A(sia)FK: Arthas, the Mini-review

It’s several months late, but here it is, in condensed form.  Don’t expect large amounts of justification for my ratings, they’re just opinions.

Plot – seemed somewhat episodic in nature, rather than the standard rising action-climax-falling action format that most books have.  Then again, this is more of a life story/fictional biography type of novel, so it actually works to its advantage.  It’s no Forrest Gump or Memoirs of a Geisha, but it’ll have to do.  I guess.  3.5/5

Characterization – Jaina didn’t come across as strong enough in this novel compared to the WC3 game.  Perhaps Golden tried to convey the personal side of her, which was successful to a certain point, but much to the dismay of Jaina fanboys such as myself.  Arthas was pretty much what you expected based on the lore.  At least he’s not as mary sue as Rhonin.  *shudders*.  3/5

Style – I really liked Golden’s prose in Rise of the Horde, and in Rise of the Lich King, she gave me subtle allusions to her writing in her previous books.  It’s a pleasant pace for a light fantasy fare, if you want to call it that.  Just don’t expect Tolkien anytime soon.  4/5

Overall – It’s pretty much what you expected from a novel written for a franchise.  For a fantasy genre novel, however, it was severely lacking in its elements.  I suppose it’s because of Jaina and Arthas’ relationship taking up most of the focus fo the story, which may have prevented it from being grander than what it was.  If you want a warcraft novel that’s excellent fantasy fare, I suggest The Last Guardian.  3.5/5


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