A(sia)FK: Am I Really Alone Here?

Sometimes, I feel that I’m the only frost mage in the entire internether.  Sure, Pike claims that she runs into cryomancers al the time on her journeys, but I wonder exactly how many of them actually main-spec Frost and play that tree exclusively.  On the blogosphere, even Tuna has specced Fire for the time being, and seems to havenot specced back in a long while.  Zupa has switched to DK and doesn’t seem like he’s regretting that decision.

Maybe they do exist, but they’re hiding in the closet due to inferior DPS.  We are getting a LOT of flack and a pretty bad reputation for being a bad spec.  There are no bad specs, only bad players.

Alone?  Perhaps.  What I fear is that I might end up becoming some sort of vocal leader of the frost mage community.  Then again, there needs to be people that main frost in order to have a community in the first place.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of you out there, so please make yourselves heard!


9 thoughts on “A(sia)FK: Am I Really Alone Here?

  1. I’ve been frost since I first rolled my mage and never looked back. For the group I run with, frost’s crowd control and AoE damage is far better than anything any other spec has. There are lots of encounters (CoS comes to mind) where dropping Blizzard makes a huge difference, especially if you’re doing the mount run and don’t want to burn up time on trash.

    Frost lags on single target DPS, unquestionably, but for the 99.9% of us who aren’t in Ensidia or Premonition, the difference between a great frost mage and a crappy fire or arcane mage is moot.

  2. I find frost is treated a lot like Subtlety is for rogues. It’s just considered the PvP tree.
    Sure, players are aware that there may be such a thing as a cryomancer out there, somewhere, but they are the stuff of legend.
    A glimpse of one usually means good luck, and if you catch one, they’ll grant you a wish!

  3. I feel your pain. I was Frost all the way through Vanilla WoW and through the Burning Crusade right up to The Curator in Karazhan. Frost’s pitiful spell pushback resistance (this was way before the changes to pushback mechanics) meant that I was about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike on a fight that was, at the time, a major block to progression. My changing to Fire spec, something I bitterly complained about at the time, was the thing that pushed our raid dps just high enough to finally get him down and progress into upper Kara. I’ve been either Fire or Frostfire ever since. My heart’s in the Frost tree, but in a relatively hardcore raiding guild you’ve just got to be Fire to stay competitive with the rest of the dps.

  4. It’s quite difficult to explain; and delves deeper than blog topics. Why do we play World of Warcraft? Simple Answer: For fun! Fun for some is pink pigtails, gnomes, water pets, and motor bikes! For others, it’s progression and new challenges. Frost is a victim of the latter. It’s my favorite of the three trees, but with a guild that is just barely able to clear 10 man Naxx right now, I, like so many others, need to milk the most dps out of the gear that I have. Frost just isn’t an option in that light. I want it to be, and try to convince myself that it is. 😦 WTB Frost Balance! (or at least more of it) I would love to see Fire become the “new PvP tree”. Mix it up Blizzard!

  5. There are other frost mages out there. I admit that I have slipped into the arcane tree, and I mostly raid as arcane, but I do run as frost as often as I can, and when the situation calls for it.

  6. I have been frost my entire mage career (now 74). I’ve taken a long time to level her (she existed long before BC) because she was my 3rd alt until recently when she got promoted to main. 🙂 But now that I’m serious about my mage, I’m very concerned that I will have to drop my beloved frost spec for something “more competitive” when it is finally time to raid. I love my Squirtie and Blizzard. It will be very sad to have to start casting Fireball… Maybe if I’m slow enough, the next expansion will be out to make the proverbial best leveling spec popular again or mage talents will be reset to finally give Frosties our just due. 😉

  7. Adding my voice to the choir.

    I’ve got a Frost Mage that has never changed specs, since she acquired one. I have to admit I haven’t played her a lot recently (she’s still L70) but that has more to do with my friend not wanting to play her paladin.

    Sadly, said paladin, is my Frost Mage’s team mate.

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