Two Raid Weekly Quests. One Week.

I just wanted to throw this out there before I put up my Frost Mage cheat sheet tomorrow, but for the past two weeks in a row, my raid weekly reset before the normal tuesday reset.  This means that after handing in my raid quest early in the lockout period, I was able to get the quest again sometime later in the lockout period.

Hence, on my main toon, I’ve been able to do 4 weeklies in the span of two weeks, netting me a nice 20 Emblems of Frost and Triumph.  However, I was unable to get the quest again for my other level 80 alts, since I ran them later on in the week.

I’m not sure if this phenomenon is an isolated incident, and if so, I’m not sure the reach of this phenomonenon and what servers or battlegroups are affected.  But I’ve noticed this happen on my server, Winterhoof, which is part of the Whirlwind battlegroup.  Likewise, Rilgon’s server experienced a similar thing last week.  And it just so happens that Cenarion Circle is also part of Whirlwind.

So just a heads up.  It’s happening from time to time, and it may happen again in the future, so here are a few ways to ensure that you make the most of it.

1.  Do your raid weekly as early as possible within the raid lockout period.  This will increase your chances of being able to pick up the quest again, should the quest reset happen before the lockout expires.

2.  Don’t lock yourself out of both the 25-man and 10-man version if you don’t have to.  If your quest does reset, it will be for the same boss.  Having already killed that boss earlier in the week, the only way for you to do it again is to do it with

3.  Watch out for weekends.  The past two weeks, I’ve noticed that the quest resets happen during the weekend.  I’m not sure whether or not this is due to activity increasing on the weekend, or other reasons, but it wouldn’t hurt to check the NPC on Saturday or Sunday to see if he has that yellow exclamation mark on his head again.

Until next time, see you on the other side of the internether!


6 thoughts on “Two Raid Weekly Quests. One Week.

  1. Yup! This has been awesome, it made up for the week of emblems I missed out on over Christmas. I was able to buy my second piece of T10 over the weekend.

    Our guild schedules a 25-man weekly raid for Tuesday evenings, that way our mains can all get it in as early as possible and get it done on 25, because it’s a lot easier later on in the week to pull together a few 10s if it resets.

    BTW, you doing anything tonight? I can toss you an invite to Classic Raid Night if you wanna come.

  2. hrmmm…we’ll see. not sure how my family dinner plans are. I might actually be going out for once, instead of staying in for the past couple of weeks ;_;

  3. I’m also in the Whirlwind Battlegroup, and my guild has taken to making the weekly raid a mandatory part of raiding Tuesday night, just to guarantee that people get the reset and can easly pug the 10-mans later in the week.

  4. On EU servers we have it slightly easier. The raid quest resets on tuesdays and as early as saturdays. Raids reset on wednesday.

    So with the same group, you can go do the weekly twice in the same version.

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