A(sia)FK: An Asian WoW?

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that the next expansion will deal with the maelstrom and/or the Emerald Dream.  How about after that?  I suggest that we take WoW to a place beyond Azeroth.  I’m not so sure about the exact geography of the world, but I would see it as reasonable to have a completely new continent outside of the current known geography.

And it would be totally awesome if it were Oriental in aesthetic.

Firstly, it would provide a perfect excuse to include the Pandaren as either a playable race, or as a central faction.  Of course, there are legal loopholes to jump through for this to happen, particularly in regards to the Chinese government, but the possibilities are quite open.

How about monks as a hero class for this expansion?  Monks could be a cloth-wearing melee class that relies solely on unarmed combat, but are capable of healing as well.

How about armor designs?  Tier 11 rogue gear would resemble ninjas.  Druid could even get Bengal Tiger skin for their cat form, or panda bear skin.

Raid bosses?  I honestly think it would be amazing to bring back a 40-man raid to take down a Godzilla look-alike in the same vein as Archavon.

And the final baddies?  How about a faction of the burning legion, one with a Japanese Oni aesthetic.

I could go on all day, but I have mount Fuji to go to.  Laters.


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