The RP Itch

Feel free to call me stupid on this, but I noticed in the past while that creative writing and roleplay in WoW have similar elements.  These include character creation, plot planning, and importance of dialogue.  Of the three, character creation is the aspect most touched upon by WoW RP bloggers.

Likewise, character creation is also the aspect of creative writing that I am currently researching in preparation for NaNoWriMo.  This one book in particular is called “Breathing Life Into Your Characters.”  It gives excellent tips on how to give characters in creative writing emotional and psychological depth.

Having read most of it (I’m still in the process of finishing), I’m developing a huge urge to try out the things I learned through RP.  However, the pitfall of this logic is that roleplay is much more different from creative writing than I lead myself to believe.  Roleplay is a more dynamic activity, often relying on quick wits, improvisation, and reacting to characters that are not your own.

On the other hand, the creative writing aspect of pre-planned RP and ‘character arc mapping’ done by more organized roleplay guilds and alliances is very similar to the pre-draft stages of novel writing, as novels themselves take place over a particular arc of a character’s life.

When it comes to casual encounters, and those “looking for contact,” single encounters usually don’t change the overall arc of a character’s evolution.  However, these types of unplanned events lead to large amounts of improvisation based on character, and gives excellent practice for dialogue, trying to communicate in a way that best suits that character.  When writing dialogue, that type of practice can pay off tenfold.

There are a myriad of aspects to roleplay (not just WoW) that can contribute towards becoming a better creative writer.  Oftentimes I would think about how cool it would be to simply put all my mains on hiatus and start from scratch on an RP server to help become a better writer as well as find new avenues of enjoyment in the game.  With Cataclysm and its wealth of roleplay potential in the form of new lore and new races, the new expansion provides an opportunity for a fresh start.


11 thoughts on “The RP Itch

  1. The only RP I could ever come up with would have been exceedingly difficult to live out but that’s part of why it would have been fun. I figured I’d go gnome mage. His history is that he was an engineer at Gnomeregan and during the invasion he worked in explosives trying to save the city, a blast to him ended up knocking him unconscious, but upon waking he discovered that the fiery blast that nearly killed him had also now granted him with the ability to manipulate and create fire. He would be rolled a gnome mage with mining and engineering as professions and he would only be able to learn fire spells, at some one point he’d also be able to learn arcane magics, I was thinking of tying it to some event, but was unsure what would trigger that capability. His ability to learn frost though…that was something that I didn’t know if he’d ever learn.

  2. I have absolutely no evidence to back this claim up, but I’d recommend that creative writing and RPing use the same core stills – good communication, wit, fast thinking, and reasonable intelligence. I’d agree that they are similar because they use the same “brain muscles”.

    Yep, “brain muscles”. I just made that up.

  3. This is disconnected … but I’ve just discovered the internet is the smallest place in the world. I was casually catching up on my podcasts and … the Saucywenches podcast … and you’re on it!

    *head explodes*

    Also you have a startlingly deep voice. I’m now more convinced that ever that you’re Onxyia.

    • ahahaha, Yes, I was on it. a bit embarassing, i am really self-conscious about my voice.


  4. Oh God, what a terrible thing to say to you if you’re self-conscious about it. Actually you have perfectly fine voice and you come across really well, for what it’s worth. Very much enjoyed the podcast although it felt weirdly like form of virtual stalking although in my defence I’ve been listening to the adorable American girls for, like, ever. Also I think because of your icon I naturally assumed you would sound like Winnie-the-Pooh 😉

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