Just Write it, Dammit!

Here we go!  This is take three (yes, three!) of my thoughts regarding Cataclysm.  By now, everyone’s heard all the details of the upcoming expansion (the new races, new class combinations, new zones, new pairs of underpants for that marathon grind to 85), and despite the details leaked early, I wanted to wait until the official announcement before I wanted to have a say in it.  And now that everything is out in the open, I have the opportunity to voice out my opinion.

Goddamn, I’m excited.

Goblins are the New Gnomes

Firstly, I am stoked about the new races.  Goblins especially.  As a gnome-lover throughout most of WoW, I’ve always had a deep-seeded respect for (and rivalry towards) goblins despite them not being playable during this time, and now that they have finally arrived in Azeroth, I can finally welcome them with open arms.  And now that the Horde finally gets their own version of Gnomes, I can finally give myself an excuse to level a horde-side toon to the cap.

As for which class to play, I think it comes as no surprise as to what I will choose.  In fact, rolling a goblin Frost Mage will allow me to re-experience the wonders of AoE grinding, an activity that I have not done for quite some time.  That is, if the talent changes will allow for it.  If AoE becomes obsolete, then I will have no qualms against it.

The only problem lies in the lack of character slots available on Winterhoof.  With my 3 capped characters and the entire Eevee alt squad, I will be forced to roll this one on an entirely different server.  So if you’re a part of a horde-side guild, and looking for a mage to join the ranks on a casual and friendly basis, then don’t hesitate to toss an invite my way!

New Beginnings

As you may or may not know, I recently returned from an amazing trip to Asia, stopping in different parts of China, Japan, and Thailand.  It was an amazing experience, and it will never be forgotten.  In fact, my trip to Japan was so spiritually fulfilling that I just NEEDED to go back.  Thus, in lieu of finding a job having recently graduated, I’ve instead decided to apply for the JET program, where one is sent to a prefecture in Japan to work as an assistant language teacher in English.

Where this fits in my blogging and my WoW’ing, I’m not sure.  I haven’t decided yet.  I’m in the stage of life where new opportunities are opening up to me, and the choices that are to be made are my own.  Coupled with my newly discovered need to rediscover myself within this game (more on that in another post), the new expansion gives me the opportunity to simply start over.  Maybe roll on an RP server and finally do some serious roleplay.  Whatever it takes for me to rekindle that spark that got me slinging Frostbolts in the first place.

A Chance For Frost Redemption

Unlike their DK bretheren, Frost Mages have become a joke this expansion.  In some ways, one could say that they are the new Ret Pallies of WotLK, although some Rogues and non-destro Warlocks could argue that fact quite convincingly.  But with the complete overhaul of the stat system, the talents system, and classes in general, cryomancers can start hoping that the changes that are to be implemented in Cataclysm will provide a chance for their kin to be welcomed to raids again.

With a redesigned talent system that focuses on utility than statistics, Frost has more freedom to pick up the talents that intrinsically define who they are.  In Wrath, in order to be considered at all for raids, squirtle-wielders had very little flexibility in talent selection due to the necessity of 18 points invested in the Arcane Tree for Torment the Weak.  In order to do this, we had to forgo some awesome utility talents such as Permafrost, Shattered Barrier, and Brain Freeze.

But with the Mastery system, we can truly get the tree-specific buffs that the truly defines us.  In general, Frost is identified by Shatter Combos, Water Elemental, Replenishment, and Frostbolt Spam.  So how about this for Frost Mastery buffs?

+x% Spell Damage
+y% Critical Strike Damage
+z% Haste

If something like this (or close to it) comes to fruition, I would love blizzard forever.  It’s been a long time since I last picked you up, Brain Freeze.  I will see you Next Summer!

Keeping it Simple

It’s probably no surprise, but I am one of those people who really don’t care much about math and theorycrafting.  I’m more of a strategy kind of person, preferring to improve my hands-on experience rather than banging away at the calculator all day.  Recently, Bashertin and Wimzig have been gearing up from emblem gear, and I’ve banged my head against the keyboard numerous times trying to balance all the cap numbers such as Hit, Expertise, Defense, and so on.  All that time spent looking at digits could have been instead spent at the test dummies hammering away at rotations, practicing reaction times to procs and such.

Gear simplification solves this issue entirely.  I don’t have to worry as much about numbers, and I can focus more on performance.  This doesn’t mean I will blindly pick up any type of gear that comes my way.  I like the challenge of reaching and maintaining a single cap such as Hit on my mage.  I absolutely love the feeling of stacking a particular stat such as strength on my DK.  By narrowing the focus of statistics on gear, this new system strikes a nice balance that I can see myself living with from here on out.

A Different Sort of Cataclysm

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that this new expansion will bring about cataclysmic (no pun intended) changes to the game as we know it.  People will be split down the middle (i’m sorry for the terrible joke!) on their feelings towards this new release.  And as we know it, people we know and love will part ways due to differences in opinion towards the game as we currently know it.

And I can already see it here in our very own community of WoW bloggers.  We come from a myriad of backgrounds and expertises, but are drawn together by our passion to write and communicate through this wonderful medium.  But do take into account that due to our differences we will obviously have differences in opinion.  And with an expansion of earth-shattering proportions (okay, that’s the last one), we will eventually show our strongest feelings towards a game we all dearly love.

Which is why it is natural that opinions will clash.  With a community this large, there’s really no escaping it.  This is why it is of the utmost importance that we express our opinions with the utmost professional manner.  It is our duty as writers to hone in on our craft and use more of our brain and less of our hearts.  That isn’t to say that we should write without a sense of passion.  What I mean to say is that we need to be succinct in our arguments, wise with our words, and as clear about our ideas, lest we start grasping at each others’ throats for things that were said that were misinterpreted entirely, or should not have been said at all.

So yeah.  Play nice.  This is a huge change in the game, and I’d like to see our community change as well, but for the better as a result of it.


8 thoughts on “Just Write it, Dammit!

  1. If you don’t mind a small guild, not doing much raiding (we haven’t even finished 10 man Maly and only clearned Naxx once) you can look me up on Kael’thas.

    We’re mostly RL friends that have been spread out across Canada minus a few friends from an older, much larger guild that fell apart shortly after BC.

    Anyway, feel free to say hello!

    • That’s quite alright. I’m quite used to gnome-bashing, even from within the Alliance. I’ll definitely check it out!

  2. I like what you said at the end the most. Let’s hope that everyone can be open and willing for good conversations regarding the expansion. I myself have not yet written anything on it as it is a ways off and changes will more than liekly be made, but I am looking forward to this expansion more so than the others, just simply to see the difference in the world.

    Oh and loved the humor throughout.

    • You certainly have a point that none of these changes are final. But it’s interesting nonetheless to see the type of direction that Blizzard wants to take this game. It will certainly cause some commotion.

  3. Express our opinions in a professional manner… Being wise, using my brain and not my heart? Oh dear, oh dear. You’re asking a lot from a poor fellow blogger. Honestly I don’t see that big divide and warfare within the Blogosphere. I see happy, dancing people everywhere, eager to see the new old world (maybe a little bit TOO eager, the waiting will indeed be very long). But maybe I’ve just forgotten to take off my sunglasses with pink lenses.

    Welcome back by the way! You’re still out on an awesome trip called Life. Waiting to see the continuation.

    • It’s not that it happened overnight, but it was more a naturally occurring feature of a large community with a myriad of philosophies towards the game that I’ve only recently realized.

      And thank you for the warm wishes!

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