Or, according to the local timezone, Oyasumi!  It’s actually 2:2o a.m. in Tokyo right now, and I really need to get some sleep.  However, I love this blog so much and the people who read it.  I haven’t been able to access wordpress for the duration of the trip thus far, due to the fact that China has blocked most of the social networking sites, including facebook, twitter, and yes, wordpress.

But fret not, my fellow netherbretheren!  All is well here in the JPN.  In the meantime, I just want to take advantage of this free internet service and unblocked wordpress access, and say a quick hello to everyone who’s missed me so far.  I can’t wait to get back to the swing of blogging, but at the same time, I can’t wait for what’s in store here in the land of the rising sun.

Despite some booking complications, my amazing aunt has negotiated her way into my own private room up on the 41st floor of the Keio Plaza Hotel!  Tomorrow, I’ll be on my way to Mount Fuji, then through a nice boat cruise in Hakone, then taking the bullet train back to Tokyo.

If this is what I get instead of being able to play on patch day, then I’ll be more than happy to take it!


3 thoughts on “Konnichiwa!

  1. >.> If you want to be *really* technical, its “konbanwa”…as “oyasumi” technically means a holiday of sorts, or in the phrase “oyasuminasai” it’s used like our own “Good Night” as a parting saying, whereas “Konbanwa” is more like our “good evening.” I suppose you could use “oyasumi” but I can’t remember hearing it very often as a greeting.

    Basically that’s all to say I’m incredibly jealous you’re in Japan. I hope you have a blast while you are there! It’s a very very fun country, with a lot of interesting history, especially along the lines of Sino-Russian-American relations. Take advantage of every moment! Remember, you can sleep later 😀

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