A(sia)FK: More Healing Shenanigans

I love my Shaman.  I honestly do.  But having taken a spin on my priest and pally the other day, it so happened that I ended up loving healing with them as well.  So I suppose I just happen to love healing in general, regardless of class and style.

I healed a BRD with Umbreon as Discipline.  I think I’m growing a bubble-fetish.  I’m starting to see what the hubbub is about.  I can’t wait to heal again at 60 when Penance is available.

Healing at low levels with Espeon is somewhat difficult.  At the mid-40’s, the talents aren’t really kicking in, and I only have 2 spells to use.  Yet, at the same time, it’s quite simplistic so far, since there isn’t really much else to do…yet.  Only time will tell.

Healing rocks.  Woot.


2 thoughts on “A(sia)FK: More Healing Shenanigans

  1. Coming from a shaman, and long time paladin toon, the mage has been the most interesting/challenging to play. It’s so easy to get caught up in survival talents, and the rewarding feeling of keeping others alive.

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