If I Only Had A Brain

In celebration of the 70th anniversary release of the Wizard of Oz, Netflix introduced a nifty little flash application that uses face recognition technology to insert faces from any photo into a short clip from the Wizard of Oz movie.

Against my better Judgment, I turned the Wizard of Oz into the Wizard of Warcraft.



If Thrall only had a brain, maybe he could actually put Garrosh in check, and not lead the orcs into mindless war!  Watch the video!



If Arthas only had a brain, maybe he would have not culled Stratholme and become the idiot Lich King he is now.  See the video!



If Ghostcrawler only had a brain, maybe he’d actually buff Frost Mages in PvE instead of making them so strong in PvP that buffs to PvE would be impossible.  You must see the video!

EXTRA: Jaina


If Jaina only had a brain, she’d learn a few more moves in bed so that Arthas wouldn’t run away and turn into the Lich King.  See video, shit bricks.

EXTRA: Gelbin Mekkatorque


If Gelbin Mekkatorque only had a brain, he’d realize that as a raid boss-level elite, he could easily take back Gnomeregan himself.  Watch the video for nightmare fuel.

10 thoughts on “If I Only Had A Brain

  1. I scanned my hard drive for every face shot I could find. Now I’m off to the Internet to do the same. Thanks for something me another site to waste away my time at work. lol.

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