You Better Believe I’m Calling You Out…Again!

Dear Ehlana of <The Broken>, from US Misha.

You couldn’t have done more of a fantastic job healing our Heroic Pit of Saron.  And I’m totally taking the time out of my day to thank you for it on this blog.

Surely, I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the rest of your guild that you’re all a bunch of nice guys, but when you get a group of your guildies together and collectively agree to not disband the group when we’re wiping on Scourgelord Tyranus after 4 or 5 tries, you are all guilty of being simply awesome.  However, I’m only calling you out because you especially deserve the praise.

While I happen to be a nice person, I am especially nice to those who are willing to put in an effort to do their job, even if they don’t feel that they’re up to par.  I have little knowledge of Paladin Healing other than the fact that Holy Pallies are strong in single-target healing, but slightly weaker at multi-target.  But you coped brilliantly, and did what you needed to do.

4100 healing per second?  And you didn’t even need my innervate despite the 43% overheal (purposely done because of beacon)?  And you only let one person die?  I believe you don’t give yourself enough credit.  Especially when the rest of the group is doing so much friendly fire from overlord’s brand.

Oh wait.  They didn’t?  Amazing.  It’s one thing to say that you’ve never done this boss before, it’s another to adapt to the strengths of the group.  Your DK politely asked if he could tank the boss, because he was better at kiting him during unholy power than I was.  And I certainly did better DPS in cat form as well.

And guess what?  We did it!  And it was all thanks to you, for keeping me alive when the tank fell.  I guess that’s why druids are OP, eh?  Strap on some cat gear with a bear spec, and you can do an acceptable amount of dps but at the same time, offtank in a pinch.

But that doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that you proved to me that DPS is not exactly the be-all, end-all for ensuring a boss kill.  It has to consist of everyone doing their job.  Not a single person on that attempt cracked 2500 dps.  Not even me.  But we still got him down.

You, ma’am, are polite, humble, and are a lot better at pally healing than you think you are. I surely hope that your next tank will sing praises to you, and have the pleasure of keeping company with a nice group such as your guild as I did.  Perhaps he will anyway, because you’ll be as polite and kind to him or her as you were with me.

But it’s not always like that, and I warn you that you will run into the odd jerk here and there who will not have the patience to run with you guys.  But that’s his loss.

And thank you for giving me the chance to explain myself to you guys about me tanking the boss for the first time, and even gradually picking up on the tactics and making progress with each extra pull.  It just gives me the chance to call you out for being the first group of first-rate individuals to give me a chance to try out a fairly challenging boss, even though you had already cleared the whole instance before I arrived.

You guys are truly made of win, and there’s really nothing else that I feel I should add to that.  /hug!

Yours truly,

Leyola Swiftwillow, US Winterhoof

PS.  I’ve never tanked H. HoR before, but that fact is actually somewhat irrelevant.  But thanks for understanding anyway.


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