Back on the Saddle! Or, a Huge Thank You

December 1!

Did you hear the page on your calendar flipping over or ripping out of its binding?  I know I did, when the clock struck twelve midnight late last night.  It was a momentous occasion on tinychat and the Toronto NaNoWriMo IRC channel.  Virtual champagne was popped, e-hugs were distributed, and plenty of glomps were had.  Tonight is our final meetup, the Thank Gawd It’s Over party, one that I will be attending without question.

As I look back in this past month, I wondered where all the time went.  While it certainly isn’t the 525,600 minutes described in that wonderful song from RENT, the 43,200 minutes spent in the month of November amounted to 54,445 words from my completed novel, and a myriad of friends from around the Greater Toronto Area.  I will surely keep in touch with a number of them long after this event is over, and I look forward to punching the keys with them next year.

But alas, I am back, rejuvenated in my motivation to write for this blog.  I find it strangely wonderful that all it took to get over my writing woes on this blog was to simply write some more.  Hence, I’ve learned that the best way to write is to write often, regardless of quality, whether or not those words would contribute towards a blog post or personal writing.

And while I’m quite sad that I may not see my NaNoWriMo pals until next year, I’m equally happy to be back with YOU, the loyal follower of this blog.  I am very well aware that going a month without something as routine as reading someone’s blog post can be quite dismaying, I assure you that I am very much back in the game.  I want to give HUGE props to those in the blogging community who managed to somewhat keep up with their blog while maintaining a foothold on their NaNo.  In particular, MEGA-HUGE props to Pike for not only winning NaNoWriMo, but also keeping up with a full-time job and a wonderful blog as well.  You, madam, are an inspiration!

While I look forward to continuing this journey of WoW-blogging with everyone, I regret to inform that my posting here will be somewhat reduced.  With the recent addition of my Japanese-steampunk blog, steampanku, I will be dividing my time between the two of them, as well as my own personal writing, meaning that the post updating will be limited to about once a week for each blog.  However, that means you will get to see twice of me, albeit writing about contrasting subject matter.  I am quite excited about my rekindled love for fiction writing, particularly about Japanese alternate history and giant machines!  I surely hope you add steampanku to your feedreader as well!

On the WoW front, I have returned to my guild on Winterhoof, albeit in a reduced role.  While I remain an active evening raider, I am stepping down from my position as Druid class lead, as I’ve shifted my priorities in the game to playing my mage, especially in anticipation for the new patch.  I also have an alt on Kael’thas, in none other than Bear’s guild, <Sidhe Devils>.  She’s a draenei mage named krizzlybear for the simplicity of recognition by the other members of that guild.  I also rerolled a bunch of my Winterhoof alts onto the horde side, particularly my new Tauren Druid Leafeon.

This is surely an exciting time for me.  NaNoWriMo was a huge success, I’m blogging about WoW, I recently handed in my application to JET, and I’m in the process of growing the Steampanku brand.  I look forward to what the future has in store for me, and I am honoured to have you all along for the ride.  See you on the other side of the internether!


22 thoughts on “Back on the Saddle! Or, a Huge Thank You

  1. Reminds me of the movie Army of Darkness, Ever see it? Skeletons dig up a fellow skeletons, and one says, ” Welcome back to the land of the living, now grab a shovel and start digging”

    So I say to you “Welcome back to the land of the blogging, grab a pen and start writing!”

    • Yes sir!

      And no sir, never seen it, but I know OF it. Ironically, it’s by the same guy who’s going to do the Warcraft movie XD

  2. Welcome back!

    Patch 3.3 certainly does pose to be an exciting time for mages of the frosty kind! Permanent water elementals, Deep Freeze not just a PvP talent any more… it’ll be pew pew licious!

    • Permanent squirtle! You can bet I will be one of the first ones proudly parading out my pet in public. Oh! there goes the alliterations! How I’ve missed you so!

  3. Hah, I have a baby hunter on K’T as well, leftover from the run. Me and the wife like to visit back to the newb areas and get away from all that stuff on the mains’ server. So, /wave 🙂

  4. Kriz, I gotta hand it to you.

    If you weren’t there on Twitter getting all excited about NaNo weeks in advance I wouldn’t have even tried cause I wouldn’t have been excited enough.

    I dedicate my 50k to you *tips hat* ❤

    • thanks! maybe some other month outside of nano, i will try to do another 50,000. and for the sake of the blog, i would like to think it would have something to do with warcraft fanfiction. maybe i’ll actually get around to doing that gnomeregan story. *gasp* i have a plan now…buah hahahaha

  5. Semi-unrelated question that I also similarly posed to Critical QQ (I can’t use my g-mail from work, so I’m posting it here while I’m still thinking about it):

    Do you enjoy Frost so much that you’d refuse to raid as anything else? I’m just pondering because I kind of like all the specs, but I’m pondering Arcane just to push the numbers a bit further. But that would also require a severe gear revamping.

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