I’ve only been home for about two days now (not counting Sunday, since I practically slept off my jet lag that whole day), and I made up for lost WoW time by doing some serious WoW’ing.  With the new badge gear in 3.2, I’ve taken the opportunity to run chain heroics up the wazoo, with both my guild, and through pugs.  As of this morning, Bashertin already has one piece of gear, and Leyola has a ridiculous 3 pieces, one of which is the tier helm.

Once my fix wears off, I could imagine myself slowing down and only doing 2-3 heroics a day instead of the ridiculous 7-8 that I’ve done each of the last two.  Unemployment is good, but it is doing quite a number on my self-esteem.  I think I need to go out more.

I could say more, but at the moment, I’m trying to take in as much as possible from the new patch, getting my first impressions.  Here they are in short; perhaps I will go into greater detail later in future posts.

– Trial of the Crusader is pretty neat.  I think I’m one of VERY few people who actually LIKE jousting.  I got Van Cleef as my first memory.  How awesome is that?

– The buff to Empowered Frostbolt doesn’t do as much to my DPS as it should on paper, but it feels amazing to have a casting time below 2.0 seconds without Icy Veins.

– Thank goodness for the DK talent reset.  Wimzig’s dual spec is now 2H frost DPS, and DW frost DPS.  With DW, he’s pulling 2.3 DPS on dummies with only crafted PvP gear and the Wyrmrest reputation swords.  Awesome.

– I hate to admit this, but I actually really like the new LB.  Tried spamming it in Wintergrasp, to some modicum of success.  It looks pretty cool if you ask me.

– Nothing really happened to Resto.  Gives me leeway to write up something for the guild and for the blog.  It’s still empty at the moment, since I’ve been doing nothing but farming heroics.

See you on the other side of the internether!


2 thoughts on “Overcompensation

  1. I definitely did the same thing. After two weeks without WoW, I went from 12 badges to 61 in one weekend. That included an incredibly painful 4-hours of Naxx where we wiped on Rasuvious for over an hour and then switched quarters, made it to Thaddius, and everyone was “that guy” on the wrong side of the charge. Now that I’m working this week and stuff, I can’t play quite as much…but I sense that this weekend, with all my housemates gone, I’ll just play and play and play…

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