Not Looking Forward to Coming Back…

My trip to asia has come to a close, and frankly, I am fighting wholehearted IRL mage tears from spewing forth from my eyes.  The whole thing has been amazing from start to end.  I can’t simply put into words how I’ve felt about this experience, at least, not given the few minutes that the Fraser suites Hotel in Bangkok has made available.  I simply can’t.

At the same time, I’ve been reading some stuff about the game, and how it has changed in my absence.  New expansion?  New races?  Patch changes?  I’ve been completely lost in the loop, and I can’t help but feel indifferent about it, in comparison to this amazing trip.  Perhaps when I land, and given a few days of rest, I could get back into the WoW mode, and really start experiencing the new content.

Yet, at the same time, there’s not much that I am looking forward as a frost mage.  I didn’t get multiple-target living bombs, or an increase in Arcane Blast stacks, or free Missile Barrage Procs.  All I got was a cheesed down mortal strike, applicable to an aspect of gameplay that I don’t even do, let alone do well.

I don’t know.  There’s a little regret here, and maybe I need a few days to reflect on it.


2 thoughts on “Not Looking Forward to Coming Back…

  1. *hugs* I’m so glad to hear you’ve had such a wonderful trip – that coming home feels like a letdown is probably a natural side-effect. I felt exactly the same way after my week in Vienna, and that was considerably less awesome than this 🙂 On the other hand, console yourself with the thought that it’s much better to be sad to return than desperate to get back, it’s evidence of an excellent trip!

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