Merry Christmas from Littlebark!

Hello! Due to some ‘Christmassy random number generator’, I am writing a guest post today for Krizzlybear! Well, obviously right?

I’m Littlebark, a 80 resto druid on Cenarius (PvE-US). I racked my brains as to what to write about and for awhile, I was worried that I wouldn’t deliver!

It’s okay though.

You see,  as I read Krizzly’s blog (for a topic to write about), I came to the conclusion that: Krizzly is a frost mage.

And that’s when I got excited.

No, I don’t have a mage but you see, my fiancee used to, during our Kara era. And I hated him. Yep. I hated my fiancee’s mage. I was playing a hunter back then, and readers, I know realize that the reason I hated said mage was out of jealousy.

Isn’t that awful?

But seriously! How can you not be jealous of a mage?

They make their own food/water.

They can go virtually everywhere within seconds. It’s like having a hearthstone to every major city.



Oh no! He’s meleeing my face off! Oh wait. Haha sucker, now you’re trapped in an icy frost nova of DOOM.

Ice Shield AND Mana barrier.

Phew Phew frostbolts that slow your enemy down.

Mirror Image for all those times you get lonely.

Ice elemental!!!

And the awesomeness just goes ON and ON, readers. How can I not be jealous?!

But then something struck me, readers. They may seem all awesome and I may be jealous… but what if I’m not jealous… what if, in fact, I’m just suspicious? They mages are LEETAWESOMESAUCE… and if they mad at you… it’s a fire bolt to the face.

Let’s look at some famous mages shall we:


Alright. They can act all innocent and sweet and keep sheeping things into turtles… but when that day comes that they turn on us…. gosh darn it I shall be ready!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Somewhat silly and eggnog influenced post brought to you by Littlebark of!

[And a very merry christmas to you too, Littlebark! – Krizzly]

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Littlebark!

  1. Haha this made me want to start a mage of my own. XD
    Too bad I promised myself I wouldn’t start another character until my hunter hits 80 (I abandoned her at lvl 72 the day after Lich King came out, haha).

  2. lol… Awesome post.. How did it slip through.

    Mages are awesome, but fear not, or relationship with trees is important… Take one lifebloom and see me in a hour…

    (a little secret… Mages fear Druids… You are one of the few to escape our clutches naturally)

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