I had a very interesting conversation with a few hunters in Blog Azeroth chat the other day, and I came to a conclusion that they are very attached to their pets.  Even though there is a consensus ‘best’ pet for different situations (whether it be PvE, PvP or solo content), they adamantly stick to their favourite, often at the expense of extra DPS/utility/survivability.

“I’ll always stick to my [pet], even if it means I don’t get x or y.”

In hunter terms, can mean a few hundred DPS, depending on the type of pet chosen.  While that difference is negligible in a raid not overly serious about pushing through content, it is usually enough for people to accept the presence of different pets.

Sadly, my decision to bring a water elemental pet has more dire consequences.  It’s one thing to leave a few hundred DPS on the table, but when you leave several THOUSAND, you certainly need a damn good reason to spec frost, or you need to love your squirtle that much.

Nowadays, I’m just not sure anymore.  I used to say that I specced frost because it was my best spec, and compared to fire or arcane, it was the one that I performed best at, and was at 100% productivity all the time.  However, a recent blunder left me without a Mark of the War Prisoner, and to make up for a lack of Hit, I replaced my Fire off-spec with Arcane.

And the results were staggering.  I suppose I should thank the recent buffs that Arcane got over the past few patches, but by spamming arcane blast instead of Frostbolt, and casting arcane missiles instead of Water Elemental, my dps shot up to the 4-5k’s, easily putting me at the top of my guild runs, somewhere in 3rd-5th place in 25-man raids.

And I’m not even trying.  It’s just so easy to put out these great numbers, whereas with Frost, I’m always on my toes for the next cooldown, or calculating the timing in my head to line up my icy veins and water elemental with the upcoming heroism.

Those days raiding as frost are starting to run dry.  For every congratulatory or complimentary whisper that I get from a PuG, I get at least 5 rejections from PuG raids or are forced to switch to my healer by my guild.  The message essentially was, “We’d rather have exceptional heals than just acceptable DPS.”

With Icecrown well on the way, I want to see the content, but on my terms.  I don’t see that happening without the need to push myself into arcane and selling out my soul.  I want to play frost because I love the style in a raid environment.  But what good is that when you’re not raiding at all?

I am a diehard frost mage.  But I’m dying hard out here.  It’s a terrible position to be in, and right now there are more bad things than good.  I will never give up, but that will probably mean I will be unable to raid.  What do I do?

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    • I’ve been levelling up in AV on a hunter alt, and many times i’ve had thoughts come to mind, many of them regarding how much easier/more fun it would be if i were doing this on my frost mage.

      I’ll probably shelf him and start focusing a little bit more on BG’s. Not Arenas, mind you, i’m pretty terrible at twitch gaming.

  1. *hugs*

    I, as the official Harbinger of Muffins, do hereby present to you, Krizzlybear, Harbinger of Lulz, this basket of comfortmuffins.

    In it, you’ll find just-barely-steaming warm muffins, with butter and honey.

    Bah, all of my attempts at finding something comforting to say come out kind of depressing using just pixels. All I can really offer are hugs and support, and agree that it’s unfair you should be penalized for choosing a blizzard-offered talent tree for your character.

    • Ehhh, i just needed to vent, especially after a week of silence on this blog. If anyone’s wondering how that week has been, look no further than this needless post. Thanks tami =)

  2. Hard to say. I think you have a general idea what the outcome will be if you choose Frost or Arcane. So, ultimately it will depend on which is more important to you: the spec you enjoy so much or seeing the new content.

    No matter what anyone else says, only you can figure out which will result in more enjoyment of the game.

    • No doubt, it’s frost. As of now, it will simply become a case of how long simply doing naxx and uld will last me, if I’m able to raid naxx and uld at all.

  3. Arcane looks kind of frostish, with the bright colour of the spells, don’t you think?

    I’m currently jumping back and forward a bit. I was really happy when they made arcane playable again, but I’ve noticed it’s not well suited for some fights (stacking up 4AB while having to move after every cast… doesn’t work).
    I can’t help hoping you’ll stick to frost since it makes the mage blogging world a bit more varied and interesting. But ofc that’s from my very selfish PoV. I could totally understand if you switched spec if that’s what it takes to get a spot.

    • respec is not an answer. reroll is not an answer. It’s either I play frost, or not at all. I certainly don’t have a right to complain, but I do have a right to enjoy the game in any way that I want. If i’m not allowed to enjoy the game because of what others say, then there’s simply no point in playing, period.

  4. Blizzard included the option to respec for a reason. Arcane is now rocking the DPS above fire and frostfire for me. I still keep frost as my secondary spec. Your best best is to keep up the QQ on the blizzard forums, maybe the will buff frost dps in the next patch.

    • Blah. I spent most of the downtime today reading up on forums. Nobody cares about the state of Frost. Lhivera quit cryomancy in lieu of a warlock because of it. Anyone who remotely asks a question about Frost is met with sarcasm and “lolfrost.”

      Not enough hard evidence to back it up, and I know I haven’t backed up my complaints either, but that’s probably what I should focus on. Frost parses, recounts, and analysis.

  5. I think anyone would rather have exceptional heals given the shortage. I ❤ my mage, but not enough to pass on being able to pay 1k and heal with the same character. That having been said, if I get my mage to 80, Arcane seems like the clear choice to me. ESPECIALLY given the new buff they got.

    • I do enjoy healing on my druid, but my mage is my number 1 source of enjoyment in the game. If I’m going to make the most out of my time spent, it needs to be done on the mage, and that’s where I’m getting at with that notion of not healing.

      I want to do what I want, when I want. Otherwise, I ought to look elsewhere.

  6. Keep your dual specs as frost/arcane and raid as frost when your group is tolerant of it, switch to arcane when they’re not?

    Eww, there’s no good answer really. Sorry you find yourself in such a pickle.

    • It’s not necessarily an issue of tolerance, it’s just that they’re reasonably serious about progression. That, and the multitude of mages in my guild makes it very competitive to get spots, especially when the others are going arcane and fire.

  7. Well, I’d dual frost/arcane and raid arcane.

    I understand your love of your spec, but I don’t know – you can play frost whenever you like, but you won’t be able to do this content the way it was meant to be done again, once Cataclysm is out and it goes out of style.

    • In the meantime, I’m forced to raid arcane, since I don’t have a hit trinket to get to the cap.

    • Yeah, my DK is slowly getting there. Once the gear is starting to roll in, the DPS is really starting to show. And you know, I like my DK a lot as well, since he also has an appealing spec and playstyle. So he could very well be an alternate choice in the matter.

  8. Highly recommend the Battleground route. I went in as Frost, tried a Fire based spec to see if I could get more pop, and now I’m back as Frost.

    It’s like a never-ending PUG, but it gets the pulse going, and lets you play Frost in it’s element.

    • I tried doing AV yeseterday, but my raid frames weren’t showing up, nor was I in a group at all. Anyone had this problem yesterday?

  9. I’m just commenting to offer my sympathy for your dilemma. I am also completely, totally, hopelessly in love with my Squirtle. (I call him Bubbles.)

    So far I’ve been lucky. In my guild though the other mages are arcane, I consistently outperform them. I kind of enjoy the stress of timing my cooldowns and making sure Bubbles is out at just the right time. It’s fun for me. But just recently the rumbles have started. “You know Monkey, you could be at 5K if you were arcane.”

    It sounds ridiculous to get so sad about something as silly as a spec in a game, but as you stated so beautifully, it’s the class and spec I enjoy the most. Anyway, good luck and know there are other frost mages out there hanging on until the last possible moment.

  10. /buff frost!
    /keep the bear happy

    I don’t like sad bears, no matter how Krizzly they are… I mean I like you, just not that you are sad…

    We can pray that since Arcane and Fire are in a “good place” right now, that Blizzard turns their attention to Frost.

    Rip the guts out of it, buff the living daylights out of the PvE talents and make the pvP talents stronger in PvE.

  11. I know what you mean about frost being awesome fun to play in a PvE context, and I whole heartedly agree. Until I got my dual spec I was PvP frost all day long, instances or battlegrounds or just chilling out.

    It was fun. It was technical. It was flexible. It was a terrible shame that the DPS sucked completely. Like really bad. Getting out-dpsed by DKs who were 4 or 5 levels my junior was embarrassing and annoying, to the point where I spent my cold weather flying money on dual spec instead so I could have some arcane goodness.

    It still rules for PvP though!

  12. Up until recently we only had two mages. They were typically middle of the pack in dps, no matter the spec. After 3.2.2, both were top 5, with one consistently #1 or 2.
    He laughingly said, “I don’t really like arcane, but it’s seriously buffed/crazy right now.” He’s fire normally, but with the buffs, arcane is it. Looking at his recount, he was 82.5% arcane blast, 17% arcane volley, and .5% the rest. wow. Haven’t seen numbers that crazy since the worst of the 1-button spam destrolock days in BC.

    One hopes frost, or at least fire, can be somewhat viable in raids soon. One spec always = fail. Blizz knows this. You know this. Hopefully it’s fixt soon.

    • I’m going to have to call you out on this one. Fire has always been, and still is a viable raid spec. For me fire is only 100-200 dps behind Arcane, and at that close of a gap it’s personal preference, not what the raid demands. Also given the way that Blizzard itemizes tier pieces you will usually end up having to collect some obscure gear for best performance on Arcane spec, while you can use tier pieces just fine with Fire spec. There is not need to fix fire spec. Frost spec is the one that’s broken, and Blizzard has admitted it.

    • Aye, the two specs are separated by a mere 100-200 dps according to recent T9 best in slot simulationcraft results.

      No need to worry about Fire Hine! They’re doing just fine!

  13. Full T9, there’s your caveat – my mage does plan to go back to fire when he has it. but for now, arcane’s pretty crazy.
    Course, my evidence is only anecdotal, and therefore limited. I have no doubt my buddy presses his keys better than others! 😉

    I’m no mage so you guys know better than I. Although, to ask the EJ theorycrafters, a 200-300 dps loss means everything, and therefore fire wouldn’t be seen as ‘viable’ at all (and only approaches viability in bis gear).

    I can tell you though as an avid EJ follower of all things DK that while we focus on a 1% gain there, you have to account for NOT being in full bis, your own raid makeup, raid strats, and so on. 😉 What EJ proclaims is ‘teh best evar’ spec may not functionally be in the environment you find yourself raiding in. In my limited experience, if you’re not in full bis, not only is arcane by far superior, your original lament of the weakness of frost is unequivocally true.

  14. When I started playing WOW, I thought it was going to be a lot different than Everquest/Everquest 2 was. No more of the you have to wear this certain armor, or use this particular weapon. But man was I ever wrong. It’s worse. Why is this? Games especially MMO’s are made with verstality built in so you can customize the characters to “your” liking. Who cares if EJ says you lose a little dps speccing Frost. It’s what you like that matters. After all Blizzard didn’t dumb down the game so bad to make it soloable by any class for nothing. LOL. If a guild doesn’t like the way your specced, find another one. Guilds are like opinions…Everyone has one. I play WOW the way I wanna play it. After all it’s my $15 bucks, not EJ’s.

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