacation guild and I really enjoy talking and questing with the bloggers I read.

    • Indeed! In SAN, I’ve noticed that there’s really no personally wrong way to level. No pressure. Just have fun relax and grind to your heart’s content. A true social leveling guild 🙂

  2. SIX Val’kyr? Seriously?? Man, I have lost the roll on that thing sooooo many times now, I’ve just about given up on ever having one. At least I have my Summoned Cadaver … for one minute out of every fifteen minutes. I *think* he outdamages my non-combat pets, but I haven’t got proof of it.

    • seven in that screenie, i think. i actually hit 8, but the earlier ones disappeared before i got a chance to hit printscreen. on onyxia, i popped 10 when the whelps came out second phase. it was glorious.

    • I don’t know why, but it is how it is. Thankfully, my guild is awesome enough that I don’t have to worry about situations that would lead to such decisions.

  3. I agree Nibelung is a pretty sweet staff and the proc is a neat bonus which I can show off to group members (lookie here see what I’ve got!) But wow SIX of them! The most I’ve had was two, and that’s while I was casting Blizzard. Am I lacking in something?

    • The more targets you hit at once, the more likely they are to spawn. The proc checks for each tick of blizzard, and for each individual mob hit by blizzard. The trick to having a billion up at once is to stack your haste effects with blizzard so that they tick more often. Icy Veins + Shard of the Crystal Heart /use effect + 2-piece tier 10 bonus makes blizzard VERY fast.

      I took that picture in theramore, after blizzarding down the 6 combat dummies outside of the keep.

  4. “On Imminent Frost Buffs”

    I got bored of Arcane and switched back to Frost. Keep in mind – I haven’t raided since Karazhan (and a single trip into ZA post-3.0) on my Mage.

    And I’m happy to say that my “frost single target DPS” is now equal to my “arcane single target DPS”: roughly 3.6k in heroics.

    But it is so random. For one, I get too many FoF procs when Deep Freeze is on CD. 😦 For two, Deep Freeze accounts for WAY too much of my overall damage for a single talent point. On a recent fight against the paladin boss in heroic ToC5, I had ONE Deep Freeze proc the entire fight… and it accounted for 16% of my overall damage. That’s simply nuts.

    I’m looking forward to the new patch changes. Since I don’t raid, I don’t need to invest in +hit talents, so Brain Freeze is basically a free talents for me. 🙂

    Arcane is dead! Long live Frost!

    • yep. that abundance of Hit tends to happen at around the Triumph Emblem/Icecrown heroics level.

      And deep freeze doesn’t do TOO much damage. Whatcha talkin about? XD

    • Hmm…ya know … now that you mention it … brb I need to go play with my talent tree.

      That’s one thing that will be nice in Cata, if I’m understanding the changes right. All that useless hit on my gear can be swapped out for something that I actually need.

  5. I never stop to leave comments on peoples sites but I just felt I had to stop and tell you that I love your site. Love your design and I love reading your posts. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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