A(sia)FK: I Am Turning Japanese

I just landed in Tokyo.  In the next three days, my vernacular will be filled with the dare/nani/itsu/doko/naze’s of the Japanese language.  Yep.  Instead of the 5 w’s, they have the 2 d’s, 2 n’s and an i.  Not so catchy…*grumble grumble*

Considering that the main touristy stuff that I will be doing with the group will invite sites that are a part of the nation’s geography and history, I will be aiming to take as much in as part of background research for a story concept that I would like to work out.

As you may or may not know, I’ve totally gotten into steampunk this past summer.  My idea for a novel would be to have a steampunk-fantasy genre with a feudal Japanese aesthetic.  So copper shoguns, steam-powered samurais, gyro-shurikens, mechanomythical beasts from lore.  It is such an intriguing idea that I can’t get it out of my head.  I will surely take as much in.


5 thoughts on “A(sia)FK: I Am Turning Japanese

  1. Wow, Japanese steampunk would be awesome! What a great story concept. 🙂 Question: does “naze” mean “why”? How does it differ from “doshite”? I took some Japanese years ago but don’t remember encountering “naze”…

    • Naze, from what I recall, is a more colloquial form of doushite. I hear naze a lot more in conversations that I eavesdrop on while out on the street.

    • So technically, you’re correct, if we’re speaking in a formal sense. 3 d’s and the n and i. Still doesn’t sound as cool as the 5 w’s though.

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