Unemployed, Unrestricted, Underestimated

A lot has been going on in my life that has taken me in different directions.  First was my graduation from University, and my still-looming prospect of actually finding a career to settle into.  Second was my trip to Asia, which completely shook up my post-graduate plans.  Third was my increased interest in writing.  And last but not least was the prospect of temporary unemployment.

What to Do After University

I graduated with a Science degree, but due to having to waste an entire year on retaking a course, I am still leaving the program with a huge distaste in my mouth from the experience of failure.

While I am completely aware of the career prospects that are ahead of me, and the financial security it provides, I still don’t feel ready.  I need some time to work it out, and somehow I wonder if this attitude is creeping into my writing as well.

I sometimes wonder if my playing the game is merely a getaway from the stresses of unemployment.

An Opportunity of a Lifetime

My trip to Asia has been the highlight of this year, and perhaps the highlight of my adolescence thus far.  Seeing the sights, and meeting the people have exposed me to an experience that reeks of a surrealism that goes beyond my everyday expectations.

My interest in anime, capitulated by a year-long term as the president of my anime and manga club, evolved into a fascination of Japanese culture in general, epitomized by my desire to teach there.

The JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) Programme is a grassroots international exchange program providing opportunities for University graduates to work as an assistant language teacher at a school.

I decided to apply to the program this year.  It is Applications come out this month, and are due in November.  Selections for the interview process are made in December/January, and interviews occur in February.  Selections for the program are made and announced in May.  If I am selected, I will depart for Japan in July/August.

Obviously, this opportunity has huge rammifications for my availability to blog about Warcraft, and my ability to play at all.  If anything, I will either shift the focus of my blog towards Japan, or simply put this site on hiatus and start a new blog aiming solely on my experiences there.

Somehow, I am humored by the notion of picking up where Ixobelle left off, having moved to California from Japan.

Zen in the Art of Writing

Perhaps as a side effect of this temporary unemployment, I’ve started doing more reading and writing outside of the blog.  Whether it be by fiction, on my personal journal, or otherwise, my interest in writing has gone up considerably.  I am already thinking of NaNoWriMo, which is still more than a month away.

I’ve purchased a number of books that pertain to writing, as well as some informational reference material for novels that I am considering writing.  In particular, I’m quite interested in writing a steampunk novel with a Japanese twist.  Set during the time of Commodore Perry and the Meiji restoration, a rapidly industrialized Japan becomes a steam power, and flexes its muscles in the Russo-Japanese War.

I have several history books that I can refer to for reference material, but as for writing steampunk, there is no better practice than with fanfiction.  Combined with my relative disinterest in endgame WoW, I can use Gnomeregan as exercise in the steampunk genre.

As for NaNoWriMo, I am growing more and more excited about it, even though I am STILL not sure about what I want to write.  Last year, I failed miserably because of the Wrath release.  This year, I have no excuses.

Unemployment, Shmunemployment

I’ve tossed that word around a LOT today, but I can’t help but re-iterate that I have a LOT of time on my hands as of late, and after using the past week or so to make up for my lack of WoW during my Asia trip, I really need to fill in that time with actual productivity.

First, I’ve applied to a number of retail places close to where I live.  While I don’t want to jump into a career right away, I still want to have money in my pocket for things like trips with my family, as well as Japan.

In particular, I applied to some Chapters and Coles bookstores.  If I’m buying so many books for reading and writing, I might as well get a discount on it, right?

Secondly, I’ve turned to writing as a “job.”  While writing can be feasable as a full-time job for people in the journalism field (i.e., Larisa), doing so from a creative writing standpoint are less likely to be able to do so as their sole means of financial support.

Nonetheless, I’m currently eperimenting with a “novelist’s lifestyle,” spending my day at the laptop, clacking away at the keys and trying to solve my second-act problems.  Today, I started at 12pm and aim to keep writing until 5.  Forcing myself upon this lifestyle will hopefully do wonders to my craft, as well as prepare for NaNoWriMo.

State of the Blog

Being a die-hard frost fan, it’s hard to stay enthusiastic when cryomancers are getting a horrible reputation for putting out terrible DPS.  While this is not far from the truth, sometimes the treatment is unwarranted, especially for trivial content such as heroics and Naxx pugs.

That being said, I must persist on my endeavours to fling frostbolts at a respectable level.  The other day, I did Heroic Violet Hold with a pug, and pumped out a ridiculous 5k on Cyanigosa.  Granted, it was thanks to heroism, and a very short fight.  What I didn’t expect was that the DPS DK whispered me after the run that he was really impressed with my damage, and complimented me for not going Fire or Arcane.

It really boosted my spirits regarding my spec, and I realized that such rare moments of praise is enough for me to continue using the spec I love.  So don’t expect me to go away anytime soon.  The world needs a voice for the closet cryomancers everywhere, and I am more than happy to contribute to the cause.


6 thoughts on “Unemployed, Unrestricted, Underestimated

  1. I’m glad to hear that you’re staying loyal to your beloved spec. Without you I would have the feeling that the frost tree was just a hoax. You prove it isn’t.

    I think you have a realistic, sound approach to writing. Don’t expect to make a living from it. But while you’re looking for a job, treat it like a job. Writing is not about inspiration, it’s about transpiration as someone wise noted.

    You’ve really got some huge epic adventure waiting for you. Japan, choosing a way to go for job, meeting a girl 😉

    I can’t help feeling slightly jealous. I just hope that you can shake off the worries that people around you may have and enjoy the possiblities. It’s like a transition. You’re going from larvae to butterfly. And I’m sure it will be a damned beautiful one.

    • I said nothing about a girl, but now that you mention it, finding a nice Japanese girl will be well worth the wait 😀

  2. Hey, you never fail Nano, that’s part of why it’s so great. If you produce nothing but ideas, 5 words or 50k, the point is participation. I really love Nano actually, I think something that provides a metric for writing success that is not publication fills a massively important need. I did it last year to, uh, cope with something bad and it really helped me through it – I ended up writing Oxford-set steampunk timetravel admin comedy, wtf, underscored by what was clearly me having grief-therapy via Nano =P Well, it was a lot of fun and I’m really proud of it, even though it’s completely unreadable.

    Also I’ve heard really good things about JET – and known a few people who have Done That Thing. I think it would be perfect for you and you strike me as exactly the sort of person they’re looking for so, yes, good luck!

    Don’t let being unemployed grind you down – I was unemployed for a while after I finished my undergraduate degree (since I have no transferable skills, literally none – “will analyse texts for food!”) and I was convinced nothing would tempt me back into academia, nothing, nothing, never (hah). I used the time much less sensibly than you and generally mooped around feeling useless and sorry for myself. Also immediately post-university is the weirdest time – as Larisa says, see it as a moment of infinite possibilities rather than aimless bewilderment. In terms of job-hunting, have you considered something adminy rather than retaily? I did a bunch of temporary admin roles and found them an amazing time to, err, think and write actually as long as you make sure your computer screen is facing a wall, of course 🙂

    Also I demand a review copy of your first book 🙂

  3. Your life is taking some awesome twists and turns, and it’s fantastic that right now you are finding time for your real loves… too many of us get down to the business of the daily grind with the intention of returning to our 1st loves when we are capable.

    As for Frost… Kriz = Frost and it’s something you should be proud of, and screaming out of windows about.

    “I’m a Frost Mage and I’m not going to take (your shit) it any more!”

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