A(sia)FK: Thoughts Regarding Fishing

August 10 is the first day at Hong Kong.  I’ll be touring a bunch of sites, but I’m particularly intrigued about the fishing village in Aberdeen.  For some reason, the concept of such a place reminds me of the Kaluak in WoW.  I’m sure that at this moment, I’ll be craving for some time on my toons, but we’ll just have to see.

Anyways, these thoughts have led me to think a little bit about fishing, and perhaps the interaction between primary and secondary professions.  I would think that there definitely should be interactions between both based on things that are crafted.

For example, I can see a Tailor’s fishing pole replaced by a giant net, capable of catching multiple fish in a single cast.

Or, skinning could let you fillet your fish for rare skins and scales.

Blacksmithing could let you craft an epic fishing pole.

Engineering could let you travel on fishing boat-mounts.  While mounted in the water, it could increase your fishing encounter rate or something similar to that.

Alchemy could have fishing potions that decrease chanelling time.  Flask of Fish!

Herbalism could allow you to fish up…um, seaweeds?  I’ll have to get back to you on that.  >.>


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