Earn Your Frost

I was asked a question by a loyal reader last week.  He asked, “Do you enjoy Frost so much that you’d refuse to raid as anything else?”  My answer is yes.  It is a style of play that I love so much, that not only am I willing to refuse to raid as another spec, but I am even willing to go so far as accept the hate that frost gets for being pitiful at dealing damage.

My only gripe about the whole thing  was that in the weeks leading up to the 3.3 PTR, I was watching over the mage forums like a hawk.  Any thread mentioning the word Frost outside of a PvP context was met with a “lol” or “frost doesn’t count.”  Nobody made a clear argument about why frost was so bad, and how it could be fixed.  People just shoved the spec off to the side like it was nothing, and happily settled for big numbers elsewhere, acting like a total elitist snob to anyone who was not willing to switch over.

“Frost is not for raiding.  GTFO.”

Are these the same people that are coming out of the closet and using frost again, only now that it’s good?  Somehow, I’m scared that the next person I meet with a squirtle is only there because it’s the flavour of the month, that frost is indeed the New Black.  In addition, I can’t help but anticipate the flack that we’ll get for the buffs we got.

“God, it’s that flavor of the month class again.  I can’t believe they fixed frost and didn’t fix [insert class here].”

I’m not a poser.  I stuck it out with my spec throughout the bad times.  I remained frost even if I was laughed at, called a piss-poor player, or even booted out of raid pugs.  I’ve gone through my hell, and now I’ve earned this bit of heaven.  I feel I’ve earned this buff, and there’s nothing that people can say to sway me otherwise.

Therefore, as a sign of thanks to the devs for fixing what was once broken, I’m going to shut the hell up about how this and that should have been, or why he and she is now a frost mage instead of before.  I’m going to grab my glyph of Eternal Water, respeccing at my nearest mage trainer, and I’m going to aim for the top of the charts.  I will care about nothing and nobody.  The past is behind me.  All I can see now is the future, and what it will hold for the icy veins that run through my body.  I’ve earned my frost, and you can too.

Earn Your Frost (in 3 simple steps)

1) Hug your squirtle.  Every single moment.  By the bank.  In a random heroic.  In your raid after someone whips out the DPS meter and you’ve finally beaten that Fire mage for the first time in months.

2) Get a timer addon like TellMeWhen or Power Auras.  Deep Freeze is GODLY.  You want to use it as often as it’s up.  Enjoy your 20k+ crits.

3) Delete those spare fire and arcane glyphs in your bank.  You don’t need them anymore.  You’re frost now.  Always and forever.

It’s never been a better time to be a Frost Mage, and instead of grumbling about how bad it’s been, I welcome everyone who decides to stop on by and try it out, even for just one raid.  For those who decide to stick with it, then good for you.  I hope you enjoy this ride, because it’s going to be an awesome one indeed.  And for those who have always stuck with it, even through the gruesome times, I give you credit.  I know what it’s like.  It sucked.  But it didn’t matter.  None of this matters.  You’re not alone.  You’ve got support.  Frost is good.  Frost is hot.  Frost is sexy.

Frost is definitely the new black.

35 thoughts on “Earn Your Frost

  1. I am looking forward to trying this out. Unfortunately, all my gear is riddled with +hit gems so I can raid as Fire (I only get into PuGs, so I had to make the sacrifice.) So I’m going to have some gem slots misused for a bit.

    Which leads me up to a question – with Frost being neglected (ie: minimal theorycrafting on Frosticles), should I be regemming for haste or + SP? (getting rid of the +hit gems, of course)

    Also, I’d like to hear your thoughts on a spec. There’s been some debate over at WoW.com and I can’t check the forums from work, so I’m not sure what people are saying there.

    SQUEEEE! Can’t wait to respec and reglyph!

    • Kinda figured it out. +SP is still a bit better than +haste, or so I’ve been lead to believe. But I’ve gotta switch out an arseload of +crit. Which is kinda what I’ve been planning to do anyway… wheeee!

    • Gem spellpower, fo sho. Arcane is the only spec that should be gemming for haste, everyone else goes for spellpower.

      Good luck getting rid of the crit!

    • Spec should be approximately the same as before. Keep enduring winter with at least 1 or 2 points so you can provide replenishment. Don’t even bother putting points into Brain Freeze UNTIL you get your 2-piece T10, and even at that point, there’s still debate whether to get it at all. I still prefer 2T8/2T9 myself, but there comes a point in gear progression where the stats simply outweigh the bonuses. I can’t say with confidence what that point is, but that’s what spreadsheets and TCOM are for, right? 😀

      As for gemming, go with what rippy said. Frost has a lot of talents that already decrease our casting time, so it’s not too difficult to hit the haste soft-cap from gear alone. Spend those sockets on spellpower, baby!

    • Yeah, getting rid of the +crit will be a bit of a long road. I will need lots of EoT’s and… yeah. Lots of them. Fortunately I have 2xT9.25 pieces from VoA. (And of course 2xT8.5 from EoC’s) Or you could just stalk me on Armory and do all your pointing and laughing there. 😛 Focus will be on switching out my shoulders and trinkets. Mark of the War Prisoner still and I can’t bring myself to replace it with a notably better PvP +hit trink. 😛

      Enduring Winter will only get 1 point from me. With the amount of FrB spamming, it’ll probably be up 100% the time, regardless.
      And yeah, I heard that about Brain Freeze with the T10 stuff. It’s kind of those floater 2 points I’m not sure what to do with. I suppose in the long run, it doesn’t matter all that much.

  2. As the RL for a group with a dedicated frost mage, I’m seriously glad to see the change – now perhaps my good friend can see some results worthy of her efforts.

    Of course, we may have to change a few talent points around, but she gets to keep her pretty blue bolts!

    • Frost was completely doable in raids before 3.3. Just not the top tier ones XD. I’m sure that many guilds who were not pushing bleeding-edge content would have loved to have a cryomancer around for their unique array of buffs and utility spells.

      I’m sure that bleeding-edge guilds still don’t want frost mages around, since the other two specs are still on top. But I’m sure that more and more guilds and pugs will certainly accept them. Just give it a bit of time for us to show our increased strength =)

  3. 1. I have my Glyphs ready last night before logging off.
    2. I logged off next to the Mage trainer in IF in my Frost gear.
    3. I have my Black Magic enchant ready on a scroll.
    4. Updated all my mods.

    -but I can’t log in 😦

  4. Can’t really test the full potential of this spec on combat dummies because Deep Freeze cannot damage them.

    Anyway, what is the optimal rotation for frost spec in 3.3? I’m using just frostbolt and waiting for fingers/brain freeze procs.

    • ahh, no wonder i couldn’t get the DF’s to do damage on them. Hey, at least it’s good for practicing rotations anyways.

      As for the rotations themselves, yeah, that’s pretty much it. Don’t forget to keep your squirtle safe. He may be protected from AoE, but that doesn’t stop from single target stuff.

    • Teleport to Shattrath, fly to Netherstorm and do tests on Dr. Boom, the original test dummy. You can test the Deep Freeze damage on him.

  5. I think I’ve died and gone to Valhalla! I never knew this site existed. I am so happy to see raiding frost mages.

    I was toying with getting someone to duel with to test the proc vs. no proc DF.

    Can’t get into any instances at the moment. =/

    • I’m certainly glad to have another follower on board! The more the merrier, as I now say!

      Give it a bit of time, the instance problems should be clearing up as the initial rush of people wanting to try out the new dungeons and LFG system starts to die down. Heck, I haven’t even done Forge of Souls yet, for that very reason. I’ve already seen it on the PTR though, looks VERY nice.

  6. Hm… I have absolutely no plans on starting raiding as a frost. Arcane forever!

    BUT your enthusiasm is so overwhelming that I’m seriously thinking about getting myself a frost off-spec for the first time ever. Just for solo questing. Maybe I could take down some elite on my own, WOOT!

    I’d better go back and check up on all the Frost 101 posts you’ve written in the past!

    • I…have Frost101 posts? Oh dear. They might be horrifically outdated. Thank you ma’am for prompting me to dust that stuff off and start a new series.

    • Keep reading. Hopefully the immense amount of fun I’ve been having will sway people over to give it a shot.

      23k deep freeze. OMG.

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  8. Omnomnomnom – Frost is my first love. Arcane is attractive, but Frost is where my heart lies. Fire… bleh.

    Of course, my mage is like 4 toons down from my main character… but I still love the new options. 🙂

    • I am willing to bet that Mages got it the best this patch. I could not be any happier. Unless Jaina came up to my door and allowed me to marry her.

      Pre-patch Jaina though. She dresses like a bimbo now.

  9. Thank you thank you thank you Blizzard for my perma-Squirtle and revamped Deep Freeze and thank you Krizz as always for this blog. I’ve been frost since level 1 and never deviated. I love my Squirtie and I second the comment to allow us to name them. I would call mine Popsicle. 🙂

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  11. I have a confession: I’ve played a lot of lowbie mages (level 10-25ish) but never one as Frost. Not cause I dislike the tree, but because for some reason I end up playing mages with my boyfriend and HE is always Frost so I always pick something different.

    But man, I gotta try this now.

    • The first time you successfully pull off an AoE kill by yourself, you feel the awesomeness that resides within. More at 11.

  12. It has been sheer joy using the new LFG, and showing up with my frost spec, and beating the crap out of everyone else’s DPS. I’ve had people ask my why my water elemental isn’t going away, and I just smile and tell them that it’s permanent 🙂 I have happily been enjoying numbers upwards of 3.8k dps, and on top of that I’m providing replenishment to the group. Deep freeze crits have earned me more than my fair share of aggro, and I have had to pop a few ice blocks sometimes to keep from eating dirt, but with my Ice Barrier almost always up, I have only died when we had a really bad tank.

    • Funny story, I did an HVH today. The first boss up was the Voidwalker with all those phased out sentries. I took a chance and put up both Ice Barrier and Mana Shield, and unloaded EVERYTHING I had on him. I landed 2 critted deep freezes, cracked the 5k barrier, and best of all, took ZERO damage. BLOODY SWEET IMHO.

  13. As a diehard Beast Mastery hunter who absolutely refuses to try a different Hunter spec, despite snubs and scoffs, I respect and salute your dedication to Frost through thick and thin. 🙂

  14. After clearing ICC 10 twice as arcane… I’m going to try frost next week. Due to the nature of the fights I’m starting to believe that frost will come out ahead of arcane and fire because of the overall lack of slow effects on targets. I wrote a post about my reasoning behind switching… just not sure if the result will be there or not. For 25’s I don’t see anyway for frost to beat out arcane but thats a different animal.

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