Always Gonna Heal You Up

(February is February Album Writing Month!  For 28 days, musically minded individuals write 14 songs.  This year, my concept album will be about WoW parodies to popular songs.)

Track 4: Always Gonna Heal You Up (Parody of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”)

(Audio can be found here)

We’re no strangers to pugs
You’re decked in blues but so am I
A full clear is what I’m thinking of
You wouldn’t get this from any dungeon guide

I just wanna tell you that I’m healin’
Gotta make you wanna tank

Always gonna heal you up
Always gonna use cooldowns
Always gonna cast my HoTs and Rebirth you
Always gonna make you fly
Always gonna use DI
Always gonna bubble you up and Hearth you

We’ve pugged together for so long
You’ve been in failpugs but you’re to shy to say it
We’ve known you’ve had a rogue main all along
You know the tricks and you’re gonna trade it

And if you tell me I’m not healing
It’s cuz you have so much HP


6 thoughts on “Always Gonna Heal You Up

  1. Yeap agree with pike – maybe its cause of the rick rolling or I remember singing this song into a hairbrush.. I do like this one the best so far.

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