Against my better judgment, I put Bashertin on the backburner and made Leyola my raiding main of the moment.  The day I returned from Asia, the GM of my guild gave me the opportunity to become the class lead for druids.

And I accepted.

The Story

I’m not sure how to react to this, as I made my decision in quite a bit of haste.  But as far as I was concerned, I had made my way up through the ranks of the guild since I joined in January, and despite a large number of capable mages, I was one of few druids in the guild.

During the time that I had been away on vacation, the guild grew to the point where class leads would be useful for improvement on performance.  Up to this point, I raided regularly with Leyola due to the relative scarcity of druids compared to mages.  And since I did my part with consistent competency, I gained a reputation as a dependable druid.

And the rest is history.  I returned from Asia with a nice promotion, and a new spark of interest in the game.

The End of Frost?

What does this mean for the blog?  Frankly, very little.  As it was, Leyola took the spotlight numerous times, but more often than not, it was from a perspective of an alt, and with comparatively less merit than mage-related posts.

However, with this change, I’ve taken the responsibility to research this class more, and not from a restoration viewpoint, but from a general one, requiring knowledge in all 4 specs (balance, feral tank, feral dps, and restoration).

However, since this is a frost mage blog (and to an albeit very minor extent, frost dk), it doesn’t make any sense to post druid stuff here.  The ultimate decision was to simply start another blog to coincide with this one.

Leyola, you are the weakest link.  Goodbye!

The Exiled Druid

Named after my guild, <Exiled Legion>, The Exiled Druid is a semi-private blog that aims to compile useful information for PvE druids of all walks of life, including ranged/melee dps, tanking, and healing.  This site does not aim to delve into deeper issues like a World of Matticus would, but will try to serve as a one-stop resource for up and coming druids who wish to get into raiding, regardless of spec.

The main approach taken for this blog will be one of research.  Expect to see multiple links to more credible blogs, and having all the information processed into a more streamlined presentation.  How this will be done, I am not yet sure, but overall, I want to provide a resource for other druids in my guild first and foremost.  Any other traffic would be gravy.

With that said, expect a change in frequency of posts on this site to accommodate my new in-game responsibilities.  It won’t be too drastic, but as it is, it’s  not like there’s a lot of stuff going on in the PvE frost mage world anyways, right?

I for one welcome our shapeshifting overlords.


6 thoughts on “Exiled!

  1. Grats Krizz! And yet another druid blog is born… I hope you’ll reserve the general, non class specific posts for thos one. But of course I’ll check out the new one as well, especially with my upcoming druid in mind. She’s currently 61 and far from raiding, but who knows, maybe one day I’ll join the tree people…

  2. i, for one, am happy. i’ve recently switched mains to my mage, my druid’s coming along nicely… so i’ll keep an eye out on both blogs from now on.

  3. Grats on the promotion! Ironically I just recently switched from being a resto druid (used to raid with her in BC) to a mage main (staying frost as long as I can!). Still working on leveling the druid as balance (currently 72) and will eventually have her as a backup for when the guild needs healing. I can definitely use a good resource on balance (which I’ve never played before) and the latest on restoration. Thanks!

  4. Mmmmm Grats are definitely in order…. but I will miss you posting frequency…

    Guess I will just have to hold off on reading your travel adventure stories for those days when your blog is bare…

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