A(sia)FK: Did Your Patch Arrive Today?

Sometimes I feel that this trip will put me at a distinct disadvantage regarding the new patch.  Will I come back in time to catch the lagging end of the heroic rush?  People will be grinding heroics like no tomorrow, so with the time available when I get back, I should be able to catch up quite reasonably.

But I won’t be obliging myself to do that grind, however.  By the time I get back, I should probably be so burned out on travel that at least the first few days will require me to take it real easy.  I’ll just have to wait and see.

What will you be doing for maintenance day today?  I will be browsing through the real-life Auction Houses of HK, in their open market area close to my hotel.  Too bad I can’t run scans like in the game, though.  That would be pretty cool.  I don’t expect to buy much; I should already be broke from Tokyo.

Did I already mention that I’m turning Japanese?


3 thoughts on “A(sia)FK: Did Your Patch Arrive Today?

  1. Haha, considering that the patch happened last week, this sorta reminds me of the storyline in the Foundation trilogy in which Hari Seldon’s Holo was off the mark (because the Mule was a loose cannon) and the government of the Foundation freaked out because of it.

    Fortunately the only Mules we have to worry about this time around are bank alts.

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