As you can see from the previous post, I attempted to do a multi-post AFK series involving pictures I had taken in my previous trip to Asia.  Turns out, a lot of those pictures were ones I wanted to use for my Japanese steampunk blog, steampanku.  So that idea was scrapped, and I am left with a lot of blog silence.  Not going to fly.

Turns out, something happened in NaNoWriMo that relates a lot to the TNB shared topic regarding finding WoW in unexpected places.  Having participated in NaNo with the regional forum group this year, I met a lot of people in IRL meetup events who had a lot of common interests.  In this case, WoW.  I was having coffee with a number of them earlier this week, and I had brought up the topic of playing WoW.

One of the other NaNo-ers pointed out that she was missing a raid today, and her boyfriend who also plays, came out with her to the event to support her in her writing.  It was one of those self-revelations of minimal impact or importance.  I had met a girl irl who played wow with her boyfriend, even though I had realized later that I knew of a few people like that in my university.  However, the guy was sweet enough to even sacrifice HIS time to support his girlfriend in her novelling exploits.  Good for him.  If I had a girlfriend who did NaNo, I really hope I could be supportive enough to put down my toon and go out to coffee with her and talk to a bunch of random people from the intarwebz who I don’t even know.

Another female NaNoer who I talk to in the regional WriMo used to play WoW.  Turns out she played a mage and a druid at the max level during Burning Crusade.  Their specs?  Frost and Resto.  I think I’m in love!  Okay, not really.  She has a boyfriend.  Boo-urns.

Anyways, I’m at 15,000 words out of the 50,000 word goal, and I’ve already met a bunch of people with whom I can connect with and understand because we come from somewhat similar backgrounds.  If anything, it’s really interesting to see what happens after NaNo.  Will I try to find them in-game? Considering the possibilities of cross-realm communications in the near future, I would not hesitate to add them to my friends list.

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