A(sia)FK: WoW, eh?

If you haven’t found out yet, there’s a wicked-awesome wow webcomic called “WoW, eh?”  The art is done by Cadistra, and she does some awesome work.  Her lines are great, the facial expressions are superb, and the overall art style even looks anime-like if you squint a bit.  It all adds up to an awesome series in my book.  Oh, and she’s Canadian.  That’s like, bonus points.

I’ve been away for so long, and odds are I won’t have time to visit the site while in asia, so here’s a little something that I drew up in “honor” of my favourite BC bro.  Actually, Cadistra’s a girl, but I needed an alliteration, and ‘babe’ was bordering on creepy.  So yeah.

Anyways.  Here’s the comic!  WoW, eh?  Krizzlybear style!


Okay.  It sucks.  In my defense, I would like to see you do better with mspaint, a touchpad, and barely any coffee at 2:11 in the morning.

Thought so.  One more afk-post, then I’ll see you monday!


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