Ferocious Inspiration

Ferociously drunk.  It’s thanksgiving in between Sunday and Monday here in Canada, and in the midst of a really nice bitter conversation about life, love, and the universe, I think that this is a perfect opportunity spout some random crap.  Today, with my netbook readily available as I converse with my cousins, I will talk about inspiration.

Muses for writers come in many forms.  Mine come in the form of crushes.  Growing up as a hopeless romantic, watching many sappy movies and crushing on a large fair of girls when I was in different stages in life, crushes drove me towards personal improvement.  I would secretly single out a girl who displayed features of excellence and a touch of good looks here and there, and I had someone who I could put on a pedestal and strive to become better, just in hopes that the 5% chance that she would notice would actually come true.

In my year as a blogger, I can safely say that said crushes have become great sources of inspiration.  While I was quite sure that IRL crushes would never stumble upon my blog (let alone play WoW), I had the most interesting happenstance of developing admiration for my fellow bloggers, not just for their writing, but for who they are as people.

Here’s my dropped bombshell that I promised Saresa.  I had the HUGEST crush on Lin, the blogger behind Elune’s Guidance.  Like goddamn, it was pretty crazy.  She was asian, her mains were a resto druid and a frost mage, she liked to RP, and when I heard her voice on the Twisted Nether Blogcast, I was absolutely mezmorized by her voice.

Oh gosh, I was a silly little schoolgirl.

While I would never come to terms with myself about it, I subconsciously resolved to write thought-provoking posts just on the hope that she would take notice.  However, she mysteriously disappeared off the face of the earth sometime after noblegarden this year.  Perhaps real life took over, but checking just now, her mage is decked out in emblem gear, T8/T9 and all.  And she still has PvE frost as one of her dual specs.  *swoon*

While she has indeed stopped blogging, there’s still a chance that she only reads blogs instead of updating her own.  Heck, she could be reading this right now.  Oh well, inebriation has gotten me this far, there’s frankly no turning back.

Despite it all, I am forever grateful for the inspiration she brought to my writing, and even though I’ve since moved on from my crush, I can still look back and laugh at it all, and be really appreciative of who she was as a blogger, and what I was capable of doing.

So what about nowadays?  Can’t really say, only mentioned this now because I could definitely get that monkey off of my back.  I certainly feel better now.  Oh well, whatever.  Time to go pass out somewhere…ciao.


3 thoughts on “Ferocious Inspiration

  1. sober again. not gonna take this down. a post is a post. i meant everything i say, and i just wanted to say thanks to Lin for the inspiration, if she’s reading this, and i apologize for any awkwardness this may cause -_-

  2. /hugs Krizzly

    I’ve had a lot of… not sure what to call ’em really… not really a romantic crush but a complete and thorough admiration crush on various bloggers before. I’d call it a man crush except I’m a chick, so. So I’d try to improve my blog to get closer to theirs, cause ultimately I wanted to be like them. If that makes sense.

    In the end, that sort of thing is good, I think ^_^

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