I’ve Lost All Faith In The Internet

Yes, this is a Kanye rant.

For those who don’t know, rapper Kanye West interrupted up-and-coming pop artist Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV video music awards, publicly announcing that her award should have gone to R&B sensation Beyonce.

What irritates me is that people are so up in arms about the obvious.  Today I expect to see written in blogs, editorials, and EVERYTHING about:

1. Kanye is a douchebag for what he did.

2.  Taylor Swift is a victim.

3.  Beyonce is a class act for bringing Taylor Swift out to the stage to finish her acceptance speech.

Here’s my take.

1.  Kanye is a troll.

2.  He trolled MTV and the world.

3.  And those who got trolled are so pissed about it, I’ve become angry myself about the situation.

So for those who are not familiar with the internet, ignore the troll.  It’s what he wants, and for the most part he was largely successful.  By reacting the way you do, people who like to use twitter for other things such as the NFL, or the King of the Hill series finale get flooded out by your bullshit, much like those who want to sell runed orbs get flooded by people bitching about the latest PuG ninja.

Hot damn.  And you wonder why I haven’t been posting lately.  Maybe I should wait another week.

(Actually, it’s a different situation, but I’ll leave it for tomorrow.  Ciao guys.)


4 thoughts on “I’ve Lost All Faith In The Internet

    • I wanted to write more, but then I’d be an idiot myself complaining about people who get trolled. So I toned it down a little bit.

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