Looking For A Few Good Men

(Or women)

I have a doctor’s appointment today, and with the lack of time to write down a post about my WoW adventures, there’s no better time than now to pitch a recruitment message for my awesome guild, Exiled Legion!  Copy-pasted from the Winterhoof realm forums:

“Exiled Legion is recruiting for both our main weekday morning 25 person raid team and to build a weekday evening 25 person raid team.

Brief Description
We are an adult guild (avg. age is 30+) of mature, progression minded, team oriented players. We are recruiting skilled, self-motivated, team dedicated, friendly players, who not only enjoy raiding, but who also like playing during non-raid times (i.e. – run Heroics, PvP, help w/ quests, farming mats, doing dailies together). Our focus is on the team and guild as a whole having fun and progressing in end game content, not individual motives and/or personal agendas. We’re looking for players willing to dedicate themselves to a quality guild and be team oriented as we conquer Northrend.

Raiding & Guild Information
WotLK Progression: :

  • AM 25 Man Team – Ulduar – (4/14) – Flame Leviathan, XT-002, Razorscale downed, & Kologarn
  • PM 25 man Team – Rebuilding team, but have experience with all of Naxxramas, OS, VoA, and EoE
    10 Man Teams – Ulduar (6/14) – Flame Leviathan, XT-002, Ignis, Razorscale, Kologarn & Auriava downed.  ToC – Northrend Beasts downed.
  • AM Raid Dates/Times: Wed, Thu, & Fri – 830am-noon (server time)
    PM Raid Dates/Times: Tue, Wed, & Thu – 8pm-11pm (server time)
    25 man Looting System: Suicide Kings(mod available on Curse.com)
    Website: http://exiledlegion.dkpsystem.com
    Talk Client: Ventrilo

    Current Guild Raiding Recruitment Needs
    AM Raiding Spots
    3 Healers – 1 Resto Druid, 1 Holy Paladin, 1 Holy Priest
    3 Ranged DPS – 1 Mage, 1 Balance Druid, 1 Shadow Priest

    PM Team Needs
    1 Tank – 1 Feral Druid
    5 Healers – 1 Holy Priest, 1-2 Resto Druids, 1-2 Resto Shamen
    5 Ranged DPS – 1 Hunter, 1 Mage, 1 Warlock, 1 Balance Druid, 1 Elemental Shaman
    4 Melee DPS – 1 Rogue, 1 Fury/Arms Warrior, 1 Death Knight, 1 Enhancement Shaman

    Part Time or Substitute Raiding positions: ALL CLASSES/ROLES will be considered. Those that are most active in the guild will be able to earn full time raiding slots over those that just come on for raids and leave. *i.e. – Loot and Scoots* This is the perfect opportunity to begin anew and start fresh!


    • Availability – Full Time Raid Team Members must be able to attend raids reliably (85%+ attendance) on time on Wed, Thu, & Fri mornings from 8:30am – noon (CST) or Tue, Wed, & Thu evenings from 8pm-11pm.
    • Level and Gear – Level 80 and gear should be at least of Naxx Gear equivalent, fully socketed with higher quality gems and completely enchanted.
    • Experience – We are seeking members who understand how their class functions in raids and how to work within a team. Members must possess the ability to take directions, be able to take advice to better themselves positively, show improvement and knowledge needed for new content progression.
    • Website/Vent/Mods – We require all members to use our guild website to keep character information updated, signup for raids, and to stay informed about guild events & information. We also require all members to be logged into ventrilo during raids and groups. The mods we require are few and simple – Omen, Deadly Boss Mod, Decursive (or other cleansing mod), Suicide Kings.
    • Attitude – Simply put: We play to progress and to have fun doing it! We’re looking for friendly people who want to beat the game (i.e. who are progression focused) and who are willing to push themselves in order to be as competitive as possible, but without the elitism, know it all, jerkish attitude. The ability and motivation to gear/key/attune oneself to content are a must, even if it means pugging a few groups to get it done. Members are expected to show up ready for a full days input with consumables, full repaired, and a positive attitude. Drama mongrels, those needing hand-holding, loot obsessed individuals, and those of argumentative dispositions need not apply.

    Contact Info
    If you are interested in joining us or would like to know more of what Exiled Legion has to offer, feel free to contact Karlmic, Jontue, Xendy, Delicia, Arshtat or Athelei in game (post here, or visit our website at http://exiledlegion.dkpsystem.com)
    (*note – we only utilize the DKPsystem web-hosting, we do NOT use DKP looting)”

    A Short Note About EL

    This guild has been around practically forever.  Starting off on an RP realm, they transfered to Winterhoof due to server queues and a more suitable server time.  The management for the most part have been around for the duration of the guild.  The guys in our guild are laid back, easygoing, but are always looking for ways to improve individual performance.

    The class needs may not be up to date, but I know for sure that we could use some druids.  I’ve been doing research as a class lead, but there’s not a lot of druids to teach!  Ha!

    One more thing: if you raid with the PM team, you will be pewpewing with yours truly.  And I think that’s huge enough a reason to join, right?


    So take a look at our website, fill in an app, and leave a message to one of the officers, or even here in the comments section, and I will surely pass the message on!  Have a pleasant day, and happy raiding!


    2 thoughts on “Looking For A Few Good Men

    1. Geez, I keep forgetting to look you up when you’re online. I saw you sitting on your mount in Dal the other day, but you were afk. 😦

      My mage is up to 60 now! Won’t be long and he’ll be in Northrend. Maybe we can run a 5 man or two once I hit 80. 🙂

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